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Unless they improve the battery life i will stick to my iphone 4 until someone comes up with some revolutionary battery technology which could extend a smart phone battery longer than measly 1 day on all current smart phones (or half day on android phones).

Uh, I get 2 days on my Galaxy S2. My iPhone never got 2 days after I made the iOS upgrade. Where do you hear the Android phones can only go half a day??? It's not correct.

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First to those comparing radioactive contamination to smoking. I, nor anyone, in my family smoke so no comparison could be drawn for us. 1mg of Plutonium inhaled will more than likely cause cancer and damage DNA that would be passed on to children thus destroying the family line.

Yes, but you are exposed to second hand smoke, smog, and other pollutants that are far more likely to cause you health problems in the future. 1mg of Plutonium? I hope you are not seriously worried about that. I think you need to read more on Plutonium if you think that is the case.

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Give me someone like Jessica Bangkok over these girls any day of the week.

Googles..... Oh Jesus, no. No, no way.

Ms Kaneda on the left there is especially cute. Congrats, ladies!

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I guess Docomo gave up on Blackberry and they won't carry the iPhone. Sucks for sure!

They carry several BlackBerry models including a new one. But with so many nice Android offerings, why would you want one?

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Hanshin fans dont know the first thing about disappointment.

Eh, you would have only been third if you had won anyway.

I predict the Fighters will knock off the Hawks. Hawks haven't played a meaningful game since August, maybe July. Look where that got them last year - now those were tears! Poor Sugiuchi was crying in the dugout as my Lotte celebrated on their field. Hope they lose again!

Fighters/Swallows is about the best case scenario for me at this point.

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Posted in: Man slashed with knife after confronting thief at Tokyo Station See in context

It must be cultural?

It's just the big city, same as big cities worldwide.

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Docomo does indeed have smartphones, although they are stupid to have rejected iPhone in the beginning. Where he's wrong is when he says Docomo has 'the BEST selection', because they don't. iPhone is bar none the best. Android is a decent imitation as far as imitations go, but still lacking overall.

I own both iPhone and an older Android model and I GREATLY prefer the Android phone. The iPhone's contract is about up so I will ditch it and Softbank for a Docomo Android model. I don't like the lack of flexibility, I don't like having to deal with crappy iTunes for everything. I don't like arbitrary bandwidth restrictions not imposed by my carrier (can't download over 10Mb over 3g! Ridiculous.)

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There seems to be a lot of evidence (unless you are relying on the Japanese media) that recriticality has been recurring since the initial meltdown and subsequent melthrough.

In the paranoid blogger community, perhaps. Not in any reputable publication.

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Softbank truly are the classiest side in Japan...good luck Central League trying to stop them.

Softbank will stop themselves as always. They've managed to collapse in the climax series in every recent year. Since the last time they even made the Nippon Series little Lotte with its tiny payroll has managed to WIN two of them.

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Posted in: Fukushima reactor on track for cold shutdown by year-end: TEPCO See in context

Yes, ssway, we know you fear all of this. You mention this in every single post. Every one. Do you think of anything else? No? How sad.

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Posted in: Japan's aging Air Self-Defense Force plans major overhaul See in context


Fly said planes through radioactive fallout airs of Japan.

Are you incapable of making a post that doesn't mention radiation?

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Posted in: Do you support the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement which is spreading globally? See in context

Protesting is good; violent protests, not so much.

I can't say if I support the protesters or not - there's not really a unified theme or manifesto or anything so I am honestly not sure what the protesters really want to achieve, other than vague objectives.

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Posted in: Japan eyes simpler immigration procedures, including automatic gate See in context


Lots of things going on in/by the US that other countries really don't want / need to emulate. Presenting a poor image at port of entry is surely one of them.

I was dismayed to see recently that Malaysia has started this as well. Sad. I hate the security theater we see with this fingerprint nonsense.

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Posted in: Japan feared aftershocks at nuclear plant, report shows See in context


They have had 3 reactors MELT THROUGH into the ground

Putting it in ALL CAPS doesn't make that statement any more correct. Let's stick to facts and not lies, OK?

When will people realize that Japan was nuked on an epic scale way beyond Hiroshima or Nagasaki starting in March and still ongoing.

Like this. ~250,000 people died as a direct result of 6 and 9 August, 1945. Tens if not 100's of thousands died from the later after effects. Total death toll from Fukushima Daiichi - 3, all workers, none as a direct result of the radiation. This will surely increase over the next 30 years but to compare it to Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings is completely and utterly ludicrous, not to mention horribly disrespectful to the hibakusha.

West coast North America is getting their share as well

Oh cmon. West coast of America got measurable traces, that's all. This is an ocean problem and a Japan problem.

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Posted in: U.S. drops plan to keep troops in Iraq See in context

The US Army hasn't trained any Iraqi trainers to train their own troops by this time? Geez.

How about letting Iraq worry about Iraq. I think the US has done more than enough there already - not a lot of it good.

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Posted in: Japan feared aftershocks at nuclear plant, report shows See in context

Well, duh. So did everyone else.

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The 4S costs $199 to $399, depending on storage space. It requires a two-year service contract with Verizon Wireless, Sprint or AT&T.

Not a chance of getting a Japan-based review? I couldn't possibly care less about Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or the US dollar. How does it work in Japan? What are AU and Softbank selling them at? Any specific Japan features? How does it compare with other models on the Japanese market including Japan-specific models?

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I personally don't use it, I don't trust it. I don't want to be the subject of harassment and interrogation when I return to Japan, because the machine did not work properly. I'm happy to wait in the queue for a manual check and stamp, and know that it has been done properly.

Actually you are right to be worried. I use those gates and had problems on re-entry a few years ago. For some reason my exit was not recorded in their automated system and I didn't have the officer give me a stamp when I departed. I got it cleared up, but it took a good hour of checking my flight records, etc.

I always get a stamp now.

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Posted in: International tourist center to open in Tokyo's Marunouchi on Jan 2 See in context

I think inside Tokyo station is more confusing than the ground above!

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Posted in: YUI's song for disaster victims tops Oricon chart See in context

Lunchbox is indeed wrong - Yui is quite talented. Definitely one of the best pop singers in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan eyes simpler immigration procedures, including automatic gate See in context

I've never had to wait more than one or two people in the re-entry permit holder line. But those lines for tourists and for Japanese at Narita can be awful!

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Posted in: Docomo unveils first tablets for LTE service See in context

Unless you tell us the type of CPU this means nothing.

Must the articles tell you everything?

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It was a lowly shindo 3. Not news.

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As far as I understand, animals DO know before the major shaking of an earthquake because the P-waves travel faster than the actual physical shaking.

P-waves are also "physical shaking" - you feel these the same as animals do in every earthquake.

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Posted in: Ten years on, do you believe al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11? See in context

This is going to get ugly.

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Eggplant is yummy. So are most veggies - the top of my most hated list is cooked carrots, which just taste vile (but raw taste OK).

Surprised more kids don't hate asparagus - Ioathed that as a kid....

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Musashino line should never have been running on cut schedule anyway - it's always stuffed and only uses 8 cars, which only amplifies the stuffed-ness.

I'm glad to see us getting back to normal train schedules....

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And Americans wonder why everyone hates them?

That's quite the strawman. 'Everybody' doesn't hate Americans.

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Posted in: With new tablets, Sony takes aim at iPad in Japan See in context

Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already better than iPad. Why can't Sony put out a tablet of similar quality?

iPad is hamstrung by its belligerent Apple-ness. Still can't use Flash, still can't transfer music, photos, etc to the iPad without iTunes (which is a HUGE negative). These new Sony's stand a chance just because of that.

Of course, being Sony they will probably just use some proprietary crap like they always do and shoot themselves in the foot. Their recent offerings always seem to be hamstrung by some quirk of proprietary formats or design...

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finally makes an entrance in Japan.It would be useful in Japan where there is a good wifi and 3G coverage.Interested.

It's been around for a while here. Curious where you see good wifi - in my neck of the woods there is very little wifi coverage; McDonalds, maybe!

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