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When I am sitting it is often for ANOTHER reason as nature is also different to calling upon us humans for some specific reasons in life.

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Must admit my ignorance on Thorium reactors, & saw the demonstration, in Japan, this morning on the TV News.

All I know is that Canada only has three nuclear power plants with two being in the Province of Ontario & two in Quebec, BUT thoughts of a few more in some of the more eastern provinces.

Though in Western Canada (that means Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albert & British Columbia) there are no nuclear planets.

I think if a ship from another country with nuclear power wants to come into a B.C. port they are banned, BUT I could be wrong on the latter bit.

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Good photo for they are NOT like Canada Geese that can be so different to the smaller ducks.

I have a friend that makes a Spring pond so between his wife & one daughter they are not only attracted to the ducks & young ones, it is the fun of feeding them ( to scarring off the owel that looks upon the little ones as food) just out from the window of their home.

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A good product I do believe. For instead of all leather with steel shank for the use of crampoons when mountaineering amongst some of the glaciers.

The lug-like sole is like original Vibram (became avaliable after WWII from Italy) while the material of the rest of the boot would be more flexible, breath better & become a very good hiking boot to also some normal rock climbing.

To me they look ideal though with a size 10.5 or C width in North America the length along with width can be a factor. In a Mountaineer boot I use to purchase a 10.5 with D width for heavy socks. Shows times have changed.

I have a pair of Brooks sneakers with almost lug like sole, but when I need somthing to stand up to cold weather or rocks then an old pair of Italian made boots, with 5th set of Vibram soles, are what I have been using since tho 60.

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Seems a bit high in price. My old stove broke down to many times SO I purchased a cheap Black & Decker small stove for thing like cook for 10 or 30 minutes & has worked for past 4 yrs, but must admit the hotplates on the old oven work & besides I do have a Microwave.

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I liked what we are seeing in the new designs. Personally I feel the top part is a bit to much.

True models will not be able to show a maze of bare flesh--bocy, but on the beach they might like it for the beach to actual, possibly on a boat to slimming.

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Some of us are really back in time for we like classical music, to classic jazz & even some Latin music.

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Proof of how to turn a male away. When I thought it was the make-up, hair, to clothing to attract a male.

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Goo photo for then one can see that the mother dolphin is guiding its young one in swimming.

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SO is this is the future to what people, especially young women, will be wearing in Japan? I thought Japanese women were going for various forms of dress, to attract males, rather then all wearing a said uniform bar one for school.

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Also the outfits from the feet to the top could be dispossed after use.

In another form or work it was the same for use in what we wore for safety.

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When we see a ship like that washed up on the shores, it really does make one wonder, but to see the equipment in revover it is even more amazing.

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Remember the news about the disaster & loss of not only homes, businesses to humans & children is NOT that common to people out of Japan, like in USA, Canada, Auistralia, England & others.

We can ONLY go on what was showen on TV of a photo like that of a Winnie the Pooh bear, to wake us up again.

After all the peoples uprisings in of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, & other incidents have been headline news to some of us YET we want to know all that is going on in Japan.

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I guess he store owner made sense to the attemped robber, especially when he noted the shop did not have any customers.

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That is going to be a chore for the mother with one or two kids up front & the danger to them if she looses balance will have m/c, or anyone with safety in mind, to riders talking about PROTECTIVE riding gear for the child or two children.

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The HAT on her head is due to all the royality in England of some of the most crazy hats most have never seen previusly. As for the "beauty products" well I guess you could toss some hats like that as being some of he products when one thinks of it.

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This is a bad time to so many in Japan & this is proof that the stress on some people has gone out of hand. Still for a man to stab a woman is totally wrong in the mind of any man or woman. I hope she recovers to the best.

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Nice photo of some lovely looking young women in those most colourful Kimonos for they are beautiful & nice to see they with Japanese tradition.

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Can you just imagine the chap in the front, wakes up & is in a hurry to get to his office ONLY to find one, the right leg has gone to sleep. I know what it means, but no office for me at the 80s, BUT I know what it is like to find a leg over the other can go to sleep on you & takes a while to start to operate correctly.

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Nice photograph, with a MAZE of sunflows, still in this case just that little girl touched off the photo of being rather pretty.

Yes I use to take a lot of photos, but mainly about the trees, the leaves, to the flowers to the main building of this one park, but never included humans. Just my way I guess at the time.

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There is something very good if a Police officer will talk in a normal manner to people from children to in their teens, 20s-50s & into their later age FOR this is at a time of frustration beyong belief.

Something I was ALWAYS told when a young kid was when in question then ask a police officer & even up to a few yrs ago even in my late 70s on a m/c sort of mixed up where to go in a city. I would flag down an RCMP vehicle & YES they would give me good guidence.

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It could be any sensible bike like Honda brought out in the 60s. But if I were riding then Like him I would probably do an about turn to safer terrain.

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Unfortunately when it comes to suicides & a person is that destressed sometimes we do not realize this or they are asking to much.

I have had a few friends committe suicide & one was at my shop wanting to talk & talk, not only about the past or present, but also the future & in this case another m/c race we would be in. The same person had long talks with some of his other friends & we had all assumed he was in hire spirts.

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Being 80+ yrs of age I can see such a speaker though no one else in my home-----the fate of a bachelor.

To my mind most TV sets have lousy sound systems & NO volume up is NOT the answer.

Mind you lovejapan21 put in a good question about this to be replacemnt of headphones, but personally I would like to have a plug in for headphones as my left ear is not as good as my right.

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I have been under the assumption that Al-Qaeda would be after the USA along with all the western worlds.

Hope I am wrong in this one.

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As a Canadain this was ANOTHER pile of Royality that gets in the neck of so many of us.

PLEASE NO MORE, yet the media will throw all they can at us.

Any time I see more on royality, thank goodness I have a MUTE button I use quite often.

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This was a good photo of some people & their children having fun.

For around this time more & more parents to children need to have this fun of enjoyment

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Im preessive photo to say the least & some people really put a lot to have something like this for the public to see. Impressive to say the least

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Agree on what was typed. Though they have another one following so wishing them the best.

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Those photos were stunning & the latter few did sort of point toward this chaps death. Thank goodness he survived.

Agree with others that loosing a camera is not a loss compared to actually surviving through it all.

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