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snakebyte comments

Posted in: UK Parliament approves Rwanda deportation bill See in context

It's too late for the UK.

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Posted in: Butterfly Effect See in context

The famous "Animals" album cover shoot when "Algie" their huge inflatable Pig broke free from his tether and floated away.

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Posted in: Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital; people trapped inside say they cannot flee See in context

Did anyone else notice the street name on the third photo with the Bring them home mural?

"Weizmann" translates to White man in English.

Is it normal to have a German street name in Israel?

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Posted in: Koi emerge as new source of souring relations between Japan and China See in context

All sounds a bit fishy to me.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for disposing of newborn baby in toilet See in context

I agree. Assuming the toilets in Japan are the same style as European ones it wouldn't be easy, if possible at all to flush a full term baby.

Let alone hiding a full term pregnancy from 7 housemates..

Keepyer InternetpointsToday 10:13 am JST

But anyway, it seems that the only way this happened is that this was no baby but rather so premature that it was closer to being an embryo than ready for birth. So the article declaring this an "infant" is not being remotely honest.

I feel sorry for the septic tank worker who had to deal with this.

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Posted in: Catch 'em all: Pokemon hooks kids, parents and investors See in context

Familiar with the name, always assumed it was a computer game.

Not for me but seems harmless.

Horses for courses.

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Posted in: Fukushima plant official says coming release of treated water a milestone for decommissioning See in context

"There were instances when plant workers had no other choice but to dump it into the sea or temporarily put it inside a basement or temporary water tanks, Matsumoto recalled."

I wonder how much untreated water has been dumped in the sea already?

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Posted in: Kurobe Dam begins water discharge event See in context

Construction commenced in 1956, the same year I was born in.

I trust the dam is in better condition than this 68 year old git is.

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Posted in: Russia reports attacks on oil refineries and town near border with Ukraine See in context

2020hindsightsToday 08:33 am JST



oh I see, thanks for your expert analysis.

Glad I could enlighten you. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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The sarcasm is strong with these.

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

"NicolòToday 08:44 am JST

They seem to use Dell computers with windows 7 and Office. Hmmm..."

I noticed how archaic their computers are (were).

The whole photo looks dodgy to me too, a poor photo shop attempt?

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Posted in: Bear attack on angler suspected after human head found at lake in Hokkaido See in context

Peter NeilToday 03:24 am JST

bears are carnivores

"I'm bringing a shotgun(perfectly legal in Japan) if I'm gong into bear country".

Preferably loaded with solid slug cartridges. Standard lead shot would only make a Bear angry.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy wants Putin trial; Russia accuses U.S. on drones See in context

The very short video I saw looked like it had been made back in the sixties / seventies in "Supermarionation".

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Posted in: Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 See in context

we_are_oneToday 06:32 am JST

For their batons.

Thank you, and as there are two cylinders it's for traffic directing use.

Makes sense now, something I rarely see in England.


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Posted in: Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 See in context

Serious question please.

What are the plastic cylinders on the front of the bikes? Someone said to hold the big riot sticks, is that correct?


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Posted in: Russia, China show off ties amid maneuvering over Ukraine See in context

KniknaknokkaerToday 11:42 am JST

Yes, the handshake picture is interesting. Wang Yi has Putins outstretched hand drawn in very close to his body.

It looks like Wang has kept his hand and arm close so making Putin reach out to him.

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Posted in: Blood found on clothing owned by suspect in deaths of 3 family members See in context

I wouldn't call an axe a "blunt object".

If the blood / DNA samples match the 'suspects' then I think they've got him bang to rights?

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Posted in: Musk posts video of himself strolling into Twitter HQ See in context

MumbaiRocks!Oct. 28 01:27 pm JST

Musk also changed his Twitter profile to refer to himself as “Chief Twit”


The times my Mum called me a "stupid twit" back in the 60s'. It had a different meaning back then.....

1 of 2noun


: a silly annoying person : fool

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Posted in: Trial ends for Shizuoka man who stole school equipment to recreate 'Love Live!' classroom at home See in context

You plonker Rodney!

Made Oi chuckle though.

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Posted in: S Korea's robust response to N Korea seen aiding Japan's military push See in context

VivianeToday 09:33 am JST

@kyo wa heiwa dayo ne I know very aware of that, I was being sarcastic!

Oh for a sarcasm font.

It should make it easier but some nationalities just don't 'get' or understand a sarcy comment.

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Posted in: Salvaged Hokkaido tourist boat taken off barge for inspection See in context

That's an 'iffy' looking photo, the perspective doesn't look right?

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Posted in: Record 5,400 cannabis offenders in 2021, police report See in context

"Asians say no this.

No thanks, colonizers".

The first weed I toked back in 1972 was "Thai Stick".

Grown in Thailand, Asia.

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Posted in: Japanese microcar owner’s tiny automobile collection turns heads in Japan See in context

No way would I get into one of those. 'Rode' a Reliant Robin as a passenger decades ago. Never again.

A lorry could squish you and the driver not even realise!

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