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Lets face it, nobody wants the bases except the bar, brothel, and landowners. US acts with impunity, like they give a rat's ass what people think. Nakaima might be a one-trick pony but he saw the writing on the wall that Guam aint happening and held out for some goodies. Petty politics as usual, worldwide.

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Update this and you got it:

And it's one, two, three, What are we fighting for ? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Vietnam; And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well there ain't no time to wonder why Whoopee! we're all gonna die.


Well, come on Wall Street, don't move slow, Why man, this is war au-go-go. There's plenty good money to be made By supplying the Army with the tools of the trade, Just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb, They drop it on the Viet Cong

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Posted in: There are students who can't even understand when the class is run in Japanese, so can classes conducted in English truly be possible? See in context

Before I had some problems I taught English in a natural way that I devloped myself. Students said they enjoyed it and in fact it was that intimacy that really helped us all succeed. Teachers who cannot establish repport with kids never have a chance.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat in Yemen stabbed See in context

Japanese tend to be a little too trusting for their own good, in many places.

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