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Posted in: One dead, 3 wounded in shooting at California synagogue See in context

Republicans claim to hate right wing domestic terrorism but do nothing about it, and actively lobby to make it easier for white nationalists to buy weapons to kill minorities. Disgraceful.

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Posted in: Biden's 2020 bid reshapes White House race See in context

Not really, because most neofascist are socialist, it’s in the word. 

It literally isn't.

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Posted in: Democrats voice horror over Saudi mass executions See in context

Since when does the United States dictate what another country can do within their own justice/legal system?

Just look at the naiveté on display here.

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Posted in: Democrats weigh contempt vote after White House defies subpoena See in context

The economy. Did the see the close yesterday? My God, we are back on track again.

??? You've argued before, when the stock market fell, that the stock market is irrelevant to the economy as a whole.

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Posted in: Democrats weigh contempt vote after White House defies subpoena See in context

SuperLib isn't talking about polling, he's saying that there will always be a bare minimum of 33% of Republicans in the senate who would not vote to convict if he was impeached, no matter what he did. And he is right.

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Posted in: FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico See in context

Screw the FBI. These people are not armed vigilantes, it is a constitutional right to be able to form militias in order to defend the security of the state. These people are well within their rights to do what they're doing.

This is an absurdity.

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Posted in: Redactions heavier on Russian meddling than on obstruction See in context

So, its funny, Trump's inability to have his own staff OBEY him is what saved him! Welcome to the world of conservatives!

Conservatives love weakling 'leaders'.

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Posted in: Trump vetoes measure to end U.S. involvement in Yemen war See in context

This part of the world, Super, is extremely complicated. Ya got your Saudis. Ya got your Iranians. Between those two, that's enough trouble right there. I'd like to see all U.S. involvement over there end ASAP, but there are... complications.


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Posted in: Trump to allow lawsuits against foreign firms in Cuba See in context

President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton on Wednesday will explain the administration's decision in a speech in Miami and will also announce new sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, countries he has branded a "troika of tyranny" 

Neocons gonna neocon.

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Posted in: Democrats subpoena banks as they probe Trump finances See in context

He did, he said so.

You believe everything a proven liar tells you?

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Posted in: Democrats subpoena banks as they probe Trump finances See in context

I guess the problem we all know Trump is corrupt and frequently bends the rules, lies and cheats so I guess the democrats think if they can dig enough they'll find the kind of evidence that fits the suspected crimes.

The real problem, as many posters on this website demonstrate, isn't that Trump is corrupt. It's not that he and his administration are attempting to fundamentally undermine the democratic principles of the republic, it's that his supporters don't care. If the Democratic Party discovered iron-clad proof that Trump is a criminal, they'd reply, "So? His crimes are good and cool". They're full on cultists.

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Posted in: Trump suggests he's moving forward with sanctuary city plan See in context

Sure, but you realize, you still need to help pay for them with your tax dollars. You guys have completely flipped, now not only do you want them in the country, you want to pay to relocate them to sanctuary cities where they generally end up blending into society, working jobs you don't want to, and reproducing children that you think are evil.

Pretty much, I do admit it’s a good plan

Trump supporters, 2016: We're going to build a wall, and Mexico's gonna pay for it!

Trump supporters, 2019: We're going to let in every immigrant, and I'm going to pay for it!

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Posted in: Michelle Obama charms British audience with praise for Queen Elizabeth See in context

They didn't ask me.

They don't have to.

Free medical, college and and income for everyone!


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Posted in: Disney unveils global family-friendly streaming service See in context

I just want to know is Punisher coming back?

You wouldn’t like it if it did. You just said a second ago that Disney ruins everything. So why do you care?

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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

You know why he did that. He can use that at his trial that he was taken against his will, it’s a good argument for his defense. 

?? When people are arrested, it's almost always against their will. No-one wants to be arrested. Resisting arrest isn't a good argument in his defense, because resisting arrest is a crime.

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Posted in: Redacted Mueller report to be released within a week See in context

There are so many unanswered questions

Allow me to assist you:

Now I would expect the tables to be turned sometime this Summer. What did Obama know and when did he know it?

More than Trump ever will; since he was born.

Did members of his administration unmasked American citizens illegally?


Did Hillary and the DNC collude with Russia to disseminate foreign propaganda into the 2016 election?


Did Hillary violate campaign finance laws by funneling money to Putin’s intelligence services to gather disinformation on the Trump campaign?


Was this foreign sourced opposition research used to surveile the campaign of an American presidential candidate?

No; such research does not exist.

Were there members of the DOJ and the FBI that were biased and used their positions in law enforcement to corrupt the election process?


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Posted in: Judge blocks Trump's asylum policy but delays enforcement See in context

I disagree.

Why? Why are you in favor of eternal punishment?

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Posted in: Putin: Russia knows Mueller probe 'gave birth to a mouse' See in context

Some democrats just hate President Trump; he's not a politician.

He is a politician. He's the President of the United States. He literally dictates the politics of the most powerful nation in the world (at the moment).

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Posted in: Judge blocks Trump's asylum policy but delays enforcement See in context

People who have served their time should be allowed to vote.

More, people in prison should be allowed to vote.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Trump's asylum policy but delays enforcement See in context

Oh, and by the way, you probably also missed all the hullabaloo when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law new legislation that allows abortions up to birth and after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam backed infanticide during a radio interview...

People will miss things that didn't happen, yeah. Cuomo signed a law that codifies Roe vs. Wade into NY State law, wherein abortions after 24 weeks can only be performed in the event that the life of the mother is in danger or the fetus isn't viable. Virginia's bill also wouldn't alter any time limits on abortion in Virginia, and certainly no-one has advocated infanticide.

Wild, irresponsible comments like these are shameful.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Trump's asylum policy but delays enforcement See in context

of course it’s an Obama appointee. Who else would be considering all these “rights” that people have when they get caught illegally crossing our border.

A judge. Which is to say, someone who considers the law and the rights that people have under the US Constitution.

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Posted in: Trump threatens car import tariffs in new warning to Mexico See in context

Only a person with a complete lack of understanding how trade works could possibly believe it is Mexican companies who will pay these taxes.

We call these people "Republicans".

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Posted in: 'I have names' - Ghosn vows to clear his name in trial See in context

No stake in this, but: end capitalism.

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Posted in: Barr defends handling of Mueller's Russia report See in context

The American Left does not care about the law. Winning is everything - it’s how you get a $30 million Russian collusion investigation that comes up completely empty.

plasticmonkey already addressed your philosophical points, but on a monetary one: the investigation tuend a profit. It made the USA money.

Have a great Friday!

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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos, ex-wife reach biggest divorce deal in history See in context

Had to get Trumps name in there somehow. He had nothing whatsoever to to with this.

This is a very fair comment. But AFP (an agency I greatly respect) put it in because it's good for searches, which means it's good for clicks, which means its good for advertisers. That's capitalism: what's relevant isn;t important. The only important thing is: what's profitable?

For more, I'd recommend Capital Vols 1-3.

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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos, ex-wife reach biggest divorce deal in history See in context

This is a guy who makes his employees go to the bathroom in plastic bottles during working hours because he won’t give them a proper break.

Yet has 36 billion dollars to give to an ex wife because he wants to play around. His lack of moral character negatively impacted tens of thousands of people.

This is nearly correct. Yes, Bezos is a morally disgraceful person, and the conditions of Amazon workers would shame even Dickensian villains, but this isn't just down to him. The reason that he (and the corporate "person" that is Amazon) does this is because: it's what is best in capitalism. If Amazon was kinder to its employees, and Bezos took less of a paycheck to give his workers a living wage, then a similar but more ruthless business wouldn't, Amazon would die.

To end human exploitation, we must end capitalism.

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Posted in: Barr defends handling of Mueller's Russia report See in context

Thought Mueller had credibility.

He does.

His report said Trump was exonerated of Russia collusion.

How would you know? You haven't seen the report.

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Posted in: Mar-a-Lago arrest spotlights security risks at Trump estate See in context

As an unqualified and inept foreign agent, I'm sure that the Trump White House will be giving her top secret security clearances soon.

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Posted in: Australian senator censured for blaming Muslim victims See in context

It's the guy blaming Muslims for being murdered.

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Posted in: Trump steps back from Mexico border threat as companies warn of economic fallout See in context

I don’t care what NPR says, I only care what the people at the border or ICE say.

Thats the only thing that matters, I could care less what any media outlets think.

Statistics and facts are more important than opinions when it comes to formulating policy.

In other words, Republicans: facts don't care about your feelings.

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