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'To say Islamic terrorists represent the Muslim Religion is like saying the Ku Klux Klan represents the Christian Religion.'

So many of you make assumptions based on what you're fed by ever so manipulating media instead of thinking with your heads. Many many of you need to educate yourselves before commenting because you represent the large proportion of the population who do and think as they're told. How many crimes have been committed throughout the history by religious groups, for what? Just because WE haven't lived in those times doesn't make those actions OK. But we often forget our faults because they're not in the moment.

'He among you who is without sin, let him first cast a stone upon her.'

It's time to self-reflect instead of grooming the hatred and the intolerance for the sake of avoiding our own inner shortfalls.

Mr Rhode, thank you for being the bearer of the truth and for questioning our ability to reason! Look forward to reading your book...

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“Put a gun in the wrong hands, and it’s a weapon.”

Good point! The thing USA fails to recognise is that with their loose regulations of the gun ownership they are basically putting guns in the "wrong hands". With so many mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, let alone psychosis or schizophrenia) how can you expect more positive figures? Good on you Japan! Just keep up the good work!

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Me and my partner just came back from Japan a week ago and I just want to go back! We're hoping to come back same time next year and make it our one and only holiday destination. I am in awe of your country and despite usual troubles people have (based on reading comments) I must tell you there is no country like Japan. I've been to most of Europe and some Asian countries, currently live in Australia and all I want is to live in your beautiful country. Nicest people, delicious food, great infrastructure, modern everything, cleanliness everywhere...what more can you ask for?

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