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Posted in: Folding helmet for emergencies See in context

I seriously doubt it conforms to any safety certification levels. But as we all know, what's important is that you're "wearing a helmet."

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Posted in: Foreign visitors pick the 20 coolest places in Japan See in context

What happened to all the pictures that RocketNews put in this article? If you want the full effect of these descriptions, I recommend following the link at the end of the article over to the RocketNews web site.

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Posted in: Happiness is an empty pavement See in context

this rule is what hardwood flooring is to an Irish Jig

Are you saying Irish jig floors are unenforced??

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Posted in: Travel picks: Top 10 enchanting forests around the world See in context

Here's the actual post with the pictures JT didn't include:

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Posted in: Travel picks: Top 10 clocks around the world See in context

No pictures? If you're as interested as I was, they're easily found here:

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Posted in: Super rapid mobile USB battery charger See in context

Many better options have existed for years, at a fraction of the price. On (Japanese) Amazon, you can easily buy 10,000mAH batteries for less than 3,000 yen.

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Posted in: Bullet train starts running at 320 kph on Tohoku Shinkansen route See in context

Takachan - your confusion is understandable. I didn't know that this service had been running until the moderator made a note on your comment. The article itself is a bit unclear.

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Posted in: Is technology a job killer? See in context

And there's your history lesson for the day.

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Posted in: Police recommend safety training for reckless cyclists See in context

JT: These bicycles are called "fixed gear bicycles," not "fixed brake bicycles" as described in the article.

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Posted in: Man with stolen German passport escapes from Haneda airport security See in context

@prinzjay, it sounds like you had a heck of a time after overstaying your visa. That was all your firsthand experience, right? I know a few people who've overstayed their visas, and had no ill effects beyond a stern talking to. That said, how long did you overstay your visa, and what type was it?

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Posted in: Akita man arrested over attempted extortion for sex and songs See in context

Goto, who is apparently a master impressionist

Was this the author's attempt at humor? Either way, if this guy put together a street act, he could probably make a few yenjamins.

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Posted in: New garbage bags make cleaning up cool See in context

Sakurala, it seems every area is different, because my area doesn't use labeled bags. The only restriction is that recyclables (not burnables) be put in bags you can see through so they can tell the contents.

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Posted in: Frozen beer See in context

Sign me up! If I knew which beer gardens in my area had one of these machines, I would go out of my way to go there. =)

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Posted in: Softbank unveils world's first smartphone with radiation detector See in context

Why doesn't this article include a photograph of the new cell phone? Or even the model number so we can find a photo on our own? If anyone else is interested, it's the Sharp Pantone 5 107SH.

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Posted in: Cheap, safe device helps avoid premature birth See in context

JT - There was a typo in the original story you picked up. The material used to make this pessary is "silicone," the soft, rubbery material used in many medical devices, not "silicon," the shiny metal used to make computer chips.

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Posted in: Could neckties be cool again? See in context

Good for them. What excites me more is JT's new picture display just after the article. Well done, guys.

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Posted in: Inmate escapes from Hiroshima prison See in context

Keystones at it again. Cue Benny Hill music.

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Posted in: 6 Japanese complete relay swim to Taiwan See in context

The article notes this was a six-man relay. Assuming each man swam equal 25km stints, that's considerably less than swimming the 34km across the English channel. Not that it's any less cool, but just to add some perspective.

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Posted in: Extra-wide microwave oven See in context

I'm glad there's a picture of the microwave in question.

I wonder why Toshiba chose to dispense with the rotating base.

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Posted in: Google gives Gmail users more control over inboxes See in context

Are you kidding? Conversation view is the best thing about gmail. It still sorts the most recent messages first, but it adds context by giving you the option to open up older messages in the thread.

It's especially convenient when you're looking at one email message getting forwarded and replied to a number of times. It hides the older messages you've already read, and pops open just the new bit. What's not to love?

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Posted in: A turn of the shoe See in context

I think the market they're aiming for is the domestic Japanese market, where every shoe has to be easy to get in and out of or you look silly standing by the door making everyone else wait for your slow self.

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Posted in: Taking the heat off fried foods See in context

How can you run a story about a new type of fryer and include a picture of the product's developer instead of the product you're talking about? If someone is interested enough to read the story, do you think they'd be more interested in seeing the company's president, or what the product looks like?

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Posted in: Phone sale See in context

I think the photo is meant to be a "take you into the moment" kind of thing. It's obviously not very artfully done, and I know Reuters photographers can do much better when they want.

I wish JT would include more pictures with their stories, even if they're all like this.

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Posted in: Pepsi inks deal to produce, sell snacks in Japan See in context

Not that it would actually change the content of the story, but I'm a little disappointed at the lack of editing that let the same quote be printed twice and attributed to two different sources. Shame on you, JT.

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Posted in: Ebi-chan See in context

New headline proposal- "Unfortunate Camera Angle Makes Angel Look Like Devil"

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Posted in: NEC explores third dimension See in context

I agree, urufuls- it looks fake. But at least JT included a picture.

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Posted in: Nonstop flights from Utah to Tokyo begin See in context

I only came because I thought there'd be a picture of the airport fanfare. JT, you need to include more pictures with your stories. Each page has 7-8 graphical ads, but often stories that would be much bettered by inclusion of a picture do not have one.

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Posted in: Who you gonna call? See in context

An excellent explanation, TJrandom. =)

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Posted in: 'Marriage-hunting' is latest buzzword See in context

timeon - You and I are on the same page, my friend, down to the last detail.

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Posted in: Jolie good time See in context

An excellent question, Brainiac. I wonder if her welcome would have been a little different had her tattoos been visible in her publicity photos.

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