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I guess it's because Japan's market for teenage heartthrobs is already over-saturated by domestic and South Korean offerings ;) ...

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Outlaw! So that's what it was ..

Saw the poster in the subway this morning and couldn't figure it out .. "Auto-ro"? .. "Otoro"? .. what the ..?

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For anyone interested in a high-res version - I dug it up on Jeff's Flickr:

Awesome shot. Makes me want to visit Kyoto again.

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YuriOtani: ... So are we going to have and pay duty on our of our possessions when entering a country? ...

Exactly! If your possessions exceed a certain value and you bring them into a country that they've never been (legally) imported into, you will have to pay duty.

Miss Janke returned to her home in Germany while carrying previous import documentation for Japan, meaning German customs actually have a point. This is not some kind of political affair or "Germany" punishing anyone .. just some stuffy customs officers ..

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Posted in: Google upgrades Android maps as Apple battle looms See in context

Going to be missed here. A lot.

At least for Japan (and judging from the latest beta), iOS 6's new maps app is hugely inferior to Google maps: less detailed, public transportation directions don't work at all and no more street view.

Looks like I'll be stuck with Google's browser-based maps for a while after upgrading my personal phone ...

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To be fair, the speed skaters were just unlucky to miss the gold in women's team pursuit. Beaten by 0.02 seconds ..

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Posted in: New ticket gate that checks for explosives tested at Akihabara station See in context

Some people here don't get that this is only an attempt to gather some "real-world" data with their prototype. Nobody said anything about deploying the gates in a large scale or even "nationwide".

What about installing these only in airport exits or other sensitive areas? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me if they actually reach the advertised accuracy.

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