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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over ships near disputed isles See in context

Japan's nationalisation of the islands didn't start this dispute. China's economic blackmail by withholding rare minerals in order to force japan to release the fisherman who rammed japanese coastgaurd was the ignition point.

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Posted in: Gang-rape incident a by-product of Kyoto's lenient academic culture See in context

There is a connection between chug'a'lug competitions and gang rape? The rape is terrible and the offenders should be jailed (hard to go to university if you are in jail). But linking students having parties to criminal behaviour? Drinking beer is a special privelege that only Kyoto college students can get away with? How is this different to any group of adults who get drunk and do bad things?

As for social clubs not having supervision, it's probably because at university, the majority of students are adults, and if they are bullied should remedy the situation themselves in an adult fashion.

If students don't like being in a club, quit. It's a scary world isn't it.

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Posted in: In-flight madness with the kids See in context

How about people who don't like flying in the presence of young children pay extra to be away from children? I have yet to see an airline ticket which reads that the holder is entitled to a "quiet" flight.

If it annoys you so much fork out the extra money for business or first class? Children have every right to fly, and as long as parents make some effort to entertain/keep them quiet then thats all I can ask. Sometimes though kids are going to cry and there is not much parents can do about it.

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