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snowwolfljb comments

Posted in: Australian police reject comparison to U.S. over indigenous boy's arrest See in context

Double standards is epidemic around the world.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

The West ? That is a very inciteful comment when most of the rest of the West is living in peace compared to the EAST.

Yes, they are dieing peacely on CV in the west. The chaotic east had contain the CV.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

The west is paying for their arrogant, no matter on CV or Floyd.

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Posted in: China says it backs WHO in tracing COVID-19; denounces U.S. 'lies' See in context

In fact, most countries tried to cover up or playdown this virus, and then suffered from it, no matter it is the east or west.

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Posted in: Beijing bans 'uncivilized' behavior to improve public hygiene See in context

This measure is reasonable, better than injecting disinfectants.^_^

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Posted in: Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe See in context

Trump has used the briefings to occupy television screens and promote his administration's policies, fend off critics and attack political rivals -- from opposition Democrats to China to the U.S. media.

I don't think he would abandon briefings.

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Posted in: Russian border becomes China's frontline in fight against second virus wave See in context

China and Russia are authoritarian states where the state controls media. Who knows what's actually going on in either nation.

oh,yes, you can trust US president who wouldn't control media.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

In january, the wise were already know the virus is dangerous, and prepared for it . In february, even the idiotsalso knowed that from the news around the world. Trump was worse than a idiot.

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Posted in: Economic fallout mounts as coronavirus cases top 1 million worldwide See in context

Ccp, Japan, SK and western governments all should be responsible to this tragedy。Sadly, all of them neglect their faults on purpose and deflect it on each other.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day; New York governor begs for help See in context

Most countries made mistakes and then they point the finger at each other. Pride and Prejudice is epidemic in the whole world. not only the politic but also the civil isn't innocent.

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Posted in: Over 1.5 billion globally told to stay home to avoid virus See in context

kyronstavicToday 11:30 am JST

I still have a niggling feeling this is virus scare is calculated psychological warfare. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, I don't care.

Although there's a lack of hard evidence, I wouldn't put it past the CCP to engineer a bioweapon like this as a form of psychological warfare to cripple the West. They would not be able to win a military war as a way to gain resources they want, but triggering Western countries into panic and hobbling their economies - with the effects of sending asset prices and markets into freefall would enable them to scoop up land and resources (fuel, food production, raw materials etc) for the proverbial pennies on the dollar from newly cash-strapped owners. They've got the money.

I'm not saying this is certain, but it's not completely implausible. The CCP is a totally amoral beast, and is not above cracking a few eggs to make an omelette. If they have to kill a few thousand or million to get what they want, they'll do it. Done it before. They aren't stupid, and are good at the long game. They know the West's weaknesses, and are quite happy to play the racism card to deflect criticism.

If this is true, they seem to be winning. Watch carefully for "rescue packages" being offered by China as they recover, under terms that would be considered insanely one-sided in normal times

It is funny that some American said chinese manufactured the virus and at the same time some chinese said american did it. In fact they are idiots.

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Posted in: Asia steps up virus efforts as second wave of infections strikes See in context

quercetum: "Zero in four days in Wuhan. I don’t believe that do you? No way."

Don't be blinded by hatred, It is absolutely no sense to lie on this right now.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan may not have enough new virus test kits See in context

Even China and south korea have enough test, the developed countries Japan,EU and US haven't. That is ridicular! They just DON'T want to.

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