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Posted in: Rally planned to raise awareness of parental abduction issue during Biden visit See in context

My son was illegally abducted from the US to Japan even though court orders were already in place for neither of us to leave the county we lived in. The arrogance and hypocrisy of Japan is appalling. Japan begs for help for the US (which they have given behind the scenes and in public) in regards to the Yokota abduction over 30 years ago, while Japan supports, condones, and encourages the abduction of thousands of American chidlren. Nearly twice as many American children were illegally abducted by Japanese nationals than what N. Korea abducted over 30 years ago. Japan has imprisoned 2 foreign parents who tried to recover their abducted children for "International Child Abduction". Japan currently is seeking extradition of 2 fathers from the Czech Republic and Pakistan for "International Parental Abduction" Yet, Japan turns a blind eye to the thousands of children abducted to Japan every year. This is utter hypocrisy. The excuse of protecting them from the big bad "american abuser" is a lie. No standard and basic rules of evidence has ever been followed for any of these criminals/fugitives. Here's a news flash, a husband not sharing his pudding with his wife is NOT abuse and is a slap in the face of those women and children who truly are being abused within Japan. Those Japanese nationals who entered the US on a green card, agreed to abide by the laws of this country. By fleeing the US with the child, they violate US laws. Japan should do the respectable and honorable thing by having these fugitves extradited. But that would mean having any "honor and respect". Hopefully VP Biden will express this ever-growing epidemic with the Prime Minister of the worlds worst offender of Parental Abductions.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss ways to resolve custody disputes See in context

This is a giant step if it is true. Unfortunately, the writer of this article uses the typical "Abuse" line that truly diminishes those women who are truly abused. What this reporter also fails to mention is that unlike Japan, the US takes spousal abuse seriously. There are laws to protect these women in the US. There is also a requirement of evidence and proof of such abuse. More often than not, the "Abuse" rhetoric is a ploy used by Japanese lawyers to encourage the abduction of our children and have rarely had any foundation of evidence. The Japanese government turns a blind eye to the abuse the japanese women face from the Japanese men, while making accusations without any facts regarding any abuse of foreign husbands. Many of these Japanese women have psychologically abused their foreign husbands and children prior to their kidnapping the children. Most of these cases of abduction by Japanese nationals are in direct violation of court orders already rendered. US Laws were broken on US soil. The bottom line is over 22% of ALL international parental abductions by a Non Hague country are committed by Japan. And just for the record, the numbers are far greater than 75. There were at least half that many American children kidanpped to Japan in 2009 alone. I am not looking to change the Japanese laws. It is already widely known that Japan supports, encourages, and financially rewards the abduction of our children. I expect the Japanese to honor US laws and court orders when living in the US. Japan expects nothing less from anyone that choses to live in Japan. Japan is seeking extradition of 2 fathers in the Czech Republic and Pakisatan for "International Child Abduction". Japan sentenced Qin Wiejie, a Chinese national, for 5 years in November 2009 for "International Parental Abduction and other Charges". It is time for Japan to start doing what it expects the world to do for them.

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Posted in: Most child abductions by Japanese women are a result of spousal violence. See in context

Mr. Ohunki is a liar, racist, and con man. There is a good reason why the US State Department dropped him from the recommended list of attorneys in which a US citizen could trust. Why do you papers consider him to have any credibility? Why don't you check his credientials and the complaints filed by his clients, then see for yourself if he is the right person you should be interviewing. I am sure there is at least a few other attorneys with some semplance of honor, credibility, and truth on that island of yours. Oh wait, why would you want to do that when it is your government that continues to sanction and financially reward its citizens for ILLEGALLY abducting our children.

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