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Not too long ago, when south korea was using test, trace, treat program, some people here decried it as a horrible infringement on privacy and civil rights. Now japan wants to implement a far worst infringement on privacy and civil rights. What a difference a few months make. Now japan wants to make a tracking app many months after their first domestic cases and probably approaching the zenith of their outbreak? Like cramming for a test in the middle of the test. LOL!

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The cat's out of the bag. Japan keeps corona death numbers low by simply averting their gaze, which if you've lived here for an appreciable amount of time you'll recognize is an accepted way of doing things here.

I'll take your word for it on that matter moonbloom. Your view seems to be shared by a number of people here and elsewhere.

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@ i@n

Sorry, I meant east asian. Around here when people say asian countries they mean EAST asian (china, japan, taiwan, the two koreas). No offence intended to central asian countries, Se asian countries or the philipines.

As for my source.

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That little spiel you wrote cites an article dated 3/25/2020. We are currently in 8/6/2020. Your information is waaaay out of date. Of course sk had higher numbers back in March, because they were doing mass testing even back. The japanese were not doing mass testing back then. In fact they were downplaying the problem because the olympics were still going on. In the here and now, every asian country outside of china is doing better than japan at pandemic response.

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A true Coronavirus Catch-22. I guess this means that all corvid 19 numbers coming out of Japan should five times less credible.

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Over-reporting = money

I'm flabbergasted by this B.S. Reporting cases of covid 19 loses money in a big way. Each reported case has to quarantine themselves or risk infecting others. They can't work when reported positive. Therefore they can't make any MONEY! Many who are infected must be hospitalized. Guess who pays for that? The state who loses money with each patient. The more case are reported, the longer some businesses remain shut, the longer lockdowns and shelter in place rules are in place.

 It definitely worked for S.Korea

It did not. S. Korea actually boosted their stimulus package to 200 bn. Losing alot of money right there.

Overreporting would have made that worse.

They are now actually exporting test kits.

Seegene has actually been exporting test kits since at least late March. I don't care if it's Seegene (SK) or Roche (Swiss) or Bosch (Germany) exporting tests. If any company makes a useful test they should sell it to anyone that needs them and, yes, profit from their hard work. That's capitalism at its best.

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