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Posted in: M5.6 earthquake rocks Kanto region See in context

^^they all had their cell phones alerting it was only a 4-5 so no need to do anything.

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Posted in: Personal info of over 1 mil smartphone users leaked See in context

@flamemenwerfer - luckily "Market Enabler" app let's you get any app on other markets

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Posted in: Personal info of over 1 mil smartphone users leaked See in context

LOL @ the iphone user comments. You guys have WAY too short memories, this has happened TWICE with iphone/iOS in the past. It's even happening NOW. The info leaked from them was much worse!

FYI, there are otehr more informative articles out there on this topic and it involves some shady japanese apps taht are pretty useless anyway. The personal info was just basic stuff like name, phone number, email address.

When you install an app, it pays to pay attention to what permissions the APP is asking for before you click "OK". The US android market (and other foreign ones) are pretty good and quick about weeding out bad apps on the market. Not so sure about the Japanese android market however.

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Posted in: Karasia See in context

it's like a buffet

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Posted in: Out and about See in context

looks like iraq

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Posted in: Autumn in Nikko See in context

wow... AWESOME PIC!!! Wish I could get a high-res copy.

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Posted in: Bodies of 4 children, 2 adults found in burned-out car See in context

come on guys, these articles are "close" TRANSLATIONS FROM ANOTHER LANGUAGE. Have you not lived in Japan long enough to realize how often translations don't always work out perfectly? Don't get hung up on WORDS.

ANyway, this is extremely sad, makes me angry. I really hope the kids/everyone was already dead/asleep before they burned.

Also, it doesn't say it "WAS" a suicide, it says "suspected". Ever thought it could have been a really stupid mistake? Someone smoking near the gasoline... POOF! With that said, 6 people, if concious, would have probably tried to get out of a burning car. Something tells me, they were already unconcious.

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Posted in: New Bond film titled 'Skyfall' to star Craig, Fiennes, Bardem, Finney See in context

^^ I'm pretty sure "sunhawk" was being sarcastic.

Yeah, I have every Bond film from the beginning to most recent, and while I LOVE the old ones through the 60's-70's, I really feel the modern Daniel Craig versions have re-captured that true Bond feeling. They are some of the best to watch, high quality, great story, amazing action. Can't wait for this new one!!! Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, (NoCountryForOldMen), what an awesome A-list!!

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Posted in: U.S. tech firms lead list of best multinational workplaces See in context

lostrune2Oct. 30, 2011 - 06:42PM JST Tech companies? Where's Apple?

lol. It's not even in the top 100. (i googled the list, it's on Fortunes website) Apple isn't very "multinational" in reality. All of it is based in California and all of their products are made in China. They just do a good job at making their customers THINK they are multinational.

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Posted in: Nuclear radiation from Fukushima twice more than estimated: report See in context

man, you guys are so quick to blow everything out of proportion. All this is saying is the TOTAL released COULD be almost twice as much as reported by Japanese who were reporting the radiation levels INSIDE Japan. What is so hard to understand about this? You guys are going on and on about everyone lying, conspiracy theories, etc, nothing has really changed, this is just pointing out that there was OTHER radiation levels outside of Japan over the Pacific that was not measured. Is does not say that levels WITHIN Japan were higher. CALM DOWN, if you hate all this so much, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE IN JAPAN!?!?!?! GO AWAY!

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Posted in: Commodore Perry & the legacy of American imperialism See in context

Just want to point out the term "american imperialism" being thrown about so carelessly. By it's own definition, "imperialism" does not match as a correct term when attempting to say "American Imperialism".

Furthermore, the biggest difference in say the Britsh imperialism and so-called "american imperialism" is the "colonies" were under complete british rule and paid tax to the British empire. This is very different than the situations where people say on here, "oh that's american imperialism". Besides the fact that America does not have any colonies, the closest thing to one being Guam or Peurto Rico, both of which have their own governments and are not forced to pay all their taxes to the US. They also don't export much of anything to the US. Then you have the Middle-East issue, again, Iraq and Afhganistan both having their own government, not paying any tax to the US, and now the US leaving enitrely from Iraq by Christmas and plans being drawn for leaving Afghanistan starting next year. This is vastly different than any other form of "Imperialism".

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Posted in: Okinawa noise pollution trial begins with 22,000 plaintiffs See in context

@ cmeanu0 The "money" wasn't "given out". It was allocated to local city offices which paid contractors to do the sound proofing work on homes, but it didn't cover even half of the effected areas/homes and didn't cover schools or business. Also, this was way back in 2007. Supposedly, the following years were supposed to see the continuation of the sound proofing, but there was no more money.

The "quiet hours" times mentioned above, have been in place for many years, since the 90's at least. However, the planes fly during those times anyway on nearly a daily basis, they just pay a fine to the Japanese Government to do so.The only exception to the fine/hours is emergency.

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Posted in: Can you suggest a workable solution to the Futenma base relocation issue that might satisfy Okinawa, Tokyo and Washington? See in context

Japan needs to sit down and relook at their security requirements, then re-write the SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) between Japan and the US reducing the current TOTAL minimum number of US troops stationed in Japan down from 47,000 (i believe that is the number) to a number low enough to ensure security but also allowing the closure of Futenma and it's personnel, aircraft, and mission, to be possible. As long as the minimum number of personnel in Japan is where it is now, Futenma (specifically it's mission) and it's personnel, will have to remain WITHIN Japan to meet the SOFA agreement. The other thing which needs to happen, which is already happening, is the US to reduce the military budget, thus making it too costly (which it already is) to keep open for the US as well.

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Posted in: 2-year-old Chinese girl left on street after hit-and-run dies See in context

Watching the Youtube video of this indicent was absolutely ENRAGING. As a father of two toddlers, maybe it hit harder, but it is so shameful the way nearly 7? people walked by her, then TWO different vehicles drove over her. People changed their path to walk AROUND her.

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Posted in: Okinawa noise pollution trial begins with 22,000 plaintiffs See in context

Netninja, you are really out of touch with this situation. I've been in Japan over 12yrs, most of it in Okinawa, and the fighters and other aircraft are REALY REALLY loud, you can not fathom how loud until you live there and see it first hand. Many who are complaining, have lived in the same spot for generations. Move you say? (a simple solution?) It's an ISLAND! Not a huge choice of jobs in the area, so work in the same place and live in a different place? Woops... so many bases (like Futenma) are smack in the middle of the way, so no easy highway routes around them. I've known the Okinawan people for a long time, and "greedy" is NOT ever a word that comes to mind to describe them. Even though there are "quiet hours" as posted by Riffraff, they can get waivers and pay the $10,000 fine and fly during quiet hours, which many of the large cargo aircraft do every day. The Navy who go there and practice have jets which are 3 times as loud as the Air Force jets, so they are some of the biggest noise polluters. Even in nice peacful tourist areas, when a jet comes in, they are so low and loud, everyone stops what they are doing to cover their ears. It really is that bad. It's not ALWAYS about money. The biggest point is bringing the problem back to light, not letting anyone forget, compound that with other issues surrounding the bases, and it helps the "cause". Yes, the Government helped pay before for sound proofing homes within a certain distance of the air base, and this helped a lot, but it was not enough to cover all the homes in the area. My home was one of those within the radius, it really did help quite a bit, it also reduced my utility bills by nearly half.

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Posted in: Panasonic to trim TV business, cut 1,000 jobs See in context

They should have cut the Plasma TV production more than 2yrs ago once the LCD's took over, and now with new LED's coming out with better picture, light, low energy, super thin, and low cost. Samsung TV's have surpassed all the Japanese makers because of lower cost and nearly as good of a picture, and most consumers just want the most bang for the buck. Korea also has the advantage of having a near worthless currency compared to the dollar and yen making it easy for them to sell lower than the Japanese makers.

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Posted in: The good, the bad and the desperate: Tokyo's raunchy underground clubs See in context

GurukunOct. 20, 2011 - 07:39AM JST Oxymoron?

no, just moron.


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Posted in: Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus smartphone See in context

^^ ah, turns out, the model demonstrating the "face unlock" feature didn't have it activated. idiot.

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Posted in: Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus smartphone See in context

I think the better news is how great the newest "Ice Cream" (4.0) Android OS is. It runs even faster and handles the memory/cpu much better whle saving a lot more battery. It apparently works super well with multi-core CPU's which most newer Android based smartphones have now.

With that said, I can't stand the design style of the Samsungs. They use too much plastic and curvey designs. It's totally clear that HTC has the better design team, and they use aluminum in their designs, not plastic, but, I know "looks" are all personal prefference.

during a demonstration at the Hong Kong unveiling, the Face Unlock feature failed to activate the Galaxy Nexus.

I know there is an Asian joke in here about how they "all look the same", LOL

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Posted in: DoCoMo unveils 24 new mobile devices See in context

Nice, more Android phones for Docomo, I might have to go back... but not for the Samsung... ugh. I'll wait for a new HTC if they get one.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman cuts off husband's penis See in context

steve@CPFCOct. 17, 2011 - 08:16AM JST Ms O'Neill; I think that his drug habit would have made him penniless


I can't believe nobody else caught this jem.

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Posted in: Iran's Khamenei warns U.S. over assassination claims See in context

lol @ "we are a civilized nation"... which stones our women, doesn't allow their voice, supresses the people, rules with a dictatorship, and denies the Jewish Holocaust ever happened.....

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Posted in: Fujitsu develops technology enabling speech-based information retrieval from smartphones See in context

this is what has already been built into Android phones for over a year......

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Posted in: An oasis for pizza lovers opens in Tokyo's Azabujuban See in context

These pizza's are absolutely AMAZING! I believe he also had a place in Okinawa which also had brick oven and they were soooooo good.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

MORE INFO PLEASE!! Hope to get my family on this, would be sweet. All Japan tour, I'll write the report for them!

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Posted in: Can the achievements of Steve Jobs be compared to those of Thomas Edison? See in context

this is ludicrous Edison was an inventor, a pioneer. Jobs was a business man who took others ideas and improved on them.

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Posted in: iSad: Digital titans, gadget junkies mourn Jobs See in context

gorgeousninjaOct. 07, 2011 - 09:22PM JST The Internet was born using one of his machines, the first true home computer, the mouse, the graphical user >interface, home printers, pixar movies, iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Technically, the internet was "born" from the US Military, then later adopted and expanded on by IBM, TI, Jobs had little to do with that. ALL of those products you mentioned, except the mouse, were someone elses inventions, he just improved on them.

His strong suit was in business, marketing, and design. The hardware part of all Apples product is actually mediochre at best. Only it's implimentation is the part that stands out.

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Posted in: Japan grounds F-15s after fuel tank falls off near residential area in Ishikawa See in context

zichiOct. 08, 2011 - 12:50PM JST Guess since there was no reported explosions the tank must have been empty but had it been full.........

it still isn't very likely it would explode. dropping tanks is not unheard of, and they never "explode". The fuel is basically kerosene and while it burns clean, it doesn't explode so easily, especially from just falling to the ground.

Magic8ballOct. 08, 2011 - 09:55AM JST They should not be flying over residential areas.

this is hilarious!! Do you realize what country this is????

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Posted in: iSad: Digital titans, gadget junkies mourn Jobs See in context

repeat after me... I am not defined by the products I buy. My computer is not a part of my identity. My computer is a tool, and like all tools, it is only useful if i make it useful. A brand is not a lifetstyle. I don't owe gratitude to a billionare I helped create. Steve Jobs was a business man, who charged exhorbitantly for his products. He didn't do us any favors. He didn't make us. We made him.

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Posted in: Tokyo Apple store staff offer silent prayer for Steve Jobs See in context

Cancer took our Jobs! iSad

but all you can do is, live life to the Macs

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