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Posted in: Apple announces death of Steve Jobs at 56 See in context

^^ he hadn't died yet during that speech.

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Posted in: N Korea wants back 2 citizens found in South waters See in context

NOTHING the North does makes any sense, why would you be surprised at their irational behaviour?

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Posted in: Close Futenma air base immediately with no strings attached See in context

wth.... this "article" is 90% a copy/paste from a very inaccurate and incomplete Wiki page.

While I agree that Futenma should be closed and not relocated, there is way too much inaccuracy in the article. It mentions "33 bases" in Okinawa, in reality, there are technically only about 7 bases. The rest are TINY little portions of property big enough to mount a radio or radar tower, in some cases, a simple power generator. We are talking a portion of land as big as a house.

Furthermore, the quote of the "land stolen from the locals, bla bla Hauge convention" is a weak argument since Futenma was a captured japanese air base before it was converted to the marine base.

Again, I agree witht he fact that the vast majority of Okinawans really want and need Futenma to be closed, and not be partially relocated to Nago, but this article has far too many spins on the truth without enough actual facts to be taken seriously.

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Posted in: Nissan Serena wins Good Design Award 2011 See in context

We looked at this, almost got one, but decided on the larger Elgrand instead. The biggest advantage of the Serena is it fits on these tight roads easily and is VERY environmentally friendly, nearly as eco-friendly as a Prius. (factor in the very hazardous batteries on a Prius and the Serena is far more eco-friendly)

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Posted in: IAEA to send 12 experts to help with Fukushima decontamination See in context

So many people in here getting in a hissy over a lot of misconception. This was NOT Chernobyl, there are so many differences and the scale is completely different. In Fukushima's situation, some areas WILL be inhabitable after clean up, some not. Also, the IAEA has been in and out since the day AFTER the initial reactor problem and were here constantly during the most volatile part. This is not their "first visit" as someone mentioned above. To further expand, they have been doing daily video conferences with Nuclear Energy professionals around the world including the IAEA for months now. Some of you guys jump to way too many conclusions.

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Posted in: Apple fails to impress with updated iPhone See in context

wow.. so they introduced a rebadged phone with "new" features that Android phones have had for over a year, and STILL inferior in performance to Android phones. Apple is going down again.... What get's me is, IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME as the iphone 4.. why didn't they even TRY to redesign it a little.. more importantly, why did they keep that tiny little screen!?!?! That's the worst part of an iphone, the tiny screen, and all the wasted space around it.

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Posted in: More than 25,000 children on waiting lists for day-care centers See in context

@illsayit --- i read your comment 4 times and gave up

If you actually HAVE day-care age children here, you would know, these waiting lists (mentioned here) are for the Government certified daycares. There are a few different types. Government (Prefecture) certified, City Certified, and Private certified/non-certified. All have their advantages/disadvantages, but my point is, even with that big list of 25,000 waiting, most of them are still in some other type of Day Care system. The Prefecture certified is nice because you only pay based on what you are taxed per year (not counting medical/social security tax). So if you pay less taxes per year than someone else, then you will pay less for the same service as another person. (this really is good when you make foreign currency and pay less taxes on your income) For example, I get paid in foreign currency (not yen), and my country taxes my yearly income way less than Japan, so even though I make more than most of the other parents in our childrens class, I pay less % of tax, so our daycare rate is actually cheaper. It's awesome (for me at least).

However, the Government certified day cares are not usually as good as the City or private day cares. Some City certified daycares are REALLY nice and have a great teacher/child ratio, but their pay scales vary, some based on income tax, some flat rates. Then there are some City certified that are not good at all. Private can vary from amazing and expensive, to horrible and cheap.

Most parents, from what I have seen, get their child on the Government certified daycare waiting list from the start, but they end up putting them (and leaving them in) one of the City or Private centers. It's more like a safety net. It pays to really research and visit all the cay cares. There really isn't a lack of daycares, which this article makes it sound like. We have twins, so we were on the Government (Tokyo prefecture) waiting list for over a year, but after researching, we found a really nice Private daycare that is actually certified by the City we live in. They have 8 teachers for 18 children in the 1yr old class (divided into two classes). So the attention per child is great.

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Posted in: Radioactive ash causes Kashiwa incinerators to shut down See in context

rollthediceOct. 04, 2011 - 05:07PM JST Does anyone know why there would be so much radiation in the trash they are burning??

It briefly states in the article, but to be more clear, they are transporting radioactive debris from Fukushima to destroy it in these plants and lessen the radioactive effects while making it easier to transport, contain, etc.

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Posted in: ESPN pulls NFL song after Hitler analogy See in context

idiot redneck hick

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Posted in: KDDI unveils autumn/winter lineup of smartphones, mobile phones See in context

haha, they are trying hard to get new customers before Docomo and Softbanks LTE networks are fully established. (LTE is replacing 3G, 3.5G, 4G, WiMax as the new global standard.)

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Posted in: Facebook rolls out big changes to 'lock in' users See in context

Google+ is still so much better.

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Posted in: China rejects Fuji Heavy's joint venture plan: report See in context

^^ it's for selling them in the Chinese market, not elsewhere.

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Posted in: Hitachi-LG to pay $21 mil fine for price-fixing See in context

There have been some Korean, Mexican, and Brazilian companies as well, but mostly Japanese which makes sense seeing how they make most of the electronic products for the world.

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Posted in: Noda to visit Okinawa to discuss U.S. base issue See in context

troyinjapan, you have missed the mark by quite a bit. The presense of the bases for the most part, is why there isn't much industry in Okinawa (or farming). All of the useful flat land is taken up by these bases. When former bases were closed and given over, they redeveloped the area with lightning speed and they are all now bustling, successful commercial areas. The only areas that have been slow to redevelope, are the ones with a great amount of pollution (most of which stems from 60's-80's lack of enviromental control). The area in Chatan which is now being developed, took a while, but it was littered with old ammo, guns, trash, etc from when it was a base. The now "shintoshin" area in Naha converted super fast, into a really nice commercial, residential, and recreational area. The impression you have that the local Okinawan economy is based on the bases, is very incorrect. Only a small amount of money is generated locally from the bases, the majority of which, goes to MAINLAND companies for construction. Fact is, Okinawa IS much better off when a base closes and the land is given back, there is no denying that and it has been proven over and over again. The interesting thing about the Futenma closing issue (which started in the 90's) is that all parties want it closed. The Marines don't want it there, the Okinawan's don't want it there, and Tokyo doesn't want it. They just can't agree on HOW. Hatoyama is mostly to blame for the latest backlash, the people had accepted it, although not happily, then he came down with his promise and stirred it all up again. Thanks to that, there is more support now than ever against the relocation to Nago. They really just need to re-write the SOFA and reduce the "required minimum number of troops in country" which is around 50,000 if i remember correctly. Once they reduce that number, then it's easy to simply close Futenma (and all the other bases which are waiting to close once it closes) and no relocation is needed. However, the way the current SOFA is written, it requires a minimum amount of US troops to be in country, thus, requiring some to stay (relocate) in Okinawa after closing Futenma.

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Posted in: Happy landing See in context

REALLY looking forward to flying on this!

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Posted in: Gunfire heard from Kabul CIA compound: officials See in context

They don't have to, and can't legally, say anything anyway. Other than the obvious, they got attacked.

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Posted in: Boeing, U.S. Navy deliver plan to equip ASDF with Super Hornets See in context

Boeing is just trying hard to sell off a few of their aging F-18 that nobody else wants. The US Navy is already replacing it with the F-35 which Japan has already invested in as well. The F-18 is severley outgunned by the old F15, and the modern F22, F35, and Euro fighter and everyone knows it.

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches ARROWS brand for smartphones, tablet PCs See in context

Assuming it will be Android based? Incomplete article!!

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Posted in: Australia beats U.S. 67-5 at World Cup See in context

The US has a Rugby team??? .... just googled, yeah, apparently some bored college kids made a team, lol Maybe if they aired Rugby on American TV, someone would watch it and gather interest. They are WAY too into football now to care about Rugby though.

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Posted in: Facebook changes spark online complaints See in context

thank god for Google+

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Posted in: Softbank no longer sole network as KDDI set for iPhone 5 See in context

A secondary reason is the bigger selection of apps in the App store and not wishing to have to buy our entire >collection of them all over again in an Android version--I and my kids regularly use dozens of educational and >gaming apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is no longer such the case, since Android phones started outselling iphones, the Android market has expanded and more developers are making both versions of their apps. Also, you do not have to ever re-purchase apps with Android. I'm on my 4th Android handset, and you can either back up your apps manually on an SD card, PC, or using an app, or once you log into your market on the new handset, it downloads all your previously bought apps.

All of this network coverage issue will be a pretty mute point once all the networks have their LTE running full tilt. AU won't even start theirs for another year. Docomo's is nearly complete and Softbank's LTE started expanding earlier this year. (LTE is the newest global standard, replacing 3G networks, it travels farther than W-CDMA but still get's penetration into buildings)

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Posted in: Chubu Electric starts building 18-meter seawall to protect Hamaoka nuclear plant See in context

^^ fasle, the US's powerplants ARE open for inspection by other countries. It started way back at the beginning of the STARK Treaty during the Cold War.

Fact remains, even with the Fukushima and the much worse, Chernobyl, disasters factored in, Nuclear power is STILL the safest and most efficient method of producing power in our time. There is nothing else that comes close. Hydro-electric is great, but so limited to the locations where it's fesible.

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Posted in: FBI arrests suspect over Sony cyberattack See in context

good!! these retarded kids should rot in prison

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Posted in: U.S. walks out as Iran delivers anti-U.S. speech at U.N. See in context

I hope the people of Iran can get the chance to overthrow their dictatorship like the other Arab countries recently. I'm afraid however, he would have them wiped out faster than they could succeed.

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Posted in: Chubu Electric starts building 18-meter seawall to protect Hamaoka nuclear plant See in context

Good thing all the JT posters are scientists and engineers, I'm sure Chubu electric is scouring this article for great ideas!

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Posted in: Obama, Noda discuss post-quake aid, Futenma issue See in context

There are way too many points you posted that are incorrect NetNinja. YuriOtani is absolutely correct in his statement, like it or not.

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Posted in: Long arm of U.S. law battles corruption overseas See in context

Al Stewart is exactly right. He said it perfectly. Also, I would suggest for some of you to actually READ the article and educate yourself on how the world works. It appears some here have this imaginary world dreamt up in your heads where the "United States" is one whole entity controlled by one person who decides everything. If you could even remember your elementary education, you would know there are so many branches and sections of Governments that are unrelated. "Fixing things at home in the US' has absolutely nothing to do with the agency in the Justice Department making crackdowns in foreign countries, it's not their job.

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Posted in: ANA plane makes steep dive over Shizuoka See in context

1900m in 30seconds isn't really THAT big of a deal, yes, it's a little quicker than on landing, but it isn't anything "terrifying". When we make landings into Iraq, we make MUCH faster declines than that, and it isn't "terrifying" either.

The original Japanese article didn't use the word "rudder", it only said "wrong control" IIRC.

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Posted in: Japan says Russian military conducting drills near its airspace See in context

^^ uh, YES they do

They were always Japanese islands, with Japanese decendents and villages. They are physically part of the Japan island chain, formed from the same portion of bedrock. Russia IS being the bully here, just like they have always been. Japan should shoot them out of the sky if they cross over, call it payback for Georgia.

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Posted in: Gemba speaks with Clinton, S Korea's Kim by phone See in context

..for someone with such a username, you are clearly uneducated on the matter. Futenma was already a Japanese base, when the Americans took control of the island, they paid the land owners rent. The entire island was under US control as AGREED to by the Japanese Government.

The US has been trying to close Futenma for over 15 years, it's always been the Japanese and Okinawan Governments that have not agreed on how to do it. The US even offered to move it entirely to Guam, but Tokyo still wanted some of it's capabilities within Japans area, so the current plan, which most people misunderstand, is to only move the rotary portion (helicopters) within Okinawa (Nago) with the availability of fixed wing capability in order to deploy Navy aircraft to the location in time of need. The majority of the current personnel and aircraft however, will move to Guam. Furthermore, the portion that is moving to Nago (Henoko) will just combine with the already existing base there. It's a large base with room to build the runways (they were already started years ago) without expanding the footprint of that base.

The Okinawans had already accepted this plan, although reluctantly, until Hatoyama came in and promised to move it entirely out of Okinawa. This stirred the pot, then he couldn't do it, so he resigned.

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