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Posted in: Japan's 2nd-quarter GDP blows past expectations on robust domestic demand See in context

GDP growth without jobs growth is a meaningless statistic...

An economic report in Jun states:

"Solid expansions in new work and employment were reported as firms became increasingly optimistic towards economic prospects. "

"Overall backlogs meanwhile increased at the joint-highest rate in over three years, which led to firms hiring more staff. Employment growth was at the highest in just over a decade (on par with November 2007)."


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Posted in: Japan's 2nd-quarter GDP blows past expectations on robust domestic demand See in context

My guess is that Japan's chronic labor shortage is making people feel safer for their jobs at least for near future. So they started spending rather than saving.

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Posted in: JR East to operate British rail franchise See in context

Hopefully this is the beginning of all rail way operations in the world by JR.

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Posted in: Any Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe See in context

neither China nor Russia want the US military parked on their border...

If they do not want they have to do something. Otherwise, something they do not want will happen.

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Posted in: Politics is faster, more effective in Tokyo, Koike says See in context

when you say thinly related, i will research...

In a recent interview, she explains briefly why she distances herself from the group despite her name in the membership list.

It's a lengthy interview, so you may want to jump to 45:15.

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Posted in: Politics is faster, more effective in Tokyo, Koike says See in context

a member of nippon kaigi

No. She is not. She was (but not now) a member of Nippon Kaigi Kokkai Giin Kondankai, which many are confused with Nippon Kaigi. They are thinly related but not same.

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Posted in: Noda expresses intention to run in next LDP leadership race See in context

the "progressives" can never gain power.

They died when Soviet Union died.

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Posted in: China to surpass Japan as 2nd-largest contributor to U.N. in 2019 See in context

With its population more than 10 times of Japan, why did it take so long?

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Posted in: Abe reshuffles cabinet to boost support See in context

Personally, the only interesting appointment is Yoshimasa Hayashi as Education Minister. He is a contender for future PM post. He is from Yamaguchi prefecture, where Mr Abe is from. And they are rivals, NOT friends. He was a candidate for PM in 2012 LDP presidential election and lost to Mr Abe. He is probably looking for another chance.

Unfortunately he is relatively unknown to the public. The new position (Education Minister) is not a very prominent position, but this time it is in the middle of Kake Gakuin controversy, a position nobody wants. I would like to see how he handles the issue, and I hope to see what he is made of.

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Posted in: Ex-head of scandal-hit school operator, wife arrested over subsidy fraud See in context

Small fish. Where is the big fish?

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Posted in: LDP eyes adding clause to Constitution to ensure equal education See in context

Abe's cheap shot.

Japanese people should come up with their own Constitution to replace the current one entirely.

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Posted in: Tokyo company to start testing delivery service robot See in context

people could ... rob it

I don't worry about that in Japan.

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Posted in: Rocket launch by Japanese venture aborted after 80 seconds See in context

I hope Mr Horie keeps trying till he gets it right. It's great to see private ventures do this.

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Posted in: Japan joins U.S. in imposing new sanctions on North Korea See in context

China is upset? Japan must have done something right.

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Posted in: Japan household spending up after 15 months of decline See in context

Spending on housing repair and automobile purchases were major contributors, the data showed...

I don't know about housing repair data. Automobile sales data is easier to find:

It shows brisk vehicle sales this year and especially in June.

Y-o-Y June sales is up 13.4% compare to 2016.

Y-o-Y Jan-Jun sales is up 9.2%.

Not bad.

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Posted in: Renho resigns as main opposition Democratic Party leader See in context

Not surprised. DP is in such a disarray that nobody can fix it. Not her fault. Japanese people will wait patiently for Koike's party to grow into national politics to replace both LDP (which went too far right) and DP (which went too far left).

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Posted in: Economist says Tokyo will not benefit long-term from hosting 2020 Olympics See in context

Hopefully many visitors to Tokyo Olympics have a good experience with Japan and its people. That is all Japan can hope for. If Tokyo can do that, many Japanese people will be happy to spend some Yens.

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Posted in: Sex robots: Perverted or practical? See in context

humans would have sex, fall in love and even marry robots by 2050...

If you fall in love with a robot (or opposite-sex human or same-sex human), the next natural step is to get married. I can imagine that, in not so distant future, some countries start legalizing such marriage.

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Posted in: Japanese doctor who practiced until months before his death dies at 105 See in context

I would prefer a younger doctor...

It's not a bad idea to visit an old doctor like him who knows how to live healthy for more than 100 years.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

Not apology worth, imo....

Indeed. In this T-shirt, Hitler (image) with a peace symbol in his uniform is screaming "No War!"

Obviously this is a political satire against so called peace-activists.

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Posted in: Koike's party, allies score big victory in Tokyo metropolitan assembly election See in context

A very good day for Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo votes in local polls with national consequences See in context

she decides to run for pm?..

No, she is the current (and new) Tokyo Governor and will not run for the next PM.

What is talked about this Tokyo Assembly election in connection with national politics is that in the past Tokyo Assembly election has been seen as a preview of the next national election. Which ever party won in the Tokyo local election also won the following national election in the past.

So, a talks is brewing among comentators if Koike is going to create a national party - her current party is only local (Tokyo). But Koike has repeatedly denied it, saying she is putting all her effort for Tokyo reform. (I really hope so!)

However, if Koike's (local only) party gets a decisive win over LDP, then there will certainly be talks about replacing the party president (Abe) within LDP. And since PM is chosen among party leaders in Japanese politics, Abe cannot be the next PM if he loses his party presidency.

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Posted in: Defense minister suggests SDF support LDP candidate in Tokyo election See in context

Hopefully Koike kicks out as many LDP members as possible from Tokyo Assembly in the coming election.

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Posted in: LDP close behind Koike's party in Tokyo assembly race: poll See in context

25% supporting each party are the core supporters with the remaining 50% having no allegiances to any party...

The article is mistranslated. The Kyodo poll actually asked two questions, but the translator seems to assume there was one question - a cause of confusion.

So here are two questions asked in the poll:

(1) Have you decided which party to vote for?

(2) If so, which party are you going to vote for?

Over 57% responded as undecided in the first question. Now, among those who answered Yes to the first question (a subset of the entire respondents), 26% said they support Tomin-no_Kai, 25% LDP, etc.

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Posted in: Official campaigning kicks off for July 2 Tokyo assembly election See in context

ex ldp. member of nippon kaigi our only hope?


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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

I hardly cry. But this one...........

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Posted in: MRJ regional jet on target for first delivery in mid-2020 See in context

most of Europe's major airlines already signed up to either Boeing or Airbus...

Nether Boeing nor Airbus make any regional jets.

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Posted in: Anti-base Okinawa activist, speaking at U.N., blasts Japan gov't 'oppression' See in context

It's really shameful to have Hiroji Yamashiro to be representing Okinawa. He is definitely NOT a "peaceful activist." He is violent and brutal, hence he was put behind the bar just as any one who violates the laws, not because of his politics. Anybody who searches YouTube for this guy's name "'山城博次" will find that he is anything but "peaceful."

But what is most troubling about him is the fact that his organization (Okinawa Peace Action Center) is deeply linked to North Korea. The Secretary General of his organization (Satoru Oshiro) recently paid a visit to a Kim Jong-Un's birthday celebration seminar held by a North Korean organization in Japan to report their anti-US activities in Okinawa. The story is proudly shown in the North Korean organization's official web site (, saying


("Mr Satoru Oshiro, the secreatry general of Okinawa Peace Action Center, reported their activities at Takae and Henoko.")

So here we have a situation in Okinawa that shows the main group of the anti-US Base activists is linked to a foreign country, North Korea, and the activists are reporting their anti-base activities to this foreign organization in a seminar which cerebrates the notorious North Korean dictator. And now this organization's leader, Hiroji Yamashiro, is showing up in a UN Human Rights Assembly as a human right activist hero under persecution!

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

John loved Yoko, and she was so valuable to his life. And I respect his judgement and decision.

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