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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context


the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone's reputation; slander. synonyms: slander, defamation (of character), character assassination, libel; vilification, traducement, obloquy, verbal abuse; informalmudslinging, trash-talk; rarecontumely "voters were tired of the candidates' endless barrage of calumny"

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

WAR MUST STOP... Hillary with others (a lot of players that want that pipeline through Syria) has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and misery for millions. It must be stopped so people can return and live according to their own culture and traditions. I pray... The raison d'être of terrorism would be diminished as well. The whole world could unite to rebuild, creating jobs for so many young people in that region.

Will TRUMP foreign policy do this. I do not know, but truth is needed to root out the root cause which of course is power and money. Hillary and the US Uranium deal gave her a big kickback. The Elites are strong and life means little to them.

Let us give TRUMP a try, for we know what Hillary has done, with others of course.

Thank you for your response.

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

Diversion: People do lie especially after the last debate. As for sexual behavior, who here is without sin? There was no Rape and besides, gossip is unbecoming of all of us. Treatment of women, ask those four at the debate who have proof of Hillary's abusive behavior. Laughing over a 12 year old who was raped. Do not be diverted from fact.

Clinton had 33,000 emails deleted AFTER subpoenaed by Congress. That is a crime folks, and for her to be running for president blatantly shows corruption in the highest places. Do not be diverted from fact.

Hillary's Private server and our national security when wikileaks show just how vulnerable they are. Do not be diverted from fact.

Unfortunate, but look at the vision for America.

No Borders, US ruled by a commission; SCOTUS just a branch of the elites where the constitution is no more; 1st amendment trampled on so that speech, press, assembly and conscience fall into line with PC or be punished; 2nd amendment no more and even weapons confiscated; Our resources up for sale as with the Uranium deal; Jobs open to everyone in the world with natives having a handicap; Traditional values demonized.


The opposite, in addition, maybe the Hillary wars can come to an end.


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Posted in: Behind the support for Brexit and Trump: Economic resentment See in context

FREE as a people. Can't get much better than that. Stay close to God and all will be fine. I think Trump can keep the US united. Clinton will create a TEXIT. Texas was a nation for 9 years and I do believe they have that right.

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Posted in: N Carolina man charged with assaulting protester at Trump rally See in context

You all must have seen the video? http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2016/mar/11/more-footage-surfaces-of-trump-supporter-punching-protester-in-the-face-video

Did you know that people are instructed to leave the protesters alone at the beginning of Trump rallies. Just raise their signs and yell "Trump, Trump."

I would have seen the old man coming and blocked. 78 years old throws a punch and looks pretty fragile.

I wonder how high the guy was he hit. He had his arms up enjoying his few seconds of fame. Didn't even react, I would have by instinct.

Anyway, it was wrong to do.

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Posted in: Trump comes under fire from rivals over Islam comments; tone more civil See in context

Those who promote war should have their power and money removed. Dialog promoting negotiations should be the method of choice. If the solution seems to be unfair, for in temporal affairs one can never be perfect, renegotiate. War must stop.

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Posted in: Trump comes under fire from rivals over Islam comments; tone more civil See in context

Another article on Hate and Trump. I like how Kasich responded to a question that he would not take the bait.

First, a moment for the memory of those who die 5 years ago on 3/11... may they all rest in peace.

Primary analysis by me....

Hillary let our boys die in Benghazi and will never get my vote. Her disregard for the law with the email server exposing classified information is a crime. She may indeed get an orange suit, but the accountability of government seems to be zero.

Sanders brings out some real issues that need to be attended too. However, turning the government into a bunch of brigands robbing the easiest prey (middle class that is really suffering) is not the solution.

Rubio, I love, and is a great speaker. Very talented. Just too young and inexperienced.

Cruz, a constitutional scholar with great ideas. He could very well restore our republic to a republic. However, we need flexibility and not a Theocracy so that all people can live in peace according to their strongly held beliefs. Families are more than subjects of governments and they should be given the freedom to make choices for their own well being.

Kasich has done it all and is very capable. He would make a fine president with a great tone. He just doesn't get the votes.

Why Trump? "It is the economy stupid," as someone said.

At the low end, the uncontrolled migration is causing a lot of burdens for local and state governments. Jobs are not as plentiful as people think, but I cannot blame families trying to better themselves. It might be better to look at the reasons people are being forced to leave for a better life. Why is that war in Syria (Pipeline)? Why is Latin America suffering so (mineral rights forcing natives off their lands)? The real powers in the world seem to care less. But that is another scary story for us all.

At the high end American workers are being replaced by H1-B foreign workers. Our college educated children, many with debts, are being displaced. America trains many STEM workers who cannot find jobs. Even those who have jobs are being forced to train H1-B foreigners to replace them. This is devastating to many American families.

The horrors of ISIS and Boko Haram have many concerned... They have a value system that is quite different from our own. Treatment of LBGT people, Women, and non-believers is appalling. We do not understand and are afraid. It really does need to be looked at closely. However, innocent families caught up in this need our help.

Most people just want to get on with life, raising their children and working with others.

Trump boldly, and perhaps as a fool, speaks out with hyperbole. Americans are sick of politicians that just give lip service to the American people disregarding their wishes once elected. Actually we need to negotiate solutions. Trump does offer "The Art of the Deal". Here is his strength. A middle road must be found where everyone can live in real peace, not forced silence.

Everything is negotiable for Trump. His rhetoric is just that, rhetoric. It is negotiable.

One caveat that concerns us all is our constitution and bill of rights. The American presidency needs to be contained by the separation of powers. The overlap we see is disconcerting. The structure of the American system was setup to stop a tyrant and to give people a voice.

Our system of government should be enforced or we all lose. No one is above the law. To allow the abuse power because it is "our liar" sets the stage for the next one. Let us pray that we never allow that to happen.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

This is a very sensitive issue for all because it deals with the very depths of the human person. The dignity of the person trumps behavior unless that behavior threatens the safety of others. I think that discipline is shared by all the great religions and codes of conduct including Bushido. We all must not treat another person like an object for our enjoyment or profit. This requires discipline and a sense of the worth of the other. This goes for all orientations.

How well do each of us succeed? Each one of us needs to address this question daily as we try to love one another in every interaction with an other person. There is intrinsic beauty in each person and this we must all try to find and bring it forth in ourselves.

Regarding the Koseki family registry in Japan, we have one male and one female creating a family with room for children.

The Japanese have been doing it this way for thousands of years as has other traditional cultures. Governments come and go, new ideologies will come and go, but the traditional family will remain as the bedrock of civilization. It is going nowhere and is just part of the natural cycle of things.

Ideally it is very beautiful and the proper place to raise children, in a loving environment. Truly, humanity is made up of two genders to complete the reproductive system in an act of unity and love, ideally. Children are the result of this union, in many cases. Just beautiful and it deserves praise.

However, the world is not ideal.

The SCOTUS decision to allow any person to marry another does have a silver lining. I know a brother and sister who just live together. No funny business, they just share a life together. The brother works and she does the house stuff. If he dies she will not even get social security. They can now marry and she will be entitled to a pension of sorts.

The SCOTUS decision allows ANY two people, who can consent, to obtain government benefits. That is all.

Live and let live.

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

Pope Francis: If men and women aren't different, we have problems Pope: Erasing Gender Differences Is the Problem, Not Solution

"The earth is filled with harmony and trust when the covenant between man and woman is lived well. "


My take is to allow all shared relationships the benefits of marriage. Why? Because it is discrimination when a guy and a girl can receive these benefits even if they do not want children. We have brothers and sisters living in a platonic relationship who could benefit from such. Many other platonic relationships exist as well where people are taking care of each other and sharing a life.

Leave people's private lives private.

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Posted in: Japan's population falls for 4th straight year See in context

Japanese people love children. They idealize them. It is the corporate interests that keep people at work constantly without any recreation. So they miss out on the most valuable asset, children.

BTW, recreation spurs new businesses and the multiplier effect of money. The history of a people is more than one generation. Corporate Japan could wake up and love families.

The burden the culture puts on themselves in paying for education is immense.

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Hang him...and forgive him. Will harm no one again. I have no mercy for people who hurt children.

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Posted in: Japan must apologise for WWII until it is forgiven: Novelist Murakami See in context

I think every person, group and country ought to look into themselves and improve themselves. It does nothing to constantly see the others' faults and not one's own. People will always look at the faults of others and huff and puff as if their own personal histories are any better.

We all need to forgive ourselves first and reach out to the other in friendship.

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Posted in: Japan stands tough against rice imports in trade talks with U.S. See in context

Let Japan be able to feed its people. One cannot eat car parts. I might ask why people who are actually anti-Japanese live in Japan? Perhaps they just do not like any country, even the one they are from. I personally would fight for Japanese sovereignty as they are good people, very good people. Let them eat rice. Their own rice.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

Cleo - Sorry I missed that part about the US high school. Very likely she is Bi-lingual and Dual citizen. Pretty lucky girl.

fishy - You just do not know how nice it is in California with 25% foreign born. The children are all American regardless of nationality or mixed blood lines. All just getting along working on things together. Nationality just does not matter.

When we came here from Japan, my son told me that it was nice to be able to understand the teacher. Immersion just did not work for two of my boys in Japan. Always being an outsider wore on them.

My wife, I met in Europe and we spoke French at first, then English. Two children were born in Japan but we moved to the US when they were young, to return to Japan 7 years later. Japan was fun and they enjoyed it for 2 years. Issues with Japanese schools and if immersion was working, brought us back to the US where they excelled for 2 years. We returned to Japan for 2 years. Nice time but again questions arose about this immersion thing.

We landed in California and they have excelled again.

As someone said, just make sure your children can function in one society or the other. Both would be nice. Just don't leave them in the middle of the Pacific.

Cheers - Ideally, we would have pick France as the country to settle for me and my wife.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

A lot of comments. I will say I am glad I raised my children in America. It doesn't matter all this half stuff. When my children were born in Japan I wanted to be able to speak to them in my own language and have them understand my culture. And boy do they enjoy the American culture.

I guess we use terms here like Italian American, Japanese American, Black American, Chinese American, Filipino American etc... Note that these terms are meant for the second generation onward. The first generation remains identified from the country they came from.

So this beautiful young lady would be Black Japanese, if raise completely in Japan. She IS Japanese with little influence from her foreign Dad. Probably more Japanese then the Ainu or 3rd generation Koreans.

I wish her luck. Just happy my children identify as American. They are boys. If I had a girl I think I would have raised her Japanese. I love the Japanese female mannerisms etc..having married one myself.

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Posted in: Japan plans law to speed up overseas deployment of troops See in context

Definitely Japan should be able to defend itself adequately. Each person and country have a right to defend their area. Someone's mercenary? No way, if you can be powerful enough to block such requests.

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Posted in: Historic Kyoto temple first in Japan to offer gay weddings See in context

Now with the human reproductive system, the completeness is with a male and female. That, hopefully, love and commitment produces the next generation.It is quite natural and true. Can people do what they want? Of course they can, they can get married in Kyoto in a Buddhist temple nut not is a Catholic Church..

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

War is Hell. Let us never see another one. What was that cultural revolution and how many died in China? Human kind really needs to move forward in peace, if at all possible.

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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

It is unfortunate that this opportunity was not taken to bring peace in some respect.

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Posted in: Goriki hopes voice acting role in 'X-Men' film will lead her to Hollywood See in context

She is cute as can be. Wolverine had a good Japanese actress, if I remember right. There is a beauty in purity and to pray is transcendent. Look up that temple and the history of Amitābha. What art as well! Impressive.

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Posted in: Adultery website shows fastest growth in Japan See in context

I think the essence of ZEN is to control ones passions and not to be mean. How does adultery do either?

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Posted in: 30% of women in 40s suffer from 'mother loss syndrome' See in context

Try to have the memories of the ones passed bring you joy. Forgive and let go of the times when a person is not quite perfect. Do the same for yourself. We will be joining them soon enough, so let us work for the living with fine memories of those who have gone before. Hopefully, we will be remembered with joy.

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Posted in: U.N. panel: 8 reasons to worry about global warming See in context

Most dangerous is Man. Fukushima is a danger. War is a danger. Political corruption is a danger. Much of humankind's misery is brought on by humans. Quite sad we can never seem to get it right. But that is the truth. Humility, with feedback from the populations effected, is needed to stop an elite using any excuse such as global warming to enslave us all. Freedoms of speech, assembly, press and religion are so important because those voices can bring us to our senses when we error. The current fade may have many errors that deceive people.

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Posted in: Toyota case shows it's hard to prosecute execs See in context

I read it might have been a shake down of Toyota for money. Look hard enough and you will find something on anyone.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping See in context

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. TIP in the USA please. Just respect the custom of the place. Smile. It is what it is.

No one mentioned the professional Garcons in France. Mandatory 15% and many being rude. I found the Japanese and American waiters/waitresses to be joyful giving service with a smile. It cannot be tipping that does it. It must be age and love of people. Those old French Garcons...Unions have a tendency to block empathy to the served.

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Posted in: Should Holocaust denial be a crime? See in context

History should not be denied institutionally. What people say is another story.

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Posted in: Russian troops deploy in Crimea as Obama warns Kremlin See in context

The Ukraine does not belong to NATO. We have the Monroe doctrine. Let the EU and Russia figure this out.

To embolden the Ukraine protesters without teeth is foolish. Find compromise, allow trade between all parties, and let everyone get back to work. It is still cold there and the Ukrainians need fuel oil/natural gas from Russia. One hand washes the other. Nothing worst then false hope and then to be left standing in the cold. Think of the children.

Then again, US response may help in getting Russia to show some restraint.

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific stability depends on success of ASEAN code of conduct: Kerry See in context

Government officials have as their first responsibility the safety of their people. The highest levels of government must communicate and hopefully work toward prosperity for all. Peace to all and solutions require honorable, humble leadership from all sides.

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Posted in: Kerry presses China to ease Internet controls See in context

Kerry is asking what? What do you think the NSA can do? I can just see the Chinese eyes as Kerry tries to explain how freedom works in the USA with the internet.

I will bet the US authorities can shut down the US internet in a split second. Everything is watched and certain things captured.

Most likely, a sharing of tools to spy on people for the security of both the US and China. Makes more sense. Safety of people is a uniting goal. But if politically abused....

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Posted in: China dashes Hollywood's hopes for greater access in 2014 See in context

I would vet every American film because many values that Hollywood is trying to sell to the world are not shared by traditional cultures. Traditional USA culture is appalled as well. Maybe Hollywood can convince the world but Africa looks to be a strong holdout for traditional values. Japan will remain the same. Lip service but nothing will happen. China? I think they still have some honor left.

I wish we could get some of their films marketed over here. Must be some good ones.

I actually saw a great Japanese series on the internet about a doctor with great values taught. It was wonderful. God Bless whoever was involved with that series. It would be good for the States to see other cultures' productions more often.

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