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Weird. It is almost getting shameful to say you are from the USA. Sounds like a bunch of confused people trying to convince the world that you are not what you are. Along with the push for abortion and SSM, we are looking very much like some decadent country.

However, I find many people in the US are very good, kind and not confused. We have more in common with the traditional cultures of Asia and Africa. We just want to raise our children educated with proper traditional morals.

Actually, Facebook is hardly (not often) used by my teens. They have moved on to other apps. Their friends are just normal teens. I am sure they will have a laugh at all this. They know our American culture values of the common man are not the same as the priests of the media.

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Japan should be able to deter any aggression. Same for US. China as well. Each strong so that everyone can concentrate on creating wealth for their people Peace through strength. Let us all live in peace. Abe San cares which is a good thing.

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I wonder how they can settle this. Russians are living there now. Make it a free zone of sorts? Belonging to whom? I hope they resolve this. Both Russia and Japan have much to gain.

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Great spectacle and culture. Very impressive technology, choreography and largess. I am happy for them and really enjoyed the show. Combatte everyone. Love skiing.

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TED CRUZ for PRESIDENT. House hold your ground. If government is shutdown the debt still must be paid. It is in the constitution. The house controls the purse and they do not have to fund everything. Just like when we have to budget at home. The Executive branch has to live with it and make due. So sorry. Republicans, stand firm. Perhaps go to Thanksgiving.

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Everyone would agree that something must be done about health care.

It all comes down to human freedom and the humble heart. I spoke of genocides above where big government goes off the deep end to change society. We also have in history the Rwanda genocide, which occurred in the absence of government because of hate. Hyperbole, yes, but the government should always have checks. The slaughter in Rwanda ... people must not be locked into their positions/tribe. Reach out, help and listen to the grievances of your opponents. There is usually some truth in most people's concerns.

Not compromising because one knows best where the opponents are called anarchist or communists is not dialog. The goodness of the human heart with respect for the person (freedom) is key to a great society. The PPACA has force payer, which could have been just a straight tax on income, and the HHS mandate which does not allow for conscience (individual freedom again). The first will be taken to court because of contract law, for one cannot be coerced into a contract; the second is an issue of religious liberty which is in the courts right now.

No solution is perfect, but the person and especially the freedom of conscience must be respected. Where do you go if one does not like the decisions of a government run health care system? Death panels anyone as resources become scarce?

How about the the party in power using health care as a weapon (back of the line for you). Look at the IRS scandal for an example. How about being assigned a doctor no one wants? For example, we would like to check a doctor for success rates in heart surgeries before having one. Hip replacements is another...etc.

Check the waiting lists in Canada. But not for the rich and powerful. No sir.

PPACA does not seem flexible at all with mandates for everyone except those with exceptions. In fact, it seems rather draconian. This is what people fear about big government running everything. Referee fine, but leave it up to the people to run things. We need someplace to complain to, to address our grievances when they arise.

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LagunaSEP. 30, 2013 - 12:52PM JST - Your firemen story, talk about extortion. Most places have firemen fees rolled into property taxes. Major medical that a lot of people carry is quite cheap now without PPACA. It is the freedom issue and government control that the people do not want. They do not want handouts either. Let the people work and they will buy the insurance they need. The PPACA seems to be a job killer for many and may be making everyone dependent on government. Big Brother is bad enough but Beg Daddy (saw this in another comment and found it amusing and somewhat true). We all would rather work and keep government at arms length.

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Ted Cruz did a brilliant job. 16% of the economy under the IRS has many concerned. The issues he brought up regarding people losing their current healthcare, increased healthcare premiums and deductibles, being put under 30 hours a week because of the cost of ACA, companies not expanding over 50 employees, government employees including the senate having a much better plan, teamsters screaming foul, friends of the president getting exceptions, religious liberty being violated (HHS mandate), not being able to keep the same doctor or even hospital...just devastating to many. However, if you are poor it is cheap and one can say to the many "now you know what it feels like not to have insurance... just need to start trading the trailers for those nice houses now (tongue in cheek)".

Senator Lee was Brilliant as well when he spoke of the constitutionality of the ACA. First, the Congress passed a penalty for not joining ACA because tax increases were not to be spoken of (Obama promised no taxes). Second, the penalty was argued to really be a tax at the Supreme Court (a penalty would not fly in the commerce clause). Third, the Supreme Court rewrote the law to say tax (laws are to be written by the Congress according to the constitution). Fourth, the Supreme Court rewrote something else in the law (I cannot remember what Lee said). Lee is brilliant.

Lee would say we may be becoming subjects rather than sovereigns of government. Good intentions, but the constitution is there to keep government in check ... to keep it of the people by the people and for the people.


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It is all frightening with the power players involved. We are nothing to those trying to move or change governments to their agenda. Nothing at all. Death matters little.

Today was a day of fasting and prayer for peace by the Vatican. Beautiful four hour service. Why do people pray? Because only with a change of hearts will we have peace. Most people want peace to raise their families and have a life. It matters little of religion or lack their of.

One thing certain is that the Americans do not want war. It would be better to protect humanitarian efforts and get some dialog going. NO MORE WARS. Syria is a lovely country and have grand people as in all the world over. NO MORE WARS PLEASE. Pray PEACE.

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zichi - " With the current level of progress and working practices another major event at the plant remains a possibility."

Like what for example? What is the worst case scenario?

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Trinity Sunday - Natural Family where Father and Mother Love and produce children in love. It is something to defend. Children have a right to a Father and Mother that love each other. Children are precious and this is what these French citizens are demonstrating for. God bless them for it is a noble cause.

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All are welcome to accept this wonderful gift to treat All Life and the Earth with love and respect. Peace on Earth to All men of good will. Such a beautiful message to All human kind and to Earth itself. The music is beautiful and the Art through the ages as well. All are welcome. Happy Easter Everyone.The hope of glory through and by none other than...

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@Jinizo Interesting really - Orientation should have nothing to do with things. Do two people have to prove their orientation to get the benefits? Take out orientation and just put in children, for people can be platonic as well and share a life with children. So a family could be redefined as one with children, be it one, two, three or so adults. You know grandparents or those who decide to help each other out. Really, to have a society to pay benefits to two adults who are sharing costs anyway is kind of funny, even if it is a guy and a girl. What is that marriage thingy anyways. Perhaps we need to just consider the children and get away from the orientation issue completely. Just an idea.

Yes, it is right for the Supreme court to be cautious with this issue because in effect it would be granting special rights to a group of people who are no different from you or I setting up shop as brothers. In fact, I will bet many will do just that to help a friend. "Let's get married and you can have a good life after I am gone." Love can be platonic and is probably the true love that we all learn, finally. Life has a way of bringing truth to each one.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court skeptical of federal marriage law See in context by some smart black american females.

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Free will Jimizo. Does not an alcoholic have free will? Abstinence ... not easy but can be done...AS we can see above, all religious people will be demonized as bigots and persecuted...see SmithInJapan. That is only 60% of the population in Western cultures...Africa and the Asians are not too big on this nonproductive behavior either. We need to ALL work together to feed and educate the next generation.

To be spending so many resources on this issue is just weird when there is so much work to be done in service to one the new Pope Francis washed AID victims feet on Holy Thursday...even though he stood for traditional marriage and the rights of children to a Father and Mother. We must keep our hearts aimed toward truth but deal with the real world in a compassionate manner. Anyone seen the poverty in India? Now there is a cause to get excited about. The crime in the USA cities...India could help us.

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Balderdash is the first thing that came to my mind regarding this article. Got my attention though and the thinking seemed Japanese. Japanese logic is always poorly translated into English. Kind of like pulling to saw where I would push. I know something wishes to be communicated but I have to think about it in a different mode then I am used to. Point well taken and I have seen in software the analysis - paralysis paradigm. Cost a million in that case.

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There are a lot of issues with redefining marriage. It is the children whose rights are ignored. Every child has a right to their father and mother. Every marriage does not have children but all children have a mom and a dad. I think that the benefits spoken of by people who wish to share a future should be had by any couple or more, without regards to orientation. Why cannot a brother and sister receive similar benefits? Or even throwing in an old man/woman or the homeless. Why not? What people do in private is their business but the benefits can help a group of people. Marriage should be focused on the rights of a child to have a mother and a father. C'est tout.

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St. Malachy, an Irishman from the 11th century, predicted the next 112 popes. Benedict XVI was the 111.

St. Malachy had written about the 112th pope:

"In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End."

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I was in Kansai when the children were young. My biggest fear was them being hit by a car when traveling to and from school. Just too much. But I love the Japanese people and the safety of their cities. There is something that goes with the love I have for their mother I suppose. I will return and now that the boys have a good grasp of the English world I am considering returning to Tokyo. There is room for them and I think I have found a school that would make the two youngest happy where English is not frowned upon but is considered an asset. The oldest is enjoying the car apartment life and will go to the University stateside. I have asked him to go to Europe to school to see how they live (what a life those Europeans have). Maybe after a couple of years and he will go to Leuven. As for bilingual children there is a nice life to be had in Tokyo as well with other bilingual children. I have met many missionary children who mostly grew up in Japan and have stayed and are contributing in their own way to the Japanese world in a constructive way. God Bless Japan.

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Children are different. I met my Japanese wife in Europe (not England cleo). It was my cultural milieu. I tried French with her but missed my English language and we switched. I found myself in Japan working at Citibank and life was great. When the first child was born I realized that if I lived in Japan I may not be able to speak to my children. I would be that china-man (no a pleasant thought) being a gaijin in Japan. I never wanted to even go to Japan. Now for those who met your spouse in Japan,,,

However Tokyo and the roads saved me because life for young children was just so much better in the US. Sidewalks, no bikes, drive everywhere, a yard to play in etc. Life was good.

We did return to Japan 8 years later, with a 9, 7, 5 yo boys. We put them in Japanese schools. Teachers were great, neighbors etc. The oldest is social and picked up the language quite well, the middle tried but looked like he was going into la la land, the youngest just spoke English (I can't understand you and you can't understand me so we are even). Brave little kids. I worried about the two youngest and I took the boys back to the US to see what was going on. They just loved American schools and life.

Mom was back in Japan so we returned after 2 years stateside. Now the boys would have been 13, 11, 9. We put them into the same Japanese schools. The oldest again did well, middle boy tried and felt like a social misfit, the youngest just was fighting and not learning even though a very friendly boy. So at 15, 13 11 we returned to the US to California. Just a beautiful location with many foreign born students. The boys are very happen here and really do not want to return to Japan, except curiously, the middle boy. This is our third year here.

I've always loved Tokyo. I admire the Japanese spirit and value of the family. Homeschooler, let it go. Let your children be Japanese. Japanese love their culture too. Bring a gift to the Grannies like Kolbe beef. BE humble. Relax. Love your husband. Hopefully the character of your children will allow them to learn quickly.

One Japanese man said intelligently, whatever you do make sure the child can function in one or the other cultures. Do not leave them dangling in the middle of the pacific.

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Persons do not exist. No. Just matter. Reason is an illusion when only matter exists. Virtue is what? How about goodness? And Truth. All a joke.All relative. So they say. But maybe persons do exit with will, perception and reason. Person hood must exist in the Universe because we exit. Perhaps through will, perception and reason we can know truth. Surely something is there for those who do not harden their hearts, for we can will to not see. Perhaps what we believe is what we get. I like the idea of a being treated with loving kindness by a supreme being. I am not jealous and know that the spirit of such is not too far away. In fact my very thoughts exist by that grace. Be quiet and know.

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SushiSaki3: With all due respect, certainly the unborn have rights. More rights then putting their body parts together to ensure you got all of him or her. Something I would never want to do nor condone. Why people would point to body parts of an unborn and call it nothing is beyond me. What blind's them? Using the principle of double effect, a Rape victims should always be given the morning after pill to rid of the stuff put inside of the poor victim. If a life is lost it is not the intention. The intention I would say is to clean the body of the victim from whatever that evil was.

You make very good points on war though and it certainly is a waste of life. There is a just war theory, but it is just a theory and is always interpreted by each side as just. It is a blight on humanity as is greed, and the abuse of power... There is a lot of balderdash in you comment and I will let some rest. We do have the freedom of religion for now which gives the freedom of assembly which enforces the freedom of speech and the press. But maybe it is time to move on from the freedom of religion in the USA. It will be a "just society" as was tried in the 20th century.

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Still with the spark of life. Cool.

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Much goes on in small talk. You can look into someones eyes and they yours. A smile says a thousand words and warms the heart. The different cultural movements are intriguing to us as ours are to them. A transference of solidarity and good will hopefully takes place. A thank you would be a nice way to end the conversation as one leaves with a piece of Japan in their heart. Sure the literal sense can be amusing in a light sense as the writer has written. No harm done and I bet he enjoys all of it. Them there eyes...something to remember. Even the elderly lady who welcomes him in her own way. Still will the spark of life. cool.

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"with consent, moral objections to the proposal are not relevant considerations.”

Strange thing to say. Not very emphatic at all. How about the person who said this send their daughter to work there. I remember being at a strip join and my friend saying, "remember that that is someone's daughter". Buying and using people in this manner just seems wrong. Slavery was pretty much wiped out until the Portuguese started trading in Africa, where it was trade and money was to be made. We saw what America did with slavery. History is not always progressive to the good. I see this as an attack on the dignity of women and a step backwards for person kind.

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I would want someone to give my wife a seat when pregnant on a crowded train. Especially in the last month. It is the least a healthy person can do and that includes women. Most Americans I know, women and men, would give their seat to someone in need. I guess not all, but they bring shame to my nation.

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Big Paddy - Left Japan because of the roads and my concern or the safety of my children when walking. I just could not put my children at risk like that. I actually home schooled. However, when the children walked to school in groups I felt safe for the children.

Eminent domain is weak in Japan, I believe, or things would be different. They are a practical people but for the sake of harmony they do not want to upset the landowners, so the roads remain the same. Very sad and lives are lost. I hope it is not related to any kind of world view to where this is all an illusion anyway.

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...laced with cesium.

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I would rather do without another Chernobyl or Fukushima or Hanford, wa. I used to be pro-nuclear but we need clean land and food. This Fukushima incident just makes me want to cry for the parents and children in Japan. I cannot even send my children there for a year because I think the food is lased with cesium. No nukes, both kinds.

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I remember watching a movie about an autistic girl. When a cow was killed she would look at it and say, "Where did it go, where did it go?" speaking of the life force within it. Yes, the bones were once animated by a sacred being. Where is that life force now?

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