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Japan has its own issues with immigrants... it has them, and has a love-hate relationship with them.

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I don't know about Hokkaido, but Kyushu, and recently Honshu are having problems with deer and boar because of the cedar issue.

In the 40's, cedar was planted to aid in the war effort, to make houses, etc. Just to give people something to do rather than despair, I guess.

Either way, it has now created a HUGE problem. The climax forests created by cedar do not allow for biodiversity, resulting in increasing imbalances in the ecosystems around Japan. Many of the red letter plants and animals are losing their habitat, not to people, but to cedar, and though many know the problem exists, it has snowballed out of control.

Some of the animals that can exist in these extreme conditions are deer and wild boar. Albeit, they end up with illness and parasites like leeches, which would not be around if not for the lack of deciduous, complex forests. Rather than killing the deer, and trying to find something to do with them, which is just dealing with a symptom of the problem,

how about dealing with the actual problem by finding a good way to cut down, use, and replace the overly abundant cedar with deciduous trees, little by little bringing the ecosystem back into balance?

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