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Jesus, you Americans get a bit upset when people take the mickey out of your fallen sports stars.

Tiger Woods is a household JOKE now. Not a sports hero. He deserves to be the butt of many writers jokes, and will continue to do so for years and years.

I say keep them flowing!

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Well he wont mind if his image gets smashed up then will he? He deserves it.

Who ever blames the single party in an affair?! LOL! The person who is single has not taken any vows to his wife/husband.

Tiger fully deserves this wave of bad publicity. Purely his own fault and he will never fully recover from it IMO.

I really hope his wife divorces him and takes half his fortune and finds someone more deserving. His kids deserve a better role model than their current father.

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He never made the mistake once - he cheated hundreds of times. The fool has a wife and kids, and makes most of his sponsorship from being seen as a family man. He is a lowlife, as has been revealed by his many mistrusses.

The media are right to continue to smear Tiger. You have got to take the bad with the good.

I really hope h gets a hostile reception at Augusta and his game suffers. He deserves it and more.

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