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soggygyouza comments

Posted in: Tokyo gov't urges people to refrain from cherry blossom parties in parks See in context

Good luck preventing people from those prime spots in Ueno Park unless they rope off the entire area (which is probable).

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

The whole thing with Ghosn is a frame-up. I for one will never buy anything made by Nissan or Mitsubishi. I also once owned a Renault and it broke down almost every day. Let them all reap the consequences of their actions. Plenty of better cars out there. Free Ghosn !!

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Posted in: Insults fly back and forth online over baby carriages See in context

Try getting into small shops in malls like Kaldi and there's a mother w/carriage blocking every aisle, merely there for the free coffee, making no purchases, just bored young mums with time on their hands making life miserable for the rest of us .

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Posted in: Actors seek posthumous protection after big-screen resurrections See in context

Umm, Star Wars came out in 1977, not 1997...

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Posted in: Trump jovially rejoins campaign trail, tosses hat to a fan See in context

Trump got where he is by being the consummate bully. He literally bullied his way into the presidency, haranguing and harassing anybody who dared to complain about him. All my life I've hated bullies and now he's in the ultimate 'bully' pulpit. Heaven help us all. He may have tossed his hat but I tossed my cookies.

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Posted in: New Nissan See in context

His hair color matches the car !

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Posted in: Burger chain Shake Shack to open second store in Japan this spring See in context

I've been by that place 10 times at least and the line is always down to the end of the block. What gives ? There are numerous American diner- type restaurants all around that area where you can just walk right in on most days and are way more delicious. Avoid the chains, buy local !

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Posted in: Germany confirms most mob attack suspects were asylum seekers See in context

The devil makes work for idle hands. When I was in Egypt 20 years ago, many female members of our entourage were groped so often everywhere we went that they refused to leave their rooms for the remainder of the tour.

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Posted in: George Takei musical 'Allegiance' to close next month See in context

I met him a few years ago and spoke Japanese with him and I had to admit my Japanese was better than his ! He was a nice guy though and his heart is in the right place. How many people at his age, let alone his ethnicity and sexual orientation, could still give a star turn on Broadway ? Good on ya, George. Not a bad swan song at that.

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Posted in: Motley Crue signs off, promising film version of farewell blowout See in context

I saw them 16 years ago back stage at Kokusai Forum during their slump period, no roadies, no make-up people, real bare bones. They sure came back with a roar.

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Posted in: George Lucas apologizes for calling Disney 'white slavers' See in context

George is always**** in a bad mood. His sour face belies the whole spirit of SW. Just stay home, George, and spare us your slab-faced countenance.

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Posted in: Janet Jackson postpones 'Unbreakable' tour, citing surgery See in context

How about poor ticket sales just like Ariane Grande ? Exactly.

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Posted in: Japan tops the list of countries that are the most accepting of alcohol See in context

The Japanese don't beat themselves up about what be judged as questionable behavior in other countries. I can buy booze within a minute in any direction from my home at any time of the day or night. Go to the combini and see the coolers groaning with cold booze, shelves sagging with porn, and front counters laden with cigarettes and 5 kinds of deep-fried meats. A regular cornucopia of sin and delight. Don't ya just luv it !

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Posted in: Passenger on Bali flight says he mistook cockpit for toilet See in context

Another deluded white guy having fallen for an island cutie and ended up getting swindled so fills up on anti-depressants way over his prescribed dosage and then blames his drug-fueled antics on his broken heart. Get a life, mate.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s new Avocado Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp burgers look surprisingly good See in context

Had the avo-beef today, mostly bland, not a lot of flavor, but BK has been doing this one for years and much better. Also had Mac double-cheese burger,much more satisfying, real meat-like flavor. This all being said: A for effort for Mac, B for taste. BK is ten times better for the price, Kua Aina No. 1 if price is no object.

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Posted in: Mos Burger outranks McDonald's as Japan’s most popular fast food chain See in context

BK is best for nice charbroiled flavor, Freshness not far behind with real homemade style burgers. However, I fail to see how Mos could outrank Mac as most Mos places are almost empty and Mac is usually packed all times of the day. In my neighborhood where Mac is down the street from Mos, the difference in customer numbers is like night and day and this has been the case for the last 10 years.

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Posted in: Do you think suicide is an honorable way to atone for a crime or scandal? See in context

My best friend, a real nice guy, killed himself at the age of 51 not long ago, leaving a wife and two kids. No suicide note, but did have a history of mental illnesses and had had numerous 'episodes' the last few years previous so there had been plenty of warnings. No one was particularly surprised, it was an inevitable outcome they said. Generally speaking, people who kill themselves usually exhibit symptoms of mental illness quite in advance of their demises. We made every effort to support my friend but in the end how do you protect people from themselves ?

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Posted in: CNN to pull plug on Piers Morgan show See in context

I watched his show everyday, even recorded it so I could watch it at my leisure. He was a breath of fresh air to CNN in terms of bringing even a tiny bit of gravitas to the network. I'm kind of surprised he has such low numbers but over here they play re-runs of his show all weekend over and over so he must be popular to some degree over here. That being said, I'd love to see Jay Leno take over the spot, that would be great.

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