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Posted in: Thousands protest against tough new official secrets law See in context

Some people in Japan are more equal than others.

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Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw See in context

Encoraging news. Gives me hope that Japanese ladies get more selfconfidence.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

As long as people try to defend the honour of their ancestors, like Japanese nationalists, there will always be the risk of war,because others will do the same for their ancestors. It is not only the Japanese or only the Chinese....Yet if those in Japan to whom peace means more than anything else would rise up, there would be a real chance for peace! These Japanese could become a role model for others. What Abe and his like are doing is playing with fire. And usually the plain people have to suffer for his big words.

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Posted in: Kan sues Abe for defamation over Fukushima comments See in context

I was wondering all the time, why Mr Abe and the LDP could fare that well in the election forecasts ,despite the impression one got after the Fukushima desaster was, that they did not care for the people but had only one thing in mind : to get back at the top. In my country these people would get no votes at all.

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Posted in: Depressing suicide prevention posters cause controversy in Kobe See in context

Where people that are ready to listen are needed, posters will not do.

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Posted in: FIFA 'not losing control' of 2022 World Cup, says Blatter See in context

Blatter writes "FIFA does not lose control...",yet it would be more honest to write "I do not relinquish control".

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Posted in: Abe vows to change constitution, reestablish 'proud Japan' See in context

Jerryll, the Germans are not proud of the fighters and weapons in WW2. They are proud of the people who fought against the Nazis. I do not see a reason to be proud of carrying a weapon to threaten others. In my opinion there is no alternative to using your brain.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

If this man needs a mask to have the courage that is necessary to enter politics, he should resign.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

Why is it so difficult to admit, that one's own people did wrong things in the last war? Why desperately trying to uphold a wrong image that nobody believes is true?

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Posted in: Wikipedia losing editors, study says See in context

I think Wikipedia is overrated. If people without basic information on their subjects use it as a source of information they will be disappointed. Bye and bye the enthusiasm wanes. And this change of mood catches on on the editors.

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

This guy does not see that he is endangering the whatever fragile peace Japan is still enjoying with her neighbors. And he is risking the ecconomic recovery with his doublespeak.

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

It is all developing just as the smart guys A. I. T. planned. If they get the attendance they need to get voted, they do not care when the whole country will be destroyed. The more dead heroes they can get, the more "glory".

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Posted in: LDP, partner on track for big election win, latest surveys show See in context

Do people earenstly think they will be safe for the future with a LDP-Komeito coalition that betrayed their safety in the past so often?

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Posted in: Fault under Oi nuclear plant may be active, geologist warns See in context

We should take Mr. Watanabe seriously, and understand the other four geologists as people who lack this courage.

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni with non-partisan group; S Korea, China protest See in context

What makes me furious is that emperor Hirohito offered to give his own life when he talked to General Mc Arthur in order to negotiate peace for the Japanese people, yet Abe, Ishihara and people like them do not appreciate this but show their disrespect by risking peace by arrogant words and deeds that could provoke a war. These "politicians" think nothing about the security of their people, it seems.

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Posted in: Abe calls on justice minister to quit for receiving funds from foreigner See in context

The candidate of the LDP with its history of taking money from anyhwere is predestined to make this attack. This really will clean up Japanese politics once and for all!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for stabbing father in back See in context

And who educated that boy, or better failed to educate him to control his temper?

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Posted in: Australian parliament rejects same-sex marriage See in context

I am wondering why so many people in many countries want to have the illusion that something that originally was not meant as marriage, now is declared marriage. It is confusing only. There is nothing bad with this decision of the Australians.

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists proud of isle landing See in context

I am just amazed how quickly all the big words about NO MORE WAR etc from the beginning of this month are forgotten. As soon as some clever politicians stir up nationalistic emotions everything about peace is forgotten. And all the future business chances are down the drain.

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Posted in: 19-year-old man held over attack on Otsu education board head See in context

This is not funny at all. And to think one wrong will be corrected by another wrong is stupid. Although it is hot outside let us keep our cool and control our feelings. If people start taking the law into their own hands, nobody will be save anymore.

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Posted in: JAL flight returns to Narita after bomb threat demanding release of Aum guru See in context

For me the obvious consequence would be to carry out the death sentence for the Aum leader as fast as possible. Shall we really risk more threats to innocent passengers?

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Posted in: Asian Football Confederation suspends chief bin Hammam See in context

Seems Blatter is desperately fighting to hold his former rivals at bay.

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Posted in: Outrage grows over Shiga school's inaction over bullying See in context

The natural reaction on this tragic evident is shock an outrage. Most people feel helpless, especially as the boy is dead now and nothing can be done to help him. What can be done to prevent somehing like that in the future? Punish the culprits? Slap the teachers and the police and the "system"? In my opinion Vesperto gives a good hint. We should do whatever possible to strenghten the bonds between parents and pupils.I read the experience of a man who in his school time was bullied, yet what really encouraged him were the words of his mother :"Whatever should happen, I am standing behind you!"

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Posted in: Osaka mayor's survey finds 10 education professionals with tattoos See in context

Maybe it would be better to run an IQ test an all people who aspire to run as mayor.

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Posted in: Lawmakers push gov't to get tough on Senkakus dispute See in context

I don't understand it. The government of this country does not have enough money to pay for save energy ,but rather risks the lives of the population with atomic waste. And on top of that some war mongers take great care to destroy the business chances of Japan with the rest of Asia. People who never experienced war, enjoy their irresponsible mindless talk. Please start to think first about the consequences before you talk!

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Posted in: Gemba rebukes Japan's envoy to China over Senkaku remarks See in context

"Gemba seems to be a very rare thing indeed, a Japanese politician with tact and diplomacy." Really? It seems to me he is just fearful of Ishihara, whom nobody asked to mingle in foreign affairs. People obsessed with prewar ideologies endanger this nation's future. Ishihara is doing himself a disservice with that Senkaku Island idea. If he earnestly wants the Olympic Games in Tokyo again he should stop angering the Chinese.

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Posted in: Hashimoto clashes with Osaka officials over tattoo survey See in context

It seems this guy has a problem with his past. Otherwise he would not be so distrustful against his subordinates. I wonder how he could become mayor of such a big city.

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Posted in: One year on See in context

The picture really touches my heart, and still my reason asks : What can we learn from this catastrophe? Is that the answer that Japan should go on as before?

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Posted in: 53 injured in snow-related accidents in Tokyo region See in context

When the ground is frozen or slippery the best you can do is to go by train or subway. If you are driving a car and another car is moving in your direction there is very little you can do to avoid it.

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Posted in: LDP resolves to take power from DPJ this year See in context

I doubt that the people have such a short memory to forget that the LDP let the people down when this party's cooperation was needed . Not a year has passed since the Tohoku earthquake.

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