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Posted in: Opposition refuses to discuss tax reform with DPJ; calls for election first See in context

The LDP should not call for elections too soon. They were the ones that refused cooperation with Kan, when it was time to forget differences in order to help the people in need. And there might still be people around who have not yet forgotten that.

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

As ben4short and his comrades stated already, there do exist other movies on similar stuff.That much I concede, but the conclusion is utterly wrong. So let him make one more sick movie?Do we not really have enough of that tasteless stuff? I would do what I could to stop that nonsense!

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Posted in: 25% of displaced Fukushima residents do not wish to return home again: survey See in context

I too was surprised to read that 75% wanted to return to such a dangerous place. Are there not enough able people at Fukushima University that could explain how dangerous that still is. Why should people want to risk their lives?

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

Of course if you are in Malaysia you will be dealt with according to Malaysian law, what else could you expect? I am not sure,however, if we really know the nearer circumstances of this lady. If her guilt is proven,nobody can help her,except God. Yet if the circumstances should be not so clear as it seems, capital punishment would be wrong, because nobody can revive a person who was executed. So the only plea I could make to the Malaysian court is, to look carefully into the matter and find the appropriate judgement.

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should be displayed in Japan's cities this year or should they be canceled or curtailed in order to save electricity? See in context

No,there is enough light in Japan,even in Winter. These illuminations have nothing to do with the "Spirit of Christmas" etc. If we could help needy people with the amount that would be saved, that would be a better demonstration of love or an encouragement.

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Posted in: Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt See in context

I don't get it! There are Copts in Egypt being treated as second class citizen, they are even being killed, and they protest against this unfair treatment. Yet the only response they are getting here is :"Only renounce your religion,and everything will just turn out fine!" Is this not the most unbelievable fairy tale of mindless people? It seems that the most ineffective religion of all is the religion of those who pretend they had no religion and look down on others.

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Posted in: Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt See in context

Steve, your logic really is overwhelming : you will make us believe that religous minorities persecute the majority. If you do not know the facts about religous persecutions it would be better to say nothing.

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Posted in: Jobs program to train geisha See in context

I am not quite sure if it is such an achievement to see to it that this kind of "art" has to be prolonged, where the traditional view that woman are minor than men is rather obvious. Although many will hasten and tell me he opposite, I do not trust these words.

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Posted in: Naha air traffic controller falls asleep on job See in context

For our safety it is about time to find more efficient ways to control the air traffic controllers and those who employ them.

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Posted in: Chung calls FIFA boss Blatter a 'little brat' See in context

Good luck,Mr Chung! Many attempted to oust Blatter. I would wish that you succeed!

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Posted in: Industry minister resigns after 8 days over 'town of death' comment See in context

Unforgiveable! A minister has to lie at any rate, otherwise he is not fitted for this job, according to the opposition parties. Even if it is seems irresponsible to let these people return to the contaminated area you have to keep up the appearance, as if it would we possible. In my country a minister who would tell such kind of lies to the people would be sacked. In Japan you cannot become minister, if you tell it like it is! Strange.

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Posted in: Suicides add to despair in Tohoku disaster zone See in context

No, I would not have done the same,because I have hope that does not depend on posessions. Yet I feel deep sympathy for this family. But I do not agree with those who are just blaming the goverment, without doing something themselves. That will not change anything.

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Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

Dear Shumatsu_Samurai, I did not write intellectually but mentally. I know that many elderly people feel lonely because even their children and relatives do not visit them and do not talk to them. Don't think that there is much diffenerence in other parts of the world. The point I tried to make is this : we should try to stay in contact as much we can with our parents and grandparents. That can keep them from getting dement too early and will keep them alert in many things.

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Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

This could only happen with elderly people who have been left alone for too long. If the children would keep better contacts to their aged parents they would be better in shape mentally and detect such scams more easily. We should not put all the blame on the banks.

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Posted in: Hosono OKs allowing residents within 3 km of plant to visit homes See in context

Maybe, people are fearing the wrath of their ancestors if they would not welcome them in their homes at Obon. It could be that this fear is stronger than the fear getting contaminated with nuclear radiation.

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Posted in: LDP leader Tanigaki, former PM Abe among 50 politicians to visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

This is the LDP leader Tanigaki who refused cooperation with the goverment, when he was asked to help after the earthquake and the tsunami in Tohoku. Whom does he want to impress? The Japanese people,who are alive now - or the guys who led this people to war and destruction? Who does need people like him?

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Posted in: PM contender Noda urges national unity government See in context

I now understand,why after 3,11 the LDP leader refused to cooperate with Kan. Nothing to do with telephoning him or visiting in person- the powers behind the scene were anxious that a unified goverment driven by obvious urgency could unsettle them. Now however having taken all precautions to keep their grip on power, they even conceed to a coalition - and everything can go on as before. Unless the worried people themselves take the initiative.

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Posted in: 'Radioactive rice' joke causes trouble for Tokai Television See in context

If that was intended to be a joke, it was in bad taste and stupid,because it hurt the feelings of those people who need encouragement instead of evil jokes. Yet if it was a well grounded warning, it should be taken more serously. But in this ambiguity it is no help at all.

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Posted in: Chiba parents arrested for allowing child to starve to death See in context

Oh yes, we have every right to get mad about these parents (they do not have to do something to deserve that title,they have born the child,so they are its parents), because we know all the details about them, and we would have done far better better than they! I also get mad, blue witch, but rather about all the judging of people we do not know. That is so easy, and it will not change anything! I could imagine that at least the mother had an eating disorder, which is common among lots of young people.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy dies after collapsing during baseball training in Mie See in context

Don't be too harsh on the teachers.How could they know that it is that hot in summer?

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Posted in: Japan demands FIFA explain bin Hammam ban See in context

It seems that Hamman is not the only problem that Blatter has. In Europe many people suspect the way in which Blatter is leading FIFA.

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Posted in: Japan demands FIFA explain bin Hammam ban See in context

But it seems that this "explanation" was not very convincing.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Don't know why JT mentions the opinion of a massmurderer. We should deny that monster the honor to even mention his weird ideas.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

Congratulations Nadeshiko,you did a great job! And yet, I have my own thoughts about the second goal of Japan. It seems to me that American goalkeeper Solo did not receive enough time to fully recover or should have been substituted even at that time before the finish of the regular time. When a goalkeeper was hurt, I remember from earlier games, it took longer waiting times. This was a little too hasty ,in my opinion.

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Posted in: What to watch for when Japan-US play in WCup final See in context

@nandakandamanda.NO. In soccer the keeper is never alone but has 10 players before him(or her). The same is true for the Japanese keeper.

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

I suppose these people are in a state where their mind is no longer functioning properly. To call them "selfish" misses the point, because it seems they lack the ability for moral judgement. Selfishness, in my opinion, could also show itself in the way we overlook those with problems because we are so busy with our own things.

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Posted in: Woman jumps in front of express train; body propelled into station See in context

As for the deceased person, as we do not know anything about her, it is a little early to judge her motives. When the temperature gets hotter,many people do strange things they would not have done in a normal situation.

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Posted in: 78-year-old driver arrested after fatal 9-car pileup See in context

In this time of the year when it suddenly gets hot, such things can happen. People who until that date did nothing irregular suddenly react irresponsibly. And in this case with such a tragic result. I think it does not help to think about the age or traffic laws. I find the Japanese way to renew the driver's license every three or five years better than the praxis in my own country,where I remember seniors bragging about the long distance they could drive despite their old age. Of course this is no excuse for the old man who caused the accident. But it need not be elders who drive recklessly,and we should be on the alert when driving in summer.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

It are not the things themselves that are dangerous,but the people who act irresposibly,like politicians that let the powercompanies run reactors that are not safe anymore or politicans that refuse to cooperate to help their own people in a time of disaster.Also those guys who try to oust the prime minister in a time when all should unify their powers to get the country going again.

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Naoto Kan made the right decision when he asked Chubu Electric to shut down the Hamaoka nuclear plant which stands in an area where a magnitude-8 earthquake is strongly pro See in context

Yes, and I admire him for his courage to go ahead with an unpopular decision in these critical times. The politicans before him ignored the problem, and instead of keeping their mouths shut, still try to oust one of the few people who act responsibly. This is something I cannot understand.

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