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Steffi Graf has a big asterisk by her name, because she was aided by a crazy fellow German man that stabbed Monica Seles in the back. At the time, Monica Seles was dominating Seffi Graf. The stabbing caused Monica a 2 year absence from Tennis, and she never fully recovered. Without the stabbing incident, no way would Steffi have 22 Slams.

Serena Williams has the highest Slams entered and won percentage of ANY tennis player (male or female) in history. Serena also has a higher Slam finals winning percentage too.

The general consensus is that Serena Williams, among the tennis elite evaluating her, is the greatest female tennis player of the Open era.

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Japanese politicians already have a twisted solution:

1) Raise the retirement age. Try to get the old to work to death.

And it has the side political benefit, that old Japanese tend to vote for the most conservative, status quo, and racist politicians.

2) Push women into the work force, and force them to work like men.

This is seen as expanding an all Japanese work force that creates the tax base to support old Japanese.

Of course the "catch-22" is that career working women have less babies, are less likely to get married, and are more likely to get into relationship conflicts with men. But the racism and nationalism in politics will ignore this as much as possible for votes.

3) Japanese men marrying Asian women from other countries, and claiming the children are Japanese, as if "pure blood".

This is an old trick used in Japan. As long as you look Asian, are born in Japan, speak Japanese, and have a Japanese name, then you are Japanese.

Foreign Asian women, sometimes White women, will be used to be the housewives that career working Japanese women refuse to be.

The problem here is of course strict backward immigration means there will never be enough foreign women and the children are "mixed nationality or mixed race". This is a political issue for narrow-minded Japanese, where they will sporadically switch positions, between privately allowing and publicly against.

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What many people don't realize is that scientist and various militaries have been developing biological weapons since WW2. It's not as hard to do as many people might think. You test how lethal various versions of a virus is on animal/human test subjects and animal/human cells. You then keep the most lethal versions. It's lethality is proof of it's ability to bypass human/mammal immunological defenses. It's just EASIER for individual scientist to now with modern technology and methods, then it was years ago, as you needed more funding and/or teams of scientist.

Arguably, HIV/AIDS was created in this way. The WHO (World Health Organization) requested the development of a super virus back in the 1970s to kill off a large percentage of the human population due to their "incorrect" calculations and fears of overpopulation. These calculations proved to be wrong, because women that have more economic wealth, will have LESS children (as many high level industrialized countries have found out). But the WHO and many governments didn't realize that back then, so gave money (FACT) to organizations to create super viruses anyway. It is believed that HIV/AIDS was given through vaccination programs on Africans and gay males in the U.S. Vaccinating people with HIV/AIDS is why it spread so quickly. If you do the math, 1 infected person spreading HIV/AIDS by sex would take HUNDREDS of years to spread (like other STDs such as herpes or gonorrhea), where vaccinating people mathematically equals the speed of the spread that we actually saw with HIV/AIDS. It was designed to target susceptible people of color.

You best believe that various militaries and racist eugenic groups have alattempt ready/will to create more lethal super viruses to attack human populations. Some idiot or group is going to release them. It's not "IF", it's how many times has it already happened and how many times will it happen again.

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1) LINE is connected to your phone number. It shouldn't be hard for the police to trace LINE messages to a phone and/or email addresses.

2) Certain Japanese media once again engages in fear and hysteria. The unknown menace might get you, so start shaking in fear, in your closet.

3) This tactic can be done with E=MAIL too. Maybe people should throw their PCs and smartphones away, and go back to planting rice and hiding deep in the country, preferably in a remote wooden shack.

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The issue about meeting people is that many Japanese are excessively cowardly and overly self conscious on the one hand, and yet xenophobic/racist and conceited on the other hand.

Too many Japanese go into a weird panic if they have to speak English, meet new people, or any situation they haven't prepared for.

They visually can be seen shaking from nervousness, palms are sweating, and have worked themselves up into a state of near hysteria. This fear and hysteria can come from all the xenophobic horror stories they are fed by ultra-nationalist propaganda or the pressure to represent Japan (versus just being themselves).

This self-induced stress can be so overwhelming that many Japanese seek to escape/avoid meeting anybody new, unless under very artificially controlled circumstances and in a group. They are able to alleviate their fears by drawing support from the group.

This situation arguably does corrolate to the documented low sexual frequency and low birth rate in Japan. Traditionally, many marriages were often arranged, and Japanese women were more strongly expected to conform to traditional roles. Sex and having babies were seen as their duty (to include family and country) and something a wife couldn't ordinarily refuse her husband.

The situation has changed in modern times, where there is more free choice, less obligation to men and family, and less arranged marriages. However many Japanese women are backwards minded, in terms of how to interact with men and confused by racist/xenophobic rhetoric. When Japanese women are approached, many perceive and overreact to simple "hello" as near rape, and turn very basic human interactions everywhere else into a horror story.

Japan has severe problem with basic human interaction, where people have shut themselves off, and then use narcissism and arrogance as a cover.

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Okinawan politicians have turned Okinawa into a tourist UNFRIENDLY welfare state that begs for money from the mainland Japanese government and the U.S. government. Which are the no. 1 and no. 2 employers of Okinawans.

Complaining about the bases is just an xenophobic and racist tactic to attempt to get votes from ignorant Okinawans that fall for it.

The real story is the perpetual failure of Okinawan politicans to develop Okinawa's economy, so that young Okinawans have JOBS.

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1) Japanese politicians are way too addicted to using xenophobia, ultra-nationalism, and racism for votes among the ignorant.

Foreigners are framed as criminal diseased rapist hordes out to destroy "perfect" Japan. Consequently, Japanese politicians are going to ride such obnoxious tactics until it's too late and Japan has fallen to number 10 or lower in the world rankings.

2) Japanese women in the work force will just accelerate the destruction of the family and lower wages.

A) More Japanese women means lower wages and cheap labor to companies. Men will make LESS money to start families.

B) Lower wages will FORCE married Japanese women with children to work.

C) Japanese sex frequency per week (already among the lowest of industrial nations) and birth rates will further decrease due to women being married to jobs and careers, while being used as near-slave labor.

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Posted in: 80% of Japanese women report being hit on by strangers See in context

Many Japanese women are so confused and paranoid about social interactions that they consider any approach by a stranger as distressing.

So asking them directions, saying hello, a drunkard making lewd suggestions, and a pervert touching their butt can be nearly all the same in their minds.

And many Japanese women will often respond to the question, by giving the answer they think is wanted. So if you frame the question as nampa is nearly equal to sex assualt, they will respond that way. Frame the question that nampa is romantic, and they will respond that way too.

Even the context of a stranger approaching for any reason, can be viewed negatively by Japanese that are highly fearful, xenophobic, and indoctrinated with right-wing propaganda.

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