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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

This made me interested enough to look at the etymology. Seems the original mansion definition just meant “place to live” which suggests the current English usage is the one which is incorrect.

Because the "correct" meaning of a word can only ever be the original one?

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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

Try googling "London mansion flats" and look at the images that come up. Adoption of this meaing of "mansion" seems a far more likely explanation to me.

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Posted in: China's virus slowdown offers hope for global containment See in context

"While the crisis appears to be easing in China, alarming clusters of thousands of cases each have turned up in Italy, Iran and South Korea and Japan."

Thousands of cases in Japan?? This is very careless and unprofessional journalism. There are currently 331 cases in Japan:

Even if you include the Diamond Princess in Japanese figures, which would make no sense, that comes to 1037. That is NOT 'thousands'.

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Posted in: Policies differ concerning retail staff wearing face masks to ward off colds See in context

Good for Aeon! Workers in the rest of the world seem to manage perfectly well without masks.

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Posted in: Company employee robbed of ¥10 mil See in context

Why on earth is it necessary to describe him as a ‘company employee’ in the headline? What’s wrong with just ‘man’?

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Posted in: Vietjet to launch daily flights to Osaka from both Hanoi and Saigon See in context

Saigon?? What century are you living in?

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

It's removable and therefore optional, so what's the problem? If you're a tourist who's not confident driving in a new country then you may well want to use it. If not, don't. Pretty straightforward really.

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Posted in: Young people dying alone a growing concern See in context

PerformingMonkey is right - a ridiculous article. If this was about suicides or terminal illnesses then it would be different, but if we're talking people suddenly dropping dead then the alone part is irrelevant. If young people are spending all their time alone, then perhaps that's a problem, but it's also a separate issue.

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Posted in: Man in coma after being stabbed in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague See in context

Patrick Macnee may be gone, but the spirit of John Steed is with us yet.

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Posted in: 70 years on, survivors keep memory of Battle of Manila alive See in context


I had a good education about the UK's often brutal rule over India, Africa etc. and of the US colonists mass murder of native Americans. Remember though that these events happened more than 100 years ago

Those events may have started more than 100 years ago, but the British were still doing some pretty brutal stuff in Kenya in the 1950s. And we haven't exactly been the best at acknowledging or apologizing either.

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Posted in: Yomiuri apologizes for using term 'sex slaves' in English edition See in context

Non-Japanese people have no trouble whatsoever understanding the phrase 'comfort women'. We know full well it means 'sex slaves'.

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Posted in: Norway named best place to grow old; Japan 9th See in context

I think you could substitute 'to grow old' in the title here with 'for pretty much everything'! The results of these surveys always seem basically the same - Scandinavia top, Afghanistan bottom.

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Posted in: Japan's bullet train marks 50th birthday See in context

Hard to believe that more other countries haven't copied it in that time.

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Posted in: Police questioning man over kicking of visually-impaired girl See in context

Well, if this is today's top news story then I'm glad I live in Japan. Bad as it is, can you imagine somebody kicking a blind person making the national news anywhere else?

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Posted in: British PM Cameron says passports could be seized to fight terrorism See in context

As Elizabeth Heath states, "You cannot take away British citizenship from non-naturalised citizens".

Exactly. Arrest, charge and detain them on re-entry. Fine, let British justice take its course. Seize their passports. Fine, this is a legitimate power that the government holds. But refuse British citizens entry to the UK? Strip natural born Britons of their citizenship? I cannot believe that a British government, even a Tory one, is seriously considering this. This kind of foolish and ill thought-out over-reaction is exactly what terrorism aims for. Thatcher understood this, why can't Cameron?

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Posted in: Porn queens raise Y5 mil for AIDS charity at 'Boob Aid' See in context

“I never thought my boobs could contribute to society,” added the ponytailed Serina, apparently unaware of any contradiction.

Where's the contradiction in this? I'm as unaware of it as Serina...

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Posted in: China executes Japanese man for drug offenses See in context

He said the case 'was related to drugs', without elaborating, and declined to identify the individual, citing reasons of privacy.

How very considerate.

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean backpackers found living in squalor after Sydney fire See in context

Why the moral outrage? Nobody forced them to live there - these guys are backpackers from wealthy countries trying to save on cash to extend their holidays, not not desperate economic migrants forced to live in squalor and work for a pittance.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing eggs at foreign students in Saga See in context

Someone threw an egg at me from a moving car once, in Liverpool. Hit me right in the back of the head and hurt like hell. I was pretty pissed off of course, but having been young and stupid not so long before that could certainly see the funny side, and wouldn't have wanted the perpetrators arrested. I was also very impressed - to hit that small a target from a moving car and at a decent distance takes a fair bit of skill. But this is totally different - 19 incidents all targeted at foreign students, as Reckless said, is harassment, and racial harassment at that.

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Posted in: Who am I? 14 ways to say 'I' in Japanese See in context

And if you happen to be Lord Voldemort, ore-sama.

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Posted in: Boot camps and desertion in the mountains among the ways Japanese companies train new recruits See in context

What a demeaning waste of time for all concerned.

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Posted in: RIKEN says stem cell research was falsified See in context

Agree with smithinjapan, young woman = easy scapegoat.

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Posted in: Unusual dining in Osaka See in context

"Only" 40-odd people!!? If that's true, which I very much doubt, then I'd say that's rather a lot!

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Posted in: Graduating princess See in context

Does anyone not graduate from elementary school? I fail to see how in any way this is an achievement worthy of congratulations.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

Guess she should've got them on her arse.

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Posted in: A new growth industry: professional housekeeping See in context

Amazed that this is newsworthy - even though I've lived in Japan over a decade I never realised how unusual it is to have a cleaner here. Totally normal in the UK.

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Posted in: Woman jumps off building in Shinjuku, landing on man below See in context

taiko666, you beat me to it! Exactly what I was about to post. And I'd include mental health of others in that. I can never understand how train jumpers can fail to think about the poor driver who will be haunted for the rest of his or her life by their suicide. There are many ways to do kill yourself without causing danger or trauma to random strangers.

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Posted in: Camping plans let girls rough it by day, enjoy butler service at night See in context

"this isn't camping. This is a cottage"

Does that make it cottaging?

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Posted in: Japan Society for Tobacco Control not happy with new Studio Ghibli movie See in context

" Japanese society moves away from smoking..."

Really?? Can't say I'd noticed...

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Posted in: Miyazaki's new film sounds a warning for Japan See in context

I love the way this article ends with a quote from a random housewife!

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