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@paradoxbox: It's not appropriate to refer to Auschwitz in this case: talking about japanese inhuman treatment of prisoners, let's just refer to: Changi...

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

The whole story is already a disaster for the image of Japan in France, since Gohsn's arrest and the unacceptable, shameful and brutal treatment he endured at the hands of the prosecutors . Even more with his being re-arrested in these circumstances, obviously in view of preventing his speaking to the press. The whole press in France is commenting the unbelievable extend of economical nationalism of the japanese government... Just wait until the news concerning Mrs Gohsn hits the fan!

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Reckless: France being a civilized country, Takeda could very well come to France without risking his being thrown into some sort of dungeon during more than 100 days with the lights on 24/24h, no visits of his family, and interrogated without a lawyer 8 hours a day non-stop at the hands of some kempetai-minded judiciaries.

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Several comments here have a distinct stench of xenophobia. It does suit very well the long time premeditate deceit of Saikawa, who dares to present himself as a whistleblower while conspicuously benefiting of his information to the authorities. As for the medieval japanese judicial system, it recently found a powerful supporter in France: the CGT, the only communist union labor which survived the cold war era. Banzai!

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 "presumption of innocence."

Yes, very interesting, as you put it: a political and ethical concept, that certainly deserves to be studied in Japan, in view of joining all over democratic countries... One can always dream of a better world :-)!

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@kursupisu: "to discriminate": to say the least...

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nanakandamanda, yes, it did happen once, in a small and remote city, but this was before the violent events of last saturday. It was shown on BFMTV: half a dozen of policemen took off their helmets to express their feelings of sympathy towards... elderly people wearing yellow jackets. Indeed, many retired workers are bitterly angry against Macron's tax policy, which is very hard on retirees (and in the meantime so obviously devoted to the big corporations)...

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It seems that Kevin Hart just stepped down as a host after being involved in a LGBT controversy, and apologized, stating he didn't want "to be a distraction"...

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Posted in: Prosecutors to indict Nissan as well as Ghosn: report See in context

This guy is a tough number: imagine, after nearly 22 days in the gallows and another 22 days coming? I'm baffled at the ferocious ways of the japanese system. It's really trying to obtain admissions through heavy mistreatments... Shameful.

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