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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 3,177 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 9,576 See in context

Look here! Look at the shiny gold!

It’s so shiny and pretty!

What were we talking about again?

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

During the Rio Olympics, Cosmopolitan magazine ran an article titled “Best Olympic Bulges” with photos of male athletes in speedos, spats, etc.

I can top that. Brits and athletics fans of a certain age will remember something called “Linford’s lunchbox”.

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Posted in: Biles' Olympic fate in balance as support pours in See in context

I’ve never competed in sport at a high level, but to the best of my recollection, this used to be called “quitting”.

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Posted in: Why is Taiwan not called Taiwan at the Olympics? See in context

Because the Olympics is clearly a non-political organization which focuses only on bringing people together in a spirit of brotherhood through the holy power of sport.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

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Posted in: Russian team topples American powerhouse with Biles out See in context

Though the history books may mark Tuesday’s victory with an asterisk due to Biles’ early withdrawal

So because the most hyped gymnast in history pulls out out for reasons of “Mental health”, the ROC’s victory is somehow worth less?

That’s not very objective reporting.

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context

The good people of Japan, doing their duty to stand by their government no matter what.

”Yes, they’re responsible for a significant uptick in cases, and yes, they’re holding the Olympics against all scientific and medical advice… but I know that they really care for us because it said so on National State Television (we abbreviate it as NHK here!)”

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

The current government deserves all the scorn, resistance and civil disobedience it gets. While I don’t go out drinking at night, I’m 100% behind the bar owners.

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Posted in: Sebastian Coe backs reviewing marijuana rules in doping See in context

Who does this "Lord" Coe think he is? Every time he opens his mouth, controversy ensues.

He’s a Tory (conservative) politician and nobody likes him.

I think he’s almost as unpopular as Piers Morgan, and that is quite an achievement.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

Delta is more contagious but no more deadly than other variants, possibly even a little less.

Is there any point whatsoever in asking you to provide a single reliable citation to back that up?

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

Maybe the people who find a fit female body so threatening / scary could petition the IOC to have all female athletes compete in a burqa.

Convince the IOC that there’s money in it and they’ll do it.

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Posted in: Suga, Koike agree Olympics going 'very smoothly' See in context

There's an election in the autumn. This Olympics is Suga's only hope. 

This would be true were there credible opposition, but we know that the LDP would be re-elected if they did a King Herod and decreed the execution of every male child in Japan under the age of 2.

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Posted in: The unavailability of information on vaccines is a common problem faced by all foreign residents of Japan with language barriers. To spread information, public administration services should work with communities of non-Japanese and their support groups, and they should also use social media platforms that are viewed by non-Japanese. See in context

When I got the envelope containing the coupon for the first COVID shot (which I have yet to be able to book), it was in Japanese. That figures, as they were likely sent out in bulk. The website through which reservations are (currently not) made does have an option for English, but I haven’t even looked at it for fear of how badly it will be written…

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Posted in: AI's human protein database a 'great leap' for research See in context

I’m rarely one to wave my country’s flag - our football fans are a national disgrace - but Demis Hassabis, the brains behind Deepmind, is the opposite: a once-in-a-generation mind with the will and drive to put it to good use. What he and his team have done here is infinitely more significant than a bunch of meatheads winning a bunch of medals.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony begins See in context

A moment of silence was offered inside the stadium.

Must have been difficult to enforce with all those people there.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented conditions See in context

“Unity in diversity” is a good theme. People of diverse backgrounds are united in their disdain for this pathetic excuse of an Olympics.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 1-year-old daughter, left in car, dies of heatstroke See in context

There are some people who just shouldn’t breed, for the sake of the gene pool.

Unfortunately, this usually only becomes clear after something like this happens.

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Posted in: Macron arrives in Tokyo for Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Break out the Gilets Jaunes

I’m trying to imagine the Japanese version.

Walking timidly through the streets of Tokyo chanting the slogans “we are somewhat displeased” and occasionally kicking over a trash can.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics set for unusual opening ceremony See in context

I'ts not perverse, it's childish..

I thought Japan loved children, what with their smiling, natsukashii faces and pure, innocent hearts.

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Posted in: Suga asks Pfizer CEO to bring forward COVID-19 delivery amid shortage See in context

I am now, finally, able to apply. First time I logged on, of the seventeen vaccination centers in my vicinity alone, there was not a single slot free in any of them.

Yesterday I saw that one opening was available, but it disappeared before I even got to the “make a reservation here” button.

Probably have as much luck doing the rounds of the local clinics.

I can wait - telework - but all the same, this is a pretty shocking performance.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics set for unusual opening ceremony See in context

I might hit up YouTube at exactly 8 p.m. and watch a rerun of the Beijing opening ceremony from 2008, just to be perverse.

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

If the accusations are accurate…you have to wonder if this isn’t some kind of subconscious self-sabotage of the games.

Covid cases in the village, chaos at the airport, the IOC people being subjected to a totally different set of standards to the people of Japan, one of the composers quitting, and now this?

This would sink any normal sporting event.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

Ok, yeah, not to trivialize this, but this is genuinely one of those “only in Japan” headlines.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics boast equal gender participation for first time See in context

How wonderful! The fans will be delighted to see this sterling example of social equality.

Oh, yeah. Forgot. No fans.

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Posted in: Suga denies IOC pressure to hold Olympics: report See in context

OK, I may have found it. The Japanese edition of the WSJ is limited unless you pay, but the opening of the article includes the phrase


(in context: ワクチンも進んで、感染対策を厳しくやってるので、環境はそろっている、準備はできていると、そういう判断をした。)

So I guess something like “the (Olympic) environment is all lined up”.

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Posted in: Suga denies IOC pressure to hold Olympics: report See in context

the Japanese leader said Tokyo was "in the right place"

What was the original Japanese here, because this doesn't sound correct in English?

I don’t know offhand, but at a guess:


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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

I think the takeaway from this is that even the Japanese, who are generally (for better and for worse) a docile and obedient people, have had enough of the grotesque mismanagement of the situation.

I don’t think they’re being very smart by drinking out on the streets, but I do understand why they do.

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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

(Bonus points for anyone who can provide the next four words to that quote above).

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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

I’m assuming the word “dignitary” shares a root with “dignity”.

They will need all their training to maintain an image of that when they are on the TV cameras in a stadium full of empty seats.

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Posted in: WHO leader says virus risk inevitable at Tokyo Olympics See in context

AbhimishToday  01:41 pm JST

Not sure when was the last time he announced something positive

No worries. Tokyo will be announcing well over a thousand “positive” things this afternoon.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 8-1 in softball as Tokyo Olympic competition opens See in context

What a treat for the fans!

Oh, wait…

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