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Posted in: English FA condemns 'insulting' fan chants at Germany game See in context

I realized a kind of inferiority complex

Im not sure it is, to be honest. I think it is ignorance, pure and simple. These (I hope minority of) England supporters are just ignorant of everything you said. They still think the UK produces quality consumer engineering. Its the same people who think the abandoned factories are suddenly going to startup again, after brexit, and start producing unicorns and fairy dust to make the country "great again."

I personally stopped following English football after seeing a group of cockneys try and rouse the crowd in Old Trafford to sing this witless tune during the England traveling days in the early 2000's. My faith wasnt completely lost as most people around them just ignored them.

Here are some pertinent lyrics from the 70's:

**There's no future in England's dreaming

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Posted in: What's your definition of a war crime? Please give some examples. See in context

My Lai, Bloody Sunday..

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Posted in: America in one word? 'Free,' 'great,' or 'divided,' 'broken' See in context

Sexist. Its taken over 200 years and still no female head of state. Despite current events, it may not even happen any time soon..

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Posted in: Murray beats Raonic to win second Wimbledon title See in context

So, is he back to being 'British' then instead of Scottish?

Its a foreign newspaper who consider him British. Your implication (of the common false whinge) that English news represent Scots as British only when they win, doesnt apply. Your confirmation bias is showing.

Here, I will join in with you: english == bad; scottish == good. Are you feeling better seanwd20?

Back to the real topic - Good job Murray!

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth marks 90th birthday, as popular as ever See in context

Well done Brenda. Happy Birthday!

The next in line is an interfering fool and his son is a workshy, intellectually mediocre, bland non-entity.

God save the UK.

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Posted in: How would you define hate speech? See in context

Anything calling for the violence against or eradication of a group of people.

Criticizing a religion is never hate speech.

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Posted in: Are you proud of your nationality, whatever it is? See in context

As an observation - it seems more Americans are proud of having their nationality than non-Americans. Is this pride misplaced? No idea...

Im of almost identical heritage as Jimizo. Im thankful because of the opportunities it has given me (especially regarding traveling and living in other countries) but am most proud of what I have achieved in my adult life, especially my kids. Ive been away from my home countries for over 10 years. I now identify closer with NZ, where I live, which seems a fresher and a more responsible society. I volunteer in the NZ Fire service and believe I have contributed enough to my adopted home to warrant citizenship in a couple of years when Im finally eligible. Then I will be proud of my nationality as I will be able to describe the blood and tears Ive put into it.

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Posted in: Frustrated fans See in context

The Scots wooden-spooners took advantage of weary Japanese legs.

Keep fighting, Japan.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II surpasses Queen Victoria's long reign See in context

Brenda is a sweet old dear, but what has she done thats noteworthy?

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Posted in: Should permanent foreign residents in Japan have the right to vote? See in context

Yes, with qualifications, such as those mentioned by NZ2011.

However, I do believe that Permanent Residency is a misnomer. Residency should never be permanent, there should be time limits (in years) applied to it. Citizenship is permanent. If you live in a country long enough to become a citizen and intend to stay in the country until the end of your days then you should naturalize - even if that means giving up your original citizenship.

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Posted in: New Zealanders get first look at new flag options See in context

Time to remove the union jack. My preferred flag would be literally that - the current flag without the UJ.

Unfortunately, thats not included as an option. The Kyle Lockwood designs are quite fetching.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Japan 5-2 to win Women's World Cup See in context

Nice one USA. I was hoping for a magic Japanese comeback, but nevermind..

USA well deserved it. Keep supporting Womens football, America. Hopefully, you can drag the rest of the world up with you.

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Posted in: Happy fan See in context

Come on Japan..

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Posted in: Japan reaches Women's World Cup final after England injury time own goal See in context

Well done Japan. I think England should be proud for going so far.

Go on and win it Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. heads to Women's World Cup final with 2-0 win over Germany See in context


From personal experience I know its hard to pin down who will take gold, silver and bronze in any football competition. As many commentators here have said, games can turn on a dime and go either way. Word cup history shows it time and again. Usually, I find that those, like yourself, who are so certain, end up being very quiet when their predictions turn out wrong.

Are we going to see you on here accepting that your knowledge of the game isnt quite what you think it is if your predictions are wrong? I will be the first to congratulate you if you hit the nail on the head with all three..

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Posted in: U.S. heads to Women's World Cup final with 2-0 win over Germany See in context


I do actually believe Eng can beat Japan. I made a post on another JT thread stating so. I think Japan are better, but marginally so. I really do think Eng v Japan is game on.

I think Eng v USA is a different proposition. Believe me, I want that England win. But decades of watching the English mens game has taught be to be more objective and realistic. Eng womens team getting to the final would be just awesome.

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Posted in: U.S. heads to Women's World Cup final with 2-0 win over Germany See in context

If I was an American, I would be rooting for an England win as they are the weakest of the 2 remaining semi-finalists. I would rather face the weakest team and maximise the chance of a world cup win than wish for revenge against a Japan which has a more solid team and a better chance (than England) to beat the USA.

From an English perspective - assuming a victory over Japan is possible - I would be hoping the Americans fall into the not-uncommon trap of highly favoured teams taking their foot off the gas because they think its a done deal. In the past, plenty 'weaker' sides have won because a supposedly stronger team assumed they had won before the game started.

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Posted in: U.S. heads to Women's World Cup final with 2-0 win over Germany See in context

Good job USA. The USA has led the growth in womens soccer (the word 'soccer' said through gritted teeth) over the last two decades. I do hope that the winner of England/Japan goes on to win the tournament rather than the USA, but I dont see it happening as the US is too strong and they would rightly deserve it. Keep doing what you are doing USA and show FIFA that the sport can progress.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan not underestimating England See in context

Nadeshiko are the better team and the favourites and I would expect them to edge it. I do, however, think the gap isnt as big as some commentators make out - there is a difference but not a huge drop. I think England have a small chance of a win - this is knockout football, after all - but I also think England wont make enough of those long passes count as Japan will slow the game down with superior possession.

Will be an interesting game and, like many commentators here, half of the household will be happy when its over...

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Posted in: Which martial arts would you recommend to someone wanting to learn a means of self-defense? See in context

Ecky-Thump. It incorporates some everyday items into self defense..

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Posted in: How can corruption be eliminated from organizations that control global sports, such as FIFA, the IOC and so on? See in context


In FIFA's case this means having an open vote on world cup hosting (and potentially other things..) so that the public knows exactly which executive voted for which candidate country.

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Posted in: Do you support same-sex marriages? See in context

Yes. If two adults, who have no choice of their sexuality, decide to get married, then good luck to them. It affects NOBODY else, only the two getting married. Why deny people something that doesnt affect you in any way???

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Posted in: Do you think there is a role for monarchies in this day and age? See in context

Well, this is going to be an interesting thread...

Yes, in a pared down, efficient, format like the bicycling monarchs of Holland/Scandinavia. Furthermore, only if a majority of the population support a monarchy. In the absence of elections, this would have to be a substantial majority (eg in UK support for monarchy is somewhere around 75% of the population; I assume Japan is similar.) If polling reveals this is closer to 50% then I would say its only fair and reasonable that the public get to choose via a referendum.

Also - Monarchs should be non-political. Sorry Chaz, you will represent the whole population of the UK. Keep your opinions to yourself or you will undermine support for the monarchy by alienating those who disagree with your views. The Japanese Emperor seems to set a good example in this regard.

The bottom line - if the people want it. Democracy in action.

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Posted in: Record viewership, social media reach for Super Bowl See in context

Awesome game that I could only follow furtively at work. Was hoping Seattle would win again, but nevermind. The game was exciting.

Take that you Soccer Fans... that is REAL sport! Love American Football but hate comments like the above. Volland, the world has spoken. Soccer ha far more followers. As your stats show, the world agrees, soccer is more of a 'real' sport. Democracy in action.

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Posted in: Why cartoons depicting Mohammed anger many Muslims See in context

Muslim rules dont apply to non-muslims. Simple as.

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Posted in: Japanese men, for example, are regarded as assistants and not equal partners when it comes to child rearing or housework. Government research shows women typically contribute four hours of housework a See in context

Somehow, I doubt all other things are equal in that statement.

Especially for Japan - most mothers dont work, whereas most fathers do.

A reasonable division of labour is a 50/50 split of housework when both the husband and wife are at home. When the wife is at home (ie during business hours) then she should keep doing housework tasks whilst the husband keeps droning on for his employer. That will result in skewed housework stats like the above but is not unfair to women in that situation.

If however, we are talking about a working couple then the above stat is a problem and clearly unfair.

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Posted in: New Zealanders to vote on flag change in 2016 See in context

Just remove the jack from the corner and put a koru or fern there. Simple and effective. Retains a bit of the old (Blue with southern cross) and, in the fern/koru, a recognizable symbol of NZ.

Storm - it wasnt 'the English' it was the British. There have been proportionately more Scot Prime Ministers (per head of population) than English. More importantly, Scots voted to join the EU in the '70s too. You may hate 'the English' but dont use that as an excuse to ignore the facts.

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of pregnant woman who was demoted See in context

My (Japanese) wife had worked for a very large Japanese conglomerate in Singapore for a number of years before our first child. She was quite successful in a consulting team lead position. After going back to work after maternity leave she was continually asked when she would quit. She wanted to keep working. Once the company (all Japanese management) worked this out they just loaded her with more and more tasks, despite her asking to stick to 9-6 per her contract, until she quit.

Singapore has quite strict employment law and she more than likely would have won an employment tribunal. However, she didnt want to 'make a fuss.'

The company knew what they were doing to make her quit. Dinosaur behaviour that doesnt belong in the modern world.

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Posted in: Japan protests over banner of Korean assassin at Asian Games See in context

An assassin or murderer, yes. Terrorist, definitely not.

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Posted in: British parties squabble over fall-out from Scottish vote See in context

Any change to the existing structure of the UK needs to be put to the whole of the UK (who were never consulted before the referendum.)

If Scottish voters deluded themselves into believing that UK politicians would keep their promises, regardless of what the wider UK public feels, then more fool them. Numerous UK politicians, as well as elements of the Scottish press, pointed out there was no guarantee.

Residents of England/Wales/NI have a right to have their constitutional issues aired the same as the Scots do. The west lothian question needs to be resolved and greater devolution to ALL regions of the UK, not just Scotland.

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