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Posted in: New Zealand PM pushes flag change after election win See in context

Replace the union jack with a Koru. Job done.

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Posted in: Scotland begins historic independence vote See in context

It won't end tomorrow. This nastiness will go on for years, the damage is done.

Elizabeth - are you saying the vote should never have been held, that the UK should never have agreed?

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Posted in: Queen hopes Scottish voters 'think carefully' before vote See in context

Mrs Windsor is stating the obvious. I hope those people voting do consider everything carefully.

Please do also consider getting rid of this anachronism post independence.

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Posted in: UK offers Scotland more autonomy ahead of vote See in context

I think the Scots will cut their nose off to spite their face unfortunately.


Are you of the generation that also thinks the loss of empire is something to regret?

The short term economics of independence, at least, look encouraging. Also, and more importantly, having the political ability to do what the majority of Scots want without being overruled by westminster is very attractive.

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Posted in: UK offers Scotland more autonomy ahead of vote See in context

Zichi - You have hit the nail on the head. Westminster (and especially the Tories who run it) really are desperate.

Take the opportunity Scotland - you will be doing us all a favour by creating the ensuing discussion and reform of UK politics.

Zichi - one question - why the dig at 'little England'? You will find vastly similar views on politics and society just south of the Scottish border down to the midlands as you will above it.

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Posted in: UK offers Scotland more autonomy ahead of vote See in context

The UK government has no mandate to do this. Any vote for independence is for Scotland alone. Any change of the existing financial/political makeup of a UK in which Scotland continues as a member is for the whole of the UK to agree upon. No British citizens have been consulted on this.

This is why Scotland should go it alone, knee jerk reactions with no public mandate from out of touch Tories.

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Posted in: Second poll shows jump in support for Scottish independence See in context

Will Scotland be developing it's own aircraft carrier, for example?

Why would Scotland need a carrier?

The UK is broken. Its establishment is archaic, unrepresentative, corrupt and too centralised. A lot of UK citizens delude themselves into thinking they are still a world power.

Scotland should seize this chance. I say this as an English person who wants to see an independent Scotland force a rethink of the way the UK is governed. Lets have representative democracy, more regional control and less focus on the advancement of London and the south east at the expense of the rest.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 2 in New Zealand unemployment office See in context

Tragic event.

Rather than this being an example of gun laws not working its really the opposite. The strict referee checks, police checks (including personal interviews) and graduated weapon class ownership rules prevented this being a case of a guy getting an uzi and mowing down the whole office. NZ did learn from Aramoana.

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Posted in: What’s your favorite beer? See in context

Im a big Pale Ale fan. There are too many excellent US (specifically WA and OR) Pale Ales to mention. Likewise some good Pale Ales from my birth country (UK), specifically Twisted Thistle from Edinburgh. Here in NZ I have to say (amongst others) Tuatara APA.

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Posted in: Anti-Qatar World Cup campaign blasted as 'racist' See in context

If it id proven that the Qataris were bribing then the world cup should go to whoever came second in the bidding process. not sure who that was, Australia?

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Posted in: Is a man giving up his seat to a woman on a train or bus an outdated form of respect? See in context

It seems that there are two camps here - those that view it in light of their upbringing and the society they live/lived in and see it as a common courtesy. On the other hand there are those that that are (perhaps?) more objective and view giving up seats to able bodied females but not able bodies males as sexism (nobody so far has tried to argue its not sexist..)

I dont think anybody denies that giving up seats to the inform, aged, pregnant or otherwise disadvantaged is common courtesy.

At the end of the day, its a matter for the person giving up the seat.

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Posted in: Is a man giving up his seat to a woman on a train or bus an outdated form of respect? See in context

It might be common courtesy but its also sexism.

There are many of us who strive for the equal treatment of all able bodied. The discrimination against men shown by those who value 'common courtesy' is a step backwards in the fight for equality.

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Posted in: Is a man giving up his seat to a woman on a train or bus an outdated form of respect? See in context

Yes it is outdated.

Able bodied women are no more deserving of a seat than able bodied men. Giving up a seat should be based on need only.

I try my best to treat everyone equally, regardless of sex or race etc. I also try to be polite, which giving up a seat when its necessary (sick, pregnant women, old) and holding doors for everyone.

I dont see how everyone can be equal and yet at the same time men are expected to treat women better without any reason (age, pregnancy etc..)

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Posted in: Okazaki thinks Japan can reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

mighty england


I do agree with Bura, it is their best team in ages. I think the qtrs are possible. Likely? Im not so sure. Overall, this world cup is shaping up to be quite an interesting competition.

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Posted in: Hospitals: UK vs Japan - Length of stay, language, birth, kids and pain relief See in context

However if you are European and have never set foot in the UK or paid a scrap of taxes there you are welcomed with open arms.

Thats it Nat, dont mention the reciprocation - that UKers can walk in to other EU hospitals and get treatment in the same way. Nigel will be happy with you.

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Posted in: Queen hosts Irish president on 1st UK state visit See in context

As someone with a foot in both islands (dual national) this is nice development. Hopefully this establishes the relationship as a partnership or equals to move forward.

As a republican Im impressed with the queens actions. An apology and objective review of the current state of relations from a british monarch has a lot of meaning.

To see SF men at this dinner shows how much NI has moved forward. Hopefully this can continue.

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Posted in: Baby George has royal play day in New Zealand See in context

Drop them NZ. You are far better than 'subjects'

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Posted in: Visitor from Down Under See in context

Blundies over williams anytime..

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Posted in: Amanda Knox's murder conviction upheld in Italy See in context

Very weird situation.

It all seems a bit farcical (and tragic.) Convicted, acquitted then re-convicted?

On the other hand, all you can do is trust Italian justice.

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Posted in: China steps up appeal to West in Japan propaganda battle See in context

“The way the Japanese think about the East China Sea now is like how they thought about northeast China. They didn’t stop at the northeast, they kept heading south to Shanghai and even Southeast Asia,” Li said.

Wow, the propaganda in China must be really good. Japan has done nothing to indicate it wants to expand. It just wants to maintain its control of the senkakus.

China isnt so good at misdirection.

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Posted in: 'Lone Survivor' film a brutal tribute to Navy SEALs See in context

I think they need to do more, in fact, these men and women sacrificed a lot for our freedoms and of course we have every right to go anywhere where there is an existential threat that could harm US citizens or interest and deal with it accordingly.

So bass, does that work in reverse? Do other countries have every right to go into the USA in the event of an existential threat that could harm their citizens and deal with it accordingly?

Movies like this are chest-thumping propaganda. They are good for a bit of escapism but the involvement of the US government (Defense Department) means the government sees the recruiting potential of these movies.

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Posted in: In diverse U.S., Santa Claus has many faces, races See in context

The original idea of Santa was that he was white as he was a product of anglo-dutch-german imagination/myth.

The modern santa can be whatever the local community identifies with. He is, after all, not real. Santa is for kids and if the local audience of kids is mostly black then make santa black. Let the myth develop with modern morality and ethics.

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Posted in: Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs dies at 84 See in context

A thug and criminal lauded by many cockneys.

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Posted in: Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles closer to EU See in context

This is encroaching on Russia's sphere of defense

Zaldaus, there is no right to a 'sphere of defense', every country in the world, no matter how small, has the right to determine its own alliances. You and Russia need to get out of this cold war thinking. Eastern Europe states are no longer part of the russian empire.

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Posted in: Japan's new NSC to have hotline with U.S., Britain See in context

A necessary move by Japan.

Beijings belligerence is causing Tokyo to react.

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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

Maria - did you read the article?

The old lady kept the seat from an equally (or more ?) needy person - a pregnant woman. This shows a complete lack of respect for the pregnant woman and unborn child.

Respect and courtesy are not one way. If the elderly dont show respect to others in need, then its reasonable for articles like this to question the behaviour of the oldies.

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Posted in: What do you dislike most about your smartphone? See in context

The fact that I have to carry one at all. I would love to ditch it in favour of my house/office phones but I would lose my job.

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Posted in: Two warships, carrying 650 SDF troops, head to typhoon-ravaged Philippines See in context

Nice to see help coming from all over.

There may be hope for humanity yet..

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Posted in: Young Frenchman too heavy to fly will go home by ship See in context

As sensei said - he consumed all those calories and didnt stop when it became apparent he was putting on more weight. Fat people dont convert the air to fat, they consume too many calories.

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Posted in: All Blacks target new heights on Japan, European tour See in context

The ABs are just awesome. Hopefully, the AB win rate will put the Americas cup race into perspective - 15 men against 15 rather than $$$ against even more $$$$.

Pommy excuses Spud - your inability to accept a fair loss to the Poms is making you sound like an Aussie. Just accept the defeat in good grace, in the knowledge that if it had been a series the ABs would have won.

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