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Posted in: Why does Japanese writing need three different sets of characters? See in context

Today I have learned hiragana (yes even double) and I already have my view on 3 writing systems :D

This article author is explaining that the biggest reason for using 3 writing systems is to distinguish where words (sentence parts) ends and another begins by giving an example (in part 2) "Watashi ha meido wo mita/I saw the maid" by saying that if it is written like this : 私はめいどを見た than that big cluster of hiragana in the middle could be confusing.

True, BUT hey, I must be genius or what, why not using spaces between sentence words? You all (even Japanese speakers) say spaces. Why not writing it?

So above sentence would be: 私 は めいど を 見た. And even all in hiragana would be: わたし は めいど を みて. Easy-peasy!

Removing kanji characters does not mean that the meaning would be lost. Because if two speakers can understand each other by speaking (and they speak by hiragana sounds) then they could understand that written hiragana of kanji characters too.

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