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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

It's scary that someone so young can exhibit such a cruel mindset. and as somebody that grew up in the inner city of Chicago, it's practically heartbreaking, but this kind of mindset happens all over the world. Yes this kid is still a teenager, and some believe that he can be rehabilitated, but I think he needs to be in custody, far and away from other people, until it has shown that he can somehow be rehabilitated. I personally don't believe that such I jacked up and dangerous mind could ever be rehabilitated. That little kid is just plain evil. And for the record, yes I have 1 relative who is currently incarcerated and had a similar mindset, except he just liked to rob and take things from people. I tried to reach out to him, and saw that there was really no hope for him. He just got off too much on taking and hurting from other people, just like this young man.

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Posted in: Man arrested over lewd act with minor in car See in context

This dude is obivously someone with a problem...and since he's done this lewd act many times before, he needs to be put away for a while, with some counseling...

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Posted in: Murder suspected in death of rich man dubbed Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

I can't believe that this guy would call himself a Don Juan... If you're spending all that money, I would just keep that little secret to myself. Although dude did not look to be in the best of health, I definitely suspect foul play at work. But then again, I'm no Detective...

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Posted in: Sony to put virtual ads in PlayStation 3 games See in context

NOOOOO!!! What next...informercial gaming? STOP THIS INSANITY!!!

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