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Posted in: Ishihara blames Tokyo 2016 failure on behind-the-scenes deals See in context

Are there no real journalists in the Japanese media? A real journalist would ask this clown some hard questions like "Didn't your blatant racism contribute to Japan's failure to win the Olympics" or something to that effect. Watch him wriggle out of that kind of question... But seems like there is no courage and the media just buys what he is selling likely...

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

Although I think this is a very serious problem, as a foreigner such a campaign puts me off riding the train during this week, as likely the police would assume its the bad foreigner who is the groper, so might be better to face the traffic jams and drive to avoid an unfair night in the cells. Either that or visibly cross your hands over your chest and make sure to move completely away from any girl as much as possible. That film about the false groping accusation still haunts me. But like I said its still a terrible crime, its just those stopping it (the police) can't be trusted to treat gaijin fairly and not assume it was our evil hands..

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Posted in: What would you like to see happen to struggling airline JAL? See in context

Get rid of the overpriced fuel surcharge for good, this charge really puts me off the airline, it seems so petty...

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