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Soochi comments

Posted in: Racism rears its head on eve of Euro 2012 See in context

A senior UEFA official said that a small group of protesters targeted the Dutch team’s training ground in Krakow on Wednesday and were unhappy at Krakow not being one of the four Polish host cities chosen for the tournament.

............. and so that excuses racist chants towards black Dutch players?!?! This quote from a senior UEFA official - do they even realise how utterly stupid they sound. And SVTony, no, there isn't, there really, really isn't.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after 7-year-old boy run over, killed in Chiba See in context

Miki, seven is fine to be walking home alone - as long as they are taught how to be safe!

Evidently not. Seven is too young and the majority of parents would agree. If however you really do think 7 is "fine" then good luck to you and your kids, I for one think you are running a risk which is entirely out of your hands to prove a stupid point.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

Ask the people who live there if they wish to remain Japanese or become Taiwanese or Chinese.

Cleo's right here - self determination is all it boils down to in the end. The UN's Human Rights legislation has pretty much every base covered for those born and bred and so the ONLY way to take any of these so-called disputed islands these days is by force. Sabre rattling makes headlines but the politicians couldn't give a flying 'cos they know international law is on their side.

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl dies after being hit by truck in Tokyo's Shinagawa See in context

At 9 years old, at a busy intersection, she should have been walking her bike across, with a parent next to her, or holding her hand.

That is what it all boils down to - there is a MASSIVE lack of basic cycling proficiency in Japan, both amongst adults and, unfortunately in this case, kids.

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Posted in: British, Italian hostages killed in Nigerian rescue bid See in context

Should have sent in SEALS Team 6 to do the job ...

edojin, you should try googling "Linda Norgrove" and cut down on the posturing - this isn't Hollywood.

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Posted in: At least 50 killed in Syria as regime pound rebels See in context

It's a bit strange to see messages condoning Assad.... but whatever floats your boat.

It's equally strange to see messages supporting the condoning messages.

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Posted in: Some Japanese customs that may confuse foreigners See in context

Speaking to a very refined and highly educated Japanese businessman about slurping noodles, he said:

"That is shita-machi style... I don't eat noodles like that..."

So there you have it.

Case closed then, we can all go home. Personally though I find people who slurp their noodles far less offfensive than bigoted remarks like this - nothing refined or educated about that geezer whatsoever.

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Posted in: Dutch workers down tools at Mitsubishi plant See in context

"down tools" is a direct translation of the French expression "poser les outils"

No, it is very much a common English expression although it is interesting that quite a few posters aren't familiar with it. Union leaders will be shaking in their hobnail boots the world over at such ignorance.

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Posted in: Japanese star charged over Taiwan taxi driver assault See in context

“We demand truth, we demand dignity, we demand an apology,” dozens of demonstrators shouted, while delivering a protest letter to a representative for the Japanese side.

What "side" would this be and why do these people target the embassy just because a Japanese national got into trouble? Plenty of sympathy for the driver and hell yes throw the book at this lass and her lacky if they are guilty but easy on the mob rule mentality. What is it with this daft knee jerk reaction to any incident?

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Posted in: Argentina says Britain has nuclear weapons in Falklands See in context

So long as the Falklanders want to remain under British Sovereign rule then there's nothing to discuss. Kirchner isn't remotely as stupid nor as committed as Galtieri was so she is playing the only hand left available; tub thumping, sabre-rattling rhetoric. Although her Foreign Minister must have a pretty weak grasp of global military affairs if he thinks the UK will reveal the whereabouts of her nukes so readily. Loonbag!

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Posted in: Beer is served See in context

There are so many things I miss about Japan but being served (and charged for) a half glass of froth every time I ordered a beer isn't one of them. Best thing the breweries ever did in in the UK was placing the tide mark on our pint glasses - sorry, 568ml glasses.

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Posted in: France blocks train from Italy with migrants See in context

"Love the irony of the SNCB"

That would be SNCF.

Or indeed Ternitalia, but neither operator were advertising on JT. Sorry if fact it was a Belgium ad clouded the irony for you. I happen to agree about your valid papers comment though.

I'd like to hear Elbudamexicano and afroengineer explain how the current political unrest in Tunisia is a dircet result of French colonisation in the 1880's and when, if ever, is it appropriate to shift the balance of blame onto the shoulders of these countries' current ruling elites and away from from their old colonial oppressors. My folks (Irish and Scottish) have relatives who are convinced that every ill in their life is because of King Edward II and Oliver Cromwell and so don't have much time for the English. It doesn't bother me as I think they are just soft in the head but it would be interesting to know if you think a statute of limitations exists on our responsibilities, for both sides' sake.

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Posted in: France blocks train from Italy with migrants See in context

Love the irony of the SNCB ad which accompanies this article. "Discover Europe by tra..." ........ oh...., er... right.......

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Posted in: Japan lifts Asian Cup with 1-0 win over Australia See in context

That is a cracking win against a bloody good Ozzie side. Had to make do with text commentary back in the UK and by the sounds of it the Ozzies were on top for much of the match. Well done anyway Japan and hard luck to the Socceroos. You would probably both beat England at the moment if that is any smidgen of consolation. That said expect a thrashing in Brisbane later today!

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Posted in: Asian Cup clash is another chapter in Japan-South Korea rivalry See in context

Both suck, so I do not want to offend any Japanese or Koreans, but it is the truth.

Alright then fella (or lass!?!?). I'm feeling bored so let's see you back this statement up? On what basis do you reckon Japan and South Korea both "suck". Look forward to hearing from you....

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Posted in: UK imposes new permanent immigration quota See in context

who in their right mind would want to immigrate to the UK anyway?

According to the article you have presumably just read it was 196,000 people last year - 3rd para, last line.

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Posted in: Political chaos engulfs Ireland, threatening bailout See in context

Poor old Mary McAleese - I hardly think it is fair to dump this on her shoulders Frungy. As for Cowen, he should stick to what he does best, necking pints. Flyingfish has got it right unfortunately - ask anyone who has either lived or worked in Ireland this last 10 years and they will tell you how rampant consumerism took hold of this country and for the most part the folk LOVED it. It is worth noting that there were also plentry of observers who predicted it would all go t*ts up before long but everyone was partying too hard to pay them any attention.

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

I doubt it happens only in Japan.

From my experience, stores in Canada tend to start decorating for Christmas on November 1st, which is right after the Halloween decoration cleanup,

Ditto the UK. Here it is Nov 6th, day after Guy Fawkes Night. Although the stores have been selling X-mas stuff since early October.

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Posted in: Cameron says UK still a world power See in context

I would think that if a country needs to remind the world it's a world power, it really isn't.

It was a foreign policy speech at the Lord Mayor's bash in town - it wasn't directed at the rest of the world. Generally speaking most Brits couldn't give, and never have given, a toss what the rest of the world thinks about us - probably why we are so despised. I personally wouldn't mind us taking more of a backseat role on global affairs in the future, enable us to concentrate a bit more on sorting our own mess out. But anyone who thinks the world would be a better or safer place if the UK were to step away from the table of global diplomacy and politics is deluded. Admittedly the UK currently has some major issues to address but comparatively speaking, in terms of respect for basic freedoms, democracy, equality, charity, political stability, justice, tolerance and fostering international relations I still think we are world leader. If you value strategic influence and economic clout over all of the above then I guess yea, the UK is a has-been and China and India are up next. Good luck world.

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Posted in: Cameron says UK still a world power See in context

Still wouldn't want to live anywhere else though.

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Posted in: Maid to order See in context

Picture of the month more like! Great photo. That bloke's expression is priceless.

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Posted in: What's the best way to deal with screaming or badly-behaved children at airports and on planes so that they don't drive other passengers crazy? See in context

the best way to deal with an annoying brat is to knock them strongly in the face by accident when the parents aren't looking. I do it all the time

Course you do dave420, course you do.

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Posted in: BP accused of withholding critical spill data See in context

Transocean said that the limited information it has retrieved from BP came only after the company reluctantly signed a confidentiality agreement.

.....so that will explain the "withholding critical spill data" headline then. Transocean are already trying to do damage limitation - you can bet some very interesting infomation will be coming out from BP's lawyers about Transocean's role in this.

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Posted in: China overtakes Japan in 2nd quarter as world's No. 2 economy See in context

In China er capita is $3,600, but that is misleading. The figure is much much higher if you take into account only the economically active Chinese who are mainly in the East side of China.

What bit of "per capita" misleads you Triple888. Your argument isn't unique to China by anymeans.

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Posted in: 5 most impressive movie women who kick butt See in context

No Princess Leia!!!!!?????!!!!!

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Posted in: London taxis ranked world's best; Tokyo 3rd See in context

He also said that a large proportion of the London drivers are ex-police.

True - a lot of ex-service men take the Knowledge as well.

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Posted in: Iniesta scores in extra time to give Spain World Cup See in context

Crap final but at least the right team won.

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Posted in: BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents See in context

The British press, much more sympathetic than the American media to BP’s plight, has expressed disbelief at the company’s strategy.

"Reasoned" rather than "sympathetic" - the British press don't do sympathy.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director defiant on Yokota base ban, harassment See in context

“The military is facing a lot of pressure by our government to make nice of the Japanese.... It’s not just about saving dolphins. It’s about saving humans,” he said. “This kind of information needs to be freed.

Maybe they'd rather watch Universal Soldier 3 - the more I read about this bloke the more he portrays himself as the second bleeding coming.

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Posted in: Shooting AV stars See in context

The Japanese are not burdened down by religious morality: a spade is a spade, porn is porn.

And a pixel is a pixel.

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