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Posted in: Kusanagi will pay heavy price with contract cancellations See in context

this is ABSURD! he didn't harm anyone...

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Posted in: Suspect who escaped from police station while cop slept turns himself in See in context

this is funny!LOL!

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Posted in: Monopoly champ See in context

love that game...where can i buy it here in japan?it seems so hard to find...

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Posted in: SMAP's Kimutaku eager to try role as neuroscientist in new TV drama See in context

He's a BIG STAR in JAPAN and been in the entertainment for so long...have you guys ever seen his drama and finished it?

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Posted in: Critics say Japan overreacting to N Korea rocket launch See in context

japan is just being proactive..doing something before a problem comes than dealing with it when it's there...people will always have a say whether japan reacts to NK launching missile or not...you know it's better to be prepared than not.

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Posted in: Love at first bite See in context

heard the book is better than the movie

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

that is soo sad...Japanese people don't have any outlet for their emotions...

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Posted in: Woman stabbed after being asked for directions near Yokohama station See in context

That's so scary!

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Posted in: Entrance exam competition heats up See in context

The moms are more excited about the exams than their own children...how about the dads??lol...

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