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Posted in: The age of listless, wary, anxiety-ridden and insecure young men See in context

Those first two lines should have been quotations, damn it!

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Posted in: The age of listless, wary, anxiety-ridden and insecure young men See in context

You meant "three" seconds, right?

That's how long it took me to type the few words above.

Wow. Do you mind bending over so I can bask in your radiant glory for three seconds?

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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama named Best Jeanist for 2009 See in context

It's time to annoy the idiots who celebrate this award and maybe wake a few of them up. Let's organise a "best kimonoka" (Duh, they say Judoka, don't dey?), or "best kimono samyoorai" award for the hollywood celebrity who looks the least embarrassed in a nylon, made-in-china bathrobe resplendant with an out-of-focus print of Mt. Fuji on it!

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It's about time for JT to start putting the word "gravure" in the inverted comments it reserves for Japlish words used out of context like "talent".

To support my case, I submit the following:

Gravure. Adj.


a. A method of printing with etched plates or cylinders; intaglio printing. b. Photogravure.

a. A plate used in the process of gravure. b. A reproduction produced by gravure.

It's time to reclaim our language!

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Posted in: Dueling 'racist' claims defuse once powerful word See in context


Sorry for the delay.

If you had bothered to read my post carefully, you would note that I said Wilson thought Obama lied, not that he had proven it. Of course, if I had bothered to read your post more carefully, then I wouldn't have been able to post anything! Looks like we both need to smack ourselves on the forehead, and then kiss and make up.

And you're right: Sarge does need to put his money where his mouth is.

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Posted in: Dueling 'racist' claims defuse once powerful word See in context


straight, damn it, straight!

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Posted in: Dueling 'racist' claims defuse once powerful word See in context


Wilson DID let everyone know where he thought Obama lied, I believe, with his timing of his unracist, but uncivil outburst. I get the impression he said it stright after Obama promised that illegal immigrants wouldn't have access to any kind of national medical insurance.


In regards to your comment:

Almost all of them don't even call him the President. They simply call him Obama.

Correct me if I'm off track here, but what about Dubya, Clinton, Bush and Reagan?

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Posted in: Woman, child not wearing seatbelts fall out of car at intersection See in context

Well, this story proves that there are plenty of morons who don't use seatbelts. It also shows that some of them, go down to the next level of rock banging when they sayit's judgemental to criticise their non-use or try to call them a governmental "money maker". Ha!

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Mass elimination of carefully chosen populations of humans (i.e. those not in the G20) should cut carbon emissions substantially. Then the powers that be can get those who are left to start planting trees and other high oxygen-yield vegetation to get rid of excess carbon.

Zere is nuzzink wrong wiz zat plan. You vill comply.

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Posted in: Univ student arrested after trying to blackmail two 11-year-old girls See in context

Well, He's just stuffed up the rest of his life, as this will go on his record and he won't be able to find a decent job anywhere. Is that punishment enough?

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

lots of weird or sick parents in Japan ;)

As a percentage of the population, no. To believe otherwise would seem racist.

As for USA Ronin's response to one2one:

'"why am I crying..."

"It's the nature of your gender, m'am.

-Nothin' wrong with that."'

Ronin, Why do you assume that it is only you women who would cry about this?

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Posted in: Pregnant pix See in context

Calling pregnancy a "once in a lifetime experience" suggests that the Japanese are a doomed people, unable or unwilling to have enough kids to maintain their race. Just a poor choice of expression, perhaps?

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Posted in: Teacher reprimanded for slapping 41 students who failed to follow excursion rules See in context


I am referring to the contempt that some, if not all of the students displayed by ignoring what that teacher had told them, so no, I'm not using the wrong word. Please refer to

Of course, you may not think of them as having been rude, but that's a matter of opinion, not word choice. As an English teacher (i.e. a "real" one), I have a reasonable idea of both semantics and some antics of students.

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Posted in: Teacher reprimanded for slapping 41 students who failed to follow excursion rules See in context

Wow.There are sooooo many people here who have no idea about the insolence teachers have to put up with from students!

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Posted in: Teacher, wife busted for filming women in toilet 'just for fun' See in context

Bizarre. But, as others have pointed out, at least this couple shared an interest together.

So good to see that you can look on the bright side of this kind of sexual assault.

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Posted in: Mariko Shinoda to visit homes in nurse attire See in context

In this case.

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Posted in: Mariko Shinoda to visit homes in nurse attire See in context

Who decided celebrities should spout this kind of insipid drivel?

Japanese people.

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Posted in: Anyone for vodka cola? See in context

Kirin said its data research showed that among sodas, Coca-Cola beverages are the most popular

Err, Shouldn't that read "cola beverages"?

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Posted in: Iran declares win for Ahmadinejad in disputed vote See in context

"Ahmadinejad is one of the few aces the Republicans have that will allow them to keep pushing for increased defense spending, missile shield, etc.

Republicans NEED Ahmadinejad to remain in power."

Yes, just like Abe Lincoln need surgery to take the bullet out.

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Posted in: NPO provides unusual solution to Japan’s feral cat problem See in context


That would be a fair comment if cats are not native as would be the case in Australia but are cats native to Japan?

Nope. They're all ex-domestic cats. That's what feral means. Anyhow, it seems that a lot of posters here are in favour of wiping them out. I disagree. Send them to North Korea instead.

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Posted in: Tokyo man on nationwide wanted list for murdering wife and son See in context



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Not that that one of mine is going to require a change of seats, of course.

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JT should start up a funniest speech bubble competition with Eric Bana's obvious aside to Chris Pine.

"It's life Jim, but not as we know it." springs to mind.

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Posted in: 57-year-old Saitama tax chief arrested for taking pictures of naked 9-year-old girl See in context

Why is it society can never be rid of the witch hunters?

Because real "witches" needed to be hunted down in order to protect the innocent. Now, excuse me while I go and find my torch and pitchfork.

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Posted in: Zen and the art of surfboard maintenance See in context

Ah, surfing! One of the ultimate acts of selfishness.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Tokyo get the 2016 Olympics? If your answer is no, then why not? See in context

Yes. I'd like to say why, but I'm apparently not allowed to do so. O

Moderator: You can say why.

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Posted in: Man shoots 5 children dead, then himself near Seattle See in context

What the pro-gun lobby in this little forum seems to forget is that guns make it so easy to take a life. One pull of one little trigger and its over for the person on the other end of the barrel.

Mark Macracken's comment, "Take away this man's gun and he could have easily loaded his children in a car and intentionally crashed it with the same tragic result." is in need of some rethinking.

Mark needs to work out the logistics of both senarios to realise just how much less likely it is that the kids will die if a gun is not to hand.

Banning, or at least strict regulation of guns will reduce the death toll.

Some say that statistics can mean whatever you want them to mean, but when there are enough statistics coming at you from different angles all showing you the same thing, then it's time to tell the NRA to do the physically impossible and put their heads up their barrels. And then put strict controls on firearms.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist campaigns to keep his family’s killer behind bars See in context


What a hero you aren't. Heroes have compassion.


It has nothing to do with a vendetta, but everything to do with protecting the public against an enemy who will inevitably kill again if released.

May the guy not come to your home if he is.

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their children as a means of discipline? See in context

It's a nice theory, but it works.

Whoops. My editor was asleep there!

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their children as a means of discipline? See in context

Corporal punishment is a viable, time-tested form of discipline. It must, of course, be administered with fair warning, full reasoning, and loving support thereafter. It provides children with a "breathing space": The memory of physical pain is often enough to deter children from wayward behaviour, and gives them the opportunity to discover the benefits of good behaviour.

It should always be a last resort as well. Even then, care should be taken to ensure that no permanent physical damage is done to the child.

It's a nice theory, but it works. The only negative memories I have of my parents smacking me is when I felt it was unjustified.

Witholding Toys, early bedtime, timeout etc. also cause a child pain. In this sense the are just as much abuse as a smack on the bottom. In fact, there is just as much potential for misuse of those options, as any social worker who has found a kid locked up in a cupboard all day will attest.

Teaching children positive behaviour requires consequences, and all of these consequences are going to hurt the child. Warning, reasoning and support after the event, however, will eventually turn those consequences into a valuable experience, no matter if they are physical or psychological.

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