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i had a little problem when i hear the name at fist. it sounds like Psycho-chan!!!

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125F degrees is baby when compare to 100 degrees Celsius on a test with Core i7 MacBook Pro i read a while back.

100C won't only burn lap but it will burn hands too. lol what a point to call a laptop that you can not put on your lap? and what a point at all to buy it at all, if you can not use it because it get too hot for your hand to type a thing!

sorce : google for "Core i7-equipped MacBook Pro"

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From what I saw on a morning news, that “deai or matchmaking cafe” silly name by the way! Look more like a prostitution house commonly find in south-east asia where women sit in big glass windows room wait for men to pick them up. I wonder if “deai ” mean “prostitution house”? Opps! I am sorry, japan doesn't have such thing call prostitution. they just call it in a difference name.

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Posted in: What do you think of the decision by major Japanese companies such as Rakuten and Fast Retailing to make English the official language at their management meetings? See in context

it is a hype and a lot of demand for japanese product out there. i think if they do it right they will end up being a very successful business. i just hope that they will not have millions of input boxes to check and fill up on the multiple checkout pages.

doing business internationally on internet, please just make it simple, make senses and easy to use the international ways, not the japanese ways with tons of encoding problem and restriction on language inputting modes, etc...

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a clip of raining oil in Louisiana

this is just the beginning, wait for the real hurricane come! it going to suck big time.

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as a non football fan, i guess people repugnant by the way j-media has been doing?

Japanese people think that expecting victory is arrogant. They never blow their own horn.

i am not really agree with that. every time i turn on j-tv seeing anything sport related, i can see only the opposite. remember what they think they can do before the japan-netherlands math? remember winter olympic last and last last time?

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the american scientists went nut?

japanese scientists(or fishermen, i don't know!) has been studing and research the whale(taste) extensively using all tools(loopholes) available for decades after the commercial band, they give out no toxic warning to the japanese public(indirectly fund their hunt and fill up their pockets). how come?

i don't believe the american!!! get them out of Okinawa first!

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any report of iPhone 4 Reception Issues for the model sell in japan yet? the story in america has been all over the internet.

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Dual-touchscreen, I am not sure about that. And the news say nothing about its OS. But I am sure whatever they use, it will support flash. Nothing bad for me using flash. People use flash for many purpose. It is not that they lazy or adobe tell them to use as some said. One area that I still see no one can do better than flash is the animation.

Apple can not find a better way to deal with flash so they just flame it as always. “That is an old dirty apple trick of doing business”. No one should take it too serious. Perhaps next they might tell flash animator to go back to gif animation. HTML5 is already here and it is here to stay. it is not a Flash killer and shouldn't be seen that way!

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it seem like a real handy device to me. but i don't like the way apple doing business. monopoly controlling everything, i even think M$ is less evil compare to apple today. i will wait for a device from the "Don't be evil" company.

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