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Posted in: Hiroshima locals criticize U.S. lawmaker over A-bomb remark about Gaza See in context

The moderators on here always delete my comments when I try to put across what is considred to by reputable neutral historians that the WWII US nuclear bomb uses, that killed thousands of innocent people including children and babies, were avoidable acts that were perpetrated for political means when there were other diplomaitc avenues that Japan was willing to negotiate if it helped the Emperor save face. The winners write history, hence the US rhetoric of "a quick end to the war saving countless lives" - of course the US establishment are going to teach their citizens only this account. The WWII bombs could've been dropped on non-populous areas - they weren't. Thousands of innocents died. This can't be disputed.

Killing innocent children should never be justiifed - so please stop trying to justify in the name of misguided patrotism.

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

Bottom line (no matter which country does it) killing innocent people, especially children and babies is wrong. It doesn't matter what other crimes their nation of birth has committed or will commit - it is wrong, it is a war crime. The use of atomic bombs were war crimes. End of.

"Oh, oh, but, but but..." Yessss, I know - Japan also committed horiffic war crimes (against my country's (UK) prisoners too as well as China and other places no doubt), and yes the UK has committed numerous war crimes - in fact Churchill invented concentration camps over in Africa, but whatabouttery is a juvenile illogical point of view as it doesn't ever justify the indiscriminate killing of citizens.

Sorry, to the Americans on here trying to justify war crimes. Furthermore, the decision to commit the war crimes of the A-Bomb dropping were completlely political in numerous ways (and more about Russian pressure, and home economic pressure). Of course, you won't have been taught about this (people don't like toi tell their citizens about their war crimes for some reason - go figure) - just like I wasn't taught about the attrocities my country committed in Ireland and other places. Please do you own (reliable) research - from reputable non-US/or non-bias US sources and you will see the whole picture.

Furthermore - why did the US not give a warning to evacuate before levelling a cities and killing innocent children and babies? Or drop the first bomb on a forest rather than a city full of citizens and children? So try not to embarass yourself further by standing up for a war crime in the name of misguided-patrotism.

Love Daddy x

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Posted in: Increased screen time from age 1 affects later development: study See in context

Come on people this is clearly correlation not causation - it's not literally the screen at fault, it's the time not spent developing other skills. Stare at a wall for 4 hours a day and they'll be even worse off than if they were staring at a screen.

My 4 year old watches 30-60 mins of TV most days of the week and actually learns stuff from it and develops new interests, but we also read to her every night and play games, and do arts and crafts etc most days - and honestly, her problem solving skills, imagination and common sense is higher than most adults I work with. It's all about moderation (and parental engagement), and not as simplistic as this study makes it out to be that screen = bad. But yeah, of course I'd worry about a kids development if they are only spending time in front of a screen.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of friend at bar in Sapporo See in context

NeurozooOct. 5  10:22 pm JST

"unemployed man", Does this add to his deviousness? Is he morally lower than someone employed? His lack of employment was a deciding factor in his actions?

Surely employed people don't knife others. It's unthinkable.

I'm fairly sure unemployed is often "code" or a polite way of saying he is a yak and not the animal kind.

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Posted in: Japan school absenteeism at record high of nearly 300,000 in FY2022 See in context

ThubanToday  06:52 am JST

More fallout from the draconian measures taken during Covid that forced healthy people who weren't at risk to comply with rules that weren't necessary.

It was wrong to force mandates on healthy people who were not at risk.

Not sure what I think about how the COVID pandemic was handled anymore, but... I think the point of healthy people being "forced" to do things was because healthy people can still transmit COVID to those at risk. It was abotu protecting the vulenrable as much as possible. Especially in Japan where little Tarou most often lives in the same small house as his elderly (at risk) grandparents (who may be too stoic to isolate themselves in their room all day and not help the household).

I'm sure Tarou doesn't want to ever entertain the idea he may have been indirectly responsible for a family members early departure, if possible

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

Just in case TLDR...

Innocent children should never be deliberately targetted - only criminals and psychopaths would do this or try to advocate or justify it. End.

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

Time to drop a truth bomb. We all (should) know history is written by the winners - so some of you may want to research a bit more before you try to justify a war crime and the mass murder of children with the atomic bombings.

Japan was on its knees and wanted to surrender, but they needed a diplomatic way for it to happen so the Emperor (at the time regarded as a deity-like figure could save face). Japan reached out several times on diplomatic channels to try and arrange an acceptable surrender, but... that didn't fit with the US govenrem,tns plans and needs. The US governemnt had spent millions upon millions of tax payer money on the atomic project and were getting criticised for it, so needed to justify it, provide a bing bang for the buck - plus they needed to flex in front of Russia (who they saw as the next threat,) and take control of Japan before they did.

Make no mistake that the mass murder (of innocent women, children, babies, men) and war crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were economically driven and more about fear of Russia than Japan (who were pretty much on the canvasss ready to tap out).

Why not drop the first bomb on a non populous area adn then give the option to surrender? No, they needed somethig big to scare off the Russians and ascend the world throne as the new bully in town. Bullies don't threaten, they punch.

But I understand, Americans are culturally very proud and being nationalsitic is a big part of their identity so it must be hard to accept their fore-fathers' war crimes.

Now, before the torrent of "what abouttery" I'm British, and I accept the multiple war crimes and attrocities my country has committed. Britain invented concentration camps, Tony Blair (and arguably Churchill) are war criminals. We enslaved two thirds or the world at one point. That is also pretty evil and wrong.

Innocent children should never be deliberately targetted - only criminals and psychopaths would do this or try to advocate or justify it. End.

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Posted in: Woman gets 11 years for murder of mentally ill husband with son's help See in context


Because they booked the crematorium BEFORE he died. Somewhat suspicious...

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Posted in: Japanese mom’s don’t-touch-my-baby-stroller sign stirs up debate See in context

I'm from the UK and have a baby and a kid in Japan and totally agree with this lady. People come up and touch my kids faces all the time without asking - this is not cool in normal circumstances - but during a pandemic, just rude and invasive. If I had the nerve I'd do it right back at them, see how they like having their cheek pulled suddenly without warning or permission, but I'm fairly sure that would land me in trouble!

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