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Posted in: Yen surge threatens Japanese companies: Abe See in context

More foreigners will stay and work in Japan if the yen is high (and complain about the work culture). More foreigners will come as tourists if the yen is low (and express their adoration of Japan).

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Posted in: Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video See in context

That’s already a popular model in some Asian countries, where people use China’s WeChat, Japan’s Line

Ahem, isn't Line Korean?

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Posted in: Starbucks’ apricot honey soy cream lattes and Frappuccinos arrive See in context

The soy card is weird and useless.

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Posted in: N Korea sentences U.S. student to 15 years hard labor See in context

For $70 you can take a DMZ tour from Seoul and buy those propaganda paraphernalia. For a little extra you can walk across the border at the train platform to get your passport stamped and walk back.

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Posted in: Rock comes out swinging at Oscars; 'Spotlight' wins Best Picture See in context

No mention of Setsuko Hara in Memoriam: Big fail.

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Posted in: Allergy season approaches See in context

Plus there are no effective decongestants thanks to paranoia about drugs.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker under fire for Obama remarks; refuses to resign See in context

Hyperbole, yes it was. Gaffe, yes it was. But I cannot even tell what he is trying to say. More like a Palin than a Trump.

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Posted in: The dark side of the food industry See in context

Then there's the vegetable curry or vegetable soup that always has pork.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan about to start selling chocolate French fries See in context

Future looks bright for heart surgeons and endocrinologists.

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Posted in: S Korea-Japan ties improve after N Korea's nuclear test See in context

In other news, "S Korea & Japan defence contractors improve sales after N Korea's nuclear test"

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Posted in: Should the statue of a girl dedicated to the memory of Korean women forced to work in Japanese military wartime brothels be removed from outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul? See in context

No. Don't move. Build more. More statues, more educational programs, more films. Keep history alive. Say: never again.

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Posted in: Murakami's aged men show Japan's post-disaster spirituality See in context

Murakami is not dubbed Andy Warhol of Japan, since that is a passive sentence. Murakami calls himself Andy Warhol. In Murakami's return to nativist spirituality, every Arhat looks like Murakami, and 3/11 gives him an excuse to carry on capitalising on his message of the pitiful victimised Japan. He should just call himself Mammon-kami.

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Posted in: Japan investigating report of Japanese journalist held hostage in Syria See in context

He has been missing since July but Japan did not care until Reporters Without Borders reported the story several days ago and it went across international media. Yasuda has been very critical toward Abe. That's why J-officials didn't broadcast this one.

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Posted in: What do Japanese men think about dating foreign women? See in context

Many J-men like to date foreign women for free English lessons.

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Posted in: Erica the android can have 'natural' conversations See in context

As long as she doesn't beg to practice eikaiwa with me.

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Posted in: Snoopy Museum scheduled to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi See in context

Cool. Joe Cool. The original "Cool."

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Posted in: Anime 'Gate' tries to recruit for Self-Defense Forces See in context

Meh. What war isn't about being the good guys and saving the women and children and helpless people anyway? (while arms traders stuff wallets....)

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Posted in: Japan artist battles museum over works mocking government See in context

Aida is famous for his "Dog" series of paintings of sexy nude amputated young girls wearing dog collars. Funny, the government is not censoring those.

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Posted in: Worries grow about freelance Japanese journalist in Syria See in context

Not three others. One other: Watanabe Nobutaka. Yasuda and Watanabe were taken hostage shortly after three others were taken hostage in April 2004. So, five Japanese citizens in total. The five were released unharmed and paid back expenses to the Japanese government. They choose not to be "embedded" with the government media operations. Hate them if you want. They chose to be independent--for you. Only global citizens will benefit from their reporting. I wish the best for Mr. Yasuda. God bless you.

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Posted in: Trump stirs new controversy by criticizing McCain war record See in context

Donald is a distraction to make Jeb look like the liberal, sane candidate. What Iraq War?

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Posted in: Culture and sustainability See in context

Silence in Japan got us LDP dominance, Abe and the end of Article Nine. I say raise our voices.

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

Time to show Unbroken then.

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