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This is hilarious. Let's go through them one by one.

1) Delta. I use Delta everyone I go to Portland, it's the only direct carrier. The service, food, and cleanliness are superb every time. JAL is OK and I've used them three times. ANA is horrible. Bad food, bad service. Had a child kicking my seat the whole flight and asked the attendant to help and they refused. I asked the child and parent to stop and they didn't. They were Japanese. My wife asked them to stop too (She is Japanese) and they wouldn't.

2) People talk in line. How about Japanese who take 20 minutes to use the ATM to pay bills when they could just withdraw the money and got to a conbini? Far more rude. Or how about people never letting you go ahead in line when you have less than them

3) Um everyone knows taxis in NY suck. But do people tell you of the stink of BO on Japanese trains? Nope.

4) You don't have to leave a tip. Also Why are you eating Japanese ramen in America? Try eating something outside your comfort zone.

5) Lack of bathrooms? Haven't noticed it but I have noticed lack of trash cans in Japan.

6) Poor plumbing? Sorry that is everywhere, even in Japan.

7) Cigarettes are cheaper outside of NY. Try not generalizing one city of the US as being representative of the entire US.

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