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Posted in: Belgium eliminates Brazil from World Cup to reach semifinals See in context

Loved that second Belgian goal.

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Posted in: No plans to change fair play rule: FIFA See in context

If they’re not going to have the 2 teams play an actual tiebreaker match, then it’s as good a decider as any. After counting goals, goal difference and every other goal-related metric, how dirty a team is seems like a natural step.

The big mistake was scheduling the matches at different times. It’s only natural that the team in the later match will look at the results of the earlier match and proceed in a way that best suits them. Whiners will be whiners though.

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Posted in: China protests to Japanese media over report on Taiwan See in context

Any fans of communism still out there?


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Posted in: Toxic fan culture: A 'Star Wars' Story See in context

There is no denying the racist and misogynistic elements to this issue, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s my age or I don’t know what, but part of me keeps thinking 3 things: 1- The internet enables a lot of bad, immature and anonymous behavior, 2- giving badly behaved, immature and anonymous people attention just gives them what they want, 3- the recent media fetish of making every single thing about race and sex only gives these brats an opportunity to carry out their modus operandi. I’m willing to bet that some don’t even believe what they’re writing, they just do it because internet.

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Posted in: What to do if there is a killer on your train See in context

keep staring at your phone screen. if you can't see him, he can't see you.

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Posted in: 'One Piece' manga creator’s joke about World War II soldier prompts official apology from publisher See in context

It’s the perennial problem of the squeaky wheel getting all the grease.

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Posted in: High school basketball player punches ref after dispute over foul See in context

I saw the foul the kid was called for on YouTube. More like some kind of attempt at an ippon in Judo. I don’t buy that the kid was upset having a foul called. The foul was too obvious.

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Posted in: After brief wait, Beyonce, Jay-Z take album to Spotify See in context

That’s garbage...

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Posted in: Lower house passes antismoking bill See in context

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

I'm definitely not on the MJ bandwagon, but there is no question about it being infinitely less bad than paint thinner.

I mean, seriously? You're comparing it with paint thinner?

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Posted in: Why Canada's pot legalization won't stop black-market sales See in context

Okay, so the black market may not disappear, but it can still cure cancer. Amiright?

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Posted in: Is the wedding bouquet toss a form of harassment? Some Japanese women say 'Yes' See in context

Those who cry harassment are only showing their bitter and jealous natures

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Posted in: Ronaldo scores hat-trick as Portugal draws 3-3 with Spain See in context


no arguing his talent, just this match.

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Posted in: Ronaldo scores hat-trick as Portugal draws 3-3 with Spain See in context

I'm not buying the GOAT and man of the match arguments purely based on this game. Ronaldo had 2 weak goals. The first goal, on the edge of the box, a big dive, and another defender still behind Fernandez? The kick should have been from the side. The second goal was the keeper's fault.

He certainly showed great "expression," though and did a good job in selling himself.

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Posted in: Celebrity deaths force media to examine suicide reporting See in context

It’s been documented that suicide is contagious. Reporting on it inevitably leads to an uptick in the suicide rate. It’s no different from school shootings in this respect.

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Posted in: The 'Black Panther' actor who is an undocumented 'Dreamer' See in context

So the country that made him rich is wrong, but his parents are off the hook completely?

He could go to the Ivory Coast, apply for a green card, and make everything right. While killing time there, he could support the local economy by spending his Hollywood dough.

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Posted in: Solo effort See in context

Nobody is forcing you to watch Star Wars films, please relax.

I’ll try, but I won’t guarantee anything

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Posted in: Solo effort See in context

Star Wars is really sucking now. How many of these movies are they going to keep pumping out? Shoulda quit after the first 3.

The only sequels I watch these days are Conan.

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Posted in: 'Ocean's 8,' a glamorous crime tale for the #MeToo age See in context

Look at all the little boys making negative comments about a movie that’s not even out yet. Some men truly are afraid of women being seen as equals.

It's mostly the same people who claim they want to commit medieval torture on the mother and stepfather of the murdered child Yua Funato. I wonder how the two things are are linked?

Or, it could be they don't want to see a mindless remake done for the cynical purpose of milking a social movement for every dollar possible.

One would think that with the whole Weinstein episode and all you might be a little more skeptical of what goes on in Hollywood...

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Posted in: Japan to promote bike sharing for eco-friendly society See in context

Yeah, bikes are fine, but pedestrians should always come first. I love walking. Cyclists scare me. I think the rules for cyclists need to be strengthened.

Back in Canada too, it seems most cyclists think the rules of the road don't apply to them. Running reds, zipping in and out of bike lanes, car lanes, onto sidewalks, they think it all belongs to them. And they get pissed off when car drivers can't see them. They don't give way to anybody. And on top of all of this, the local gov in Montreal thinks it's a good idea to relax cycling laws further, officially giving them the nod to run reds precisely because that's what they do anyway.

Cyclists in Japan are bad enough. The influx of a bunch of tourists on bikes can only make the situation worse.

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Posted in: Going 'Overboard': Hollywood's glut of gender-swap remakes See in context

Remakes in general pretty bad and should be banned along with prequels and most sequels that are not part of a trilogy.

The fact that some of these remakes are done under the guise of empowerment just makes them that much more of a joke. Seriously, did anyone really think that the Ghostbusters was really necessary? What kind of looney toon fairy land do these people live in? SMH

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Posted in: Man begins swim across Pacific to expose ocean pollution See in context

Good luck!

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Posted in: Cry if you want to: 13 governors back bawling babies See in context



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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker justifies remark urging more childbearing See in context


You as a supposed lawmaker and elected representative of the people have a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that the people can do or choose whatever life they want for themselves. You have no right to expect, ask, beg, nor urge, anyone to do what you can not!

Relax. Of course he has the right to express his opinion. It’s a free country as they say. Just because he comes off as a dinosaur who obviously doesn’t want to understand the real issue doesn’t mean he cannot say it. Plus the guy has six kids, so it’s hardly being hypocritical. I think you’re under the mistaken understanding that people will feel obligated to follow his “orders.” On that point I’m 99% sure you have nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: Japanese airports short of safety inspectors See in context

Pretty dumb situation that COULD be easily resolved.

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Posted in: Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones See in context

mmwkdw it appears you have issues...

with Apple, I mean, but nobody is forcing you to buy an iPhone. I did and am having a great time with it compared to my previous one, an android device. I think it was well worth the money I paid for it.

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Posted in: Baked goods and Wi-Fi bring Everest closer to home See in context

If you get the same things as at home, what exactly is the point of climbing everest?

Oh, I forgot. The massive ego boost. Priceless.

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Posted in: Japan's net overseas investment down in 2017; still world's largest See in context

The population has been shrinking and yet the economy still grows.

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Posted in: Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment: CNN See in context

This is getting depressing. All my favorites are turning out to be jerks.

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Posted in: Still smoking and still joking, Tommy Chong views life at 80 See in context

Loved these guys.

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