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I would do it! Give me a chance, a nice change from the usual!


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Come on now, being an ALT isn't the most desirable job for foreigners in Japan. There are so many drawbacks to this job that makes it little more than slave labor.

8 hour days, most of the time not knowing what will happen, working with many Japanese school teachers who either resent you for being a foreigner or whose English ability isn't up to par!

And of course let's talk about the pay! Salaries for ALT's vary so much for the same job it is pitiful. And no "Bonus" which many Japanese teachers cherish, but which ALT will never see!

Sorry, if you dream of becoming an ALT in Japan, think again. Of course there are always the few who get the direct hire positions, but the are very, very few indeed.

47 years experience in Japan!

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I have recently had the same problem with Japanese companies, who are supposed to have higher standards in business.

2009 I bought a Canon printer MP990 in Japan from Sofmap in Osaka. Recently I got an error message on the printer display that the Ink absorber is almost full, please check with Canon service center.

So I took my printer to the nearest service center, but they said that the service time for this printer was until 2015, and the couldn't help me! I asked about parts, they said they didn't have any! I was shocked to hear this! I was told. that it took about 5 years for the ink absorbers to fill up, on the average. So in the end, I am having to look for some place that can do this work for me.

My confidence in Canon printers has taken a nose dive!


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I would like to klnow where the heck was his manager during this problem, and why didn't the Japanese Sports Association or who ever was in charge of these Japanese athletes help this kid? Just like Japan, guilty until proven innocent. No common sense, the sponsor who pulled their support before all the facts were in, needs to get a life!

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Why does Japan think it needs to have a foreign head coach? I would think there would be many fine former Japanese players who could fill that position,if they were given the chance.

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A couple of years ago I was on a business trip to Germany. I decided that I would buy some gifts for the family. For my wife she always wanted some good cooking knives,so I dropped by the Zwilling J.A. Henckels shop in Muchen, to see what kind of a selection the had. The sales person was very nice and asked about my wife's style of cooking. I told the sales person that she cooked basic Japanese style, with a little American style cooking on the side. That sales person sold me me a set of knives that he said being made by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, she should be able to use for many years of good cooking... Well, the knives that I gave her have all broken and the rivets in the handles are coming apart. I think the best thing I could have done is not bought them in the first place! My wife is a small sized Japanese woman and I thought that the knives would out last her, after all being Zwilling J.A. Henckels with a ? reputation and all. I contacted that shop and they told me to contact the main office about my problem with the knives...To my surprise they told in not so many words, " That they couldn't help me with my problem, about the knives". I was shocked that they were so frank about their answer. I asked them where did they get such a reputation with business practices like that? So in the end they said basically,Tough Luck! I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFETIME, RECOMMEND ANY " Zwilling J.A. Henckels" PRODUCT TO ANYONE! I think their business practices are very substandard. Many people say " You get what you pay for!", but in this case it is more like " You don't get anywhere near what you pay for!" Thanks, but no thank! Jim

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