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Posted in: Two-year sentence sought for woman who dumped baby daughter's body in woods See in context

As a mother, I would of been hysterical if I would have find my child dead. I would of tried to resuscitate her, call 119, something. And all she could think of doing was to drive her dead child to the woods and bury her there like a dead hamster. Just to cover her behind.

2 years is a cakewalk for her.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Soooooo , Hard Gay (Japanese comedian for years ago) yes.AKB48 passing candy mouth to mouth and lesbians ,no?

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland to allow Cinderella Castle to be used for weddings See in context

Tacky, tacky, and did I mention tacky?

Wanna talk about small weddings? Hubby and I got hitched in Newark, NJ in front of my parents, friends, daughter and granddaughter. After that , we went back to my parent's place and enjoyed music, good home cooking and laughter.

Even taking just photos in traditional Japanese wedding attire is expensive! We had looked into that and the place we went to was charging 100,000 yen just for the photos and the rental of the wedding attire! Insane!

Weddings should be something to share with your loved ones and friends not a dog and pony show.

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Posted in: Foreign staff at Tokyo brokerages find flattery gets them everywhere See in context

As they say in my hood' : Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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Posted in: Visually-impaired man killed by train after falling from platform See in context

I had a hear-stopping moment a few weeks ago ,when I saw a visually -impaired person too close to the platform at my home station. I was about to grab her,because she looked like she was going to fall,but she seemed to figure it out and backed up.

I always make it a point to look out for blind folks, just in case. You just never know.

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Posted in: Cyndi Lauper brings cherry blossom seedlings to Ishinomaki See in context

I love Cyndi Lauper! And super cool for her efforts to help.

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Posted in: Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair See in context

Well, there's definitely no hanky panky in the Champagne Room with these dancers.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy beaten to death by mother's boyfriend See in context

@Mike Please tell me he divorced her and got custody of the child.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy beaten to death by mother's boyfriend See in context

Mom doesn't get a free pass either. I'm sure there were some signs of abuse way before this,but she chose to ignore because God knows she needs a man to make her life complete.

The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

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Posted in: Woman, 4-year-old son found dead in Tachikawa apartment See in context

It's a heartbreaking story. The real tragedy was that they were both dead for 2 months and no one bothered to check on them or anything.

I would like to know what type of family they had that didn't keep in touch with them regularly? Shame on the family!

RIP to mother and child.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by Shibuya Station in Tokyo See in context

I also fear getting pushed off the platform of the train too. I always try to be vigilant about my surroundings. People just snap.

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Posted in: Top court upholds death sentence for man who killed 2 when he was minor See in context

This piece of scum took the life a mother and her baby. The severity of the crime calls for the death penalty. Did the criminal show any mercy to his victims? No.

Damn right, I would be full of anger and hate if someone took away my family , especially in such a violent manner. What angers me is the pity party some people want to throw at the CRIMINAL!!

Oh boo hoo he was beaten by daddy. So what? Many people are survivors of abuse (including yours truly). I didn't go out and kill people or hurt my own children. I really hate when people use the go-to excuse of bad parenting.

End Rant

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

Spanish eyes:

I have seen lots of gaijin do that, and I help them to recharge it.

That is funny though. I always read what is left on mine, and decide to fill it before going on a trip.

I wasn't differentiating between Japanese and foreigners. The article asks things we find annoying living in Japan in general, NOT about Japanese people. Did I say ''Japanese people don't fill their train cards? No, I didn't.

Yes, if more people actually do what you do (charging their cards BEFORE getting on the train, it would make commuting a bit easier.. And the antelope eat the grass, the lions eat the antelope, the antelope becomes part of the grass , such is the circle of life

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

Ok. my list:

When Japanese folks assume you can't understand Japanese and try to blatantly talk smack about you. I've experienced that on a train when a bunch of Japanese ''mean girls'' were talking about how big my chest is and wondering if they were fake or real. When I answered ''Yes, they're real'' in Japanese, they looked like they rather be in Mars, than be on that train. Okay, that was actually funny :)

When the ''mommy club'' gather together at Starbuck's ,start cackling like a bunch of hens in a hen house and do not control their kids. Can't I enjoy my coffee in peace?

Listening to a 98 pound Japanese girl complain how fat she is. Makes me feel stabby.

Mouf-breathers on a crowded couldn't of brushed your teeth after you ate natto this morning?

Folks who don't fill their SUICA or PASMO cards and crowd the damn ticket gate during rush hour.

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Posted in: Getting warm See in context

That's looks cute,but yet dangerous. I don't if it's the same for these monkeys, but your not supposed to smile or look at apes in the face like that.

How bout' not putting your face close to any animal ...period.

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Posted in: Kuroki reported pregnant 2 weeks after denying relationship with Akanishi See in context

What ever happened to birth control?

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Posted in: Japan’s 'polite' tobacco war rages on See in context

The most annoying smokers are the ones who smoke and ride their bikes. I don't need to be hit with their noxious smoke while you ride by ride ugh!

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Posted in: Japan’s 'polite' tobacco war rages on See in context

I really wish TGI Friday's here would go non-smoking. The one in Yokohama has an enclosure (kind of) ,but the one in Shibuya doesn't. I am asthamatic and I can't hang with going to smoky places, which is why I don't even go to clubs or bars anymore.

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Posted in: Earthquake drill See in context

This looks as effective and the ''Duck and Cover'' volcano drill on ''South Park''

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Posted in: Giri-choco See in context

@ Rev Head I was shocked the first time he did that too ! And the way you described your wife made me say ''AWWWW""

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Posted in: Giri-choco See in context

I think SpanishEyez, the question you need to ask yourself is, Do you think your partner would be the same way if he WASN'T married to you?....

Yes. We actually kissed on our first date :) Not the whole ''wave each other goodbye at the ticket gate'' thing.

Oh , and ready for this. When we take the train together for work , during commuter time and we part to our different destinations, he kisses me the station.....IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!! GASP !!

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@ CrustPunker

I wonder when was the last time anyone heard the words "I Love You" from your Japanese spouse or partner? It would be nice to hear.

Actually ,this morning, before he left for he tells me everyday before he goes to work and before we go to bed. And throughout the day when we're together.

Does that answer your question?

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I know it's weird,but for Valentine's Day, I ordered a monogrammed bathrobe for my hubby. He's been hinting that he's always wanted a soft bathrobe. So I got on that, and hopefully it should be here in time next week. And of course some homemade choco treats .

I know a bathrobe doesn't sound romantic, but I thought of it as something he would love to wear and make him happy.

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Posted in: Giri-choco See in context

Nicky and Franchesca...your comments were spot on!

Valentines Day should be, laugh together and love each other. <3'

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Posted in: Penn State coach Paterno dies at 85; legacy clouded by scandal See in context

To those who want to throw their RIP's at Joe Paterno, to each their own. I save my sympathies for the victims Sadusky left in his wake thankyouverymuch.

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Posted in: Trial of 'black widow' killer begins See in context

@ ironchef. I met my husband online. Happily married, thank you.

On topic: The evidence may be circumstantial, but it seems pretty damning. I mean all the men linked to her ended up dead. No female is THAT unlucky in love.

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Posted in: Changes coming to foreign registration, visa system See in context

My spousal visa expires in March ,so is it ok to start my renewal this month? Sorry for the goofy question.

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Posted in: Father and son killed by drunk driver while heading to shrine See in context

Are there no drunk driver checkpoints?

RIP father and son.

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Posted in: Shizuoka convenience store manager stabbed in robbery See in context

I'm really shocked by this! I lived in Numazu before and I remember it being a quiet little town and safe. I hope the store manager recovers soon.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces pregnancy to fans during performance See in context

Okay, which JT lister called it? Someone said she was going to announce her pregnancy. Amazing! Well, hope the baby comes out healthy.

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