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Posted in: Japan won 5 medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. How would you assess the results? See in context

Disappointing, and moreso for many due to the usual hype associated with Japan competing in any major sporting event. Don't forget, soccer coach Okada reckons Japan can make the WC semi-finals. Someone please tell him that he's dreaming.....

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

Just another issue that Japan needs to rectify to then allow itself to be considered a modern leader in the world. In these times of the global village, such isolationist laws are outdated and illogical.

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Posted in: Osim, Troussier to assist Japan in bid for World Cup See in context

I don't understand how Japan can think that they get the World Cup in the forseeable future.... I mean, they co-hosted the WC in 2002. And as for Tokyo getting the Olympics again....

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

Um, I think you will find that the Japanese whalers are in Australian waters. Whether you believe that it is right or wrong to kill whales, the fact is the Japanese are hunting in another country's territory. The Shonan Maru shouldn't even be there in the first place.

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Posted in: Accenture marks 1st sponsor to cut ties with Tiger Woods See in context

Lion Woods....Cheetah Woods... whatever, let him be ....

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Posted in: Okada confident Japan can reach World Cup semifinals See in context

Jaoan's style of play is too conservative. No striker nor height in attack leads to defensive hope. Okada lives in a dreamy world of what went wrong in '98 and school gymnasium speeches. Japan is developing as a soccer nation but has a long way to go.

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Posted in: Why the Japanese Are a Superior People See in context

As a young businessman in the 1980s, various how-to-learn-from-Japan and other similar courses were all the vogue and studied by Australian companies all the time. This was the way to succeed in business according to most scribes. Then the Japanese economy collapsed in the early 80s to the world's total shock. Why did this happen?

I then went to work in Japan. From 1993 to last year, I worked initially as an English teacher for a local education board, and then used my degree in finance in central Tokyo. I married a Japanese lady, learnt the language and studied the culture. 15 years helped me gain many insights into why the country fell apart.

I haven't read the book reviewed here but just the title itself cannot be reconciled with my experiences.

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