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Sparky Santos comments

Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

I’m disinclined to listen to a fool who insults his students.

When my kid was at elementary school, her fellow classmates were brave to try their English on me. They were great. Also, as my Japanese is pretty poor - I remember communicating via block letter English among all ages. Friends were made.

Whistling the Tetsuwan Atom theme is a good ice breaker.

Maybe it’s job burnout. But ugh.

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccination for those under 65 may start in July: minister See in context

None of this makes sense.

In-laws are Japanese MDs & say they’re not in the loop. My guess is that someone on the highest level of power got bought off by Pfizer.

I can’t go and visit my elderly mother in law until she is vaccinated. It’s dubious any Olympians will visit. “Safety Countries” don’t let their citizens die in pandemics.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

I view Ghosn as guilty because he ran.

The only way he could convince me otherwise is if he surrendered back to Japanese authorities.

We know Japan uses a variation of Napoleonic Law. It’s a shame he didn’t tough it out.

And yeah, his hired mercenaries are in hot water too.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape breaks up legal 'dream team' See in context

Japan’s legal system is based on Napoleonic Law.

Ghosn just confirmed his guilt by fleeing. He simply made Japan’s case.

He’s a fool.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

I have eaten sushi made by a master who also fed Emperor Hirohito.

I’d eat at Jiro’s.

I’m not a fan of Michelin guides.

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Posted in: Henry Winkler enjoying a run of very cool coincidences See in context

I met Henry in person while he was waiting for his son to get his first drivers’ license. He was so personable. I complimented him on a wacky role he had performed as a dad in a RomCom - and his joy was genuine.

May the books continue to help kids. I hope to see him on the big and little screen for many more years to come.

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Posted in: Standing tall See in context

Best free fun in Odaiba …

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Posted in: Trump ready to pull Kavanaugh nomination if he is convinced judge 'guilty' See in context

Kavanaugh’s Frat Boy Rape Posse had a motto: “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal” …

Two. Julie Swetnick says she was drugged & gang raped in Kavanaugh’s presence; Her statement mentions Beach Week. Kavanaugh's calendar confirms he was at Beach Week.

Three. Kavanaugh was seriously in debt. Conservative big money donors have canceled that. He’s compromised & no choir boy.

Four. Ford wants to testify to the FBI; 'Blackout’ Brett is afraid to. Witness Mike Judge has fled and is also afraid to speak to the Bureau.

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Posted in: Travelers flood train stations, clog roads in holiday exodus See in context

Missed that by days, happy to escape the Summer madness. Winter holidays will be harder to dodge.

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Posted in: Carrying unpacked knives onto trains to be banned under new security steps See in context

Easy to comply with; I leave my camp knife at home when I travel to Japan. My first trip to Japan 30 years ago caused me to surrender a Swiss Army folder.

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Posted in: Classmates of missing boy help mother search for him after landslide in Hiroshima See in context

I hope the boy is found alone be and well.

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Posted in: Trump says he doesn't think personal lawyer will 'flip' See in context

Trump has said the equivalent of “snitches get stitches” to his personal fixer.

Be mindful - lawyers who get raided by the FBI usually go away for decades.

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Posted in: Former New York Mayor Giuliani to join Trump legal team See in context

Rudy is an idiot who boasted of insider information from the FBI.

Innocent people don’t worry their “lawyers” are going to ‘flip’ on them.

To sum up my POV on both #FakePres & #911Rudy - please google “Trump motorboats world’s ugliest Drag Queen” …

22% doesn’t beat 27% unless you spoil 6 million ballots like 12 Red states did. I’d love to see every corrupt GOP Legislator tried for their open treason and punished with GITMO. Happy my congressman and senators didn’t take Russian blood money laundered by the NRA.

Comey’s memos look consistent. Most see in them what they want.

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Posted in: Spielberg taking on DC Universe film 'Blackhawk' See in context

I want the Howard Chaykin version - there's a 3 issue squarebound miniseries worth picking up.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland celebrates 35th anniversary See in context

Was there for the 5th birthday, I enjoy it better than the original. likely to return this Summer.

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

it would be stressful as an immigrant, and multiply worse as a refugee. These 14 deaths have cultural insensitivity to blame. There’s no need for detention centers — an ID card that indicates one is processing through the system would be smarter and kinder.

One hopes there will be new training to avoid future incidents.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shooting 8-month-old son with airsoft gun See in context

Fellow needs to learn empathy; And, I’m betting this failure suspects he isn’t the real father of the child. Harming anyone should put Glenn on a lifelong weapons ban plus void his rights as a “parent.”

I own pellet guns, and shooting a living creature with one sickens me. I turn them into props for Cosplay. But this jerk has just made it harder to get Airsoft from Japan to my home.

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Posted in: Stalking, revenge porn reports on rise in Japan See in context

Real adults understand what respect means.

Once the relationship ends, move on.

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Posted in: MSDF members arrested for committing lewd acts with 14-year-old girl See in context

Everyone seems to be a victim here. Is there an unseen sinester group targeting SDF troops with “Lollies” as active & former members were targeted? This smells like an exposed honey trap that netted only patsies and a low level operative. This needs a follow up by proper Intelligence Services.

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl killed after wheel loader hits kids with impaired hearing See in context

Sad accident, I’m sure all involved feel at fault. Child is my kid’s age, so the impact is strong. Yet, here in Southern California - we’ve a girl the same age who has shot other kids.

Deepest condolences to friends and relatives of the dead and injured, may you be safe from harm.

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Posted in: A growing number of actors are renouncing Woody Allen See in context

Research Mia Farrow more. She's been quite the home wrecker in her past, leading to one woman's suicide.

She openly says the late Frank Sinatra is Ronan's biological dad.

Mia's pals with Roman Polanski. I'm sure that squares with Samantha Grainer just dandy.

Allen was never a parent to his future wife. Andrew Previn was. It's questionable if Mia saw Soon-Yi as anything but a trophy.

The Farrow home remains a toxic environment. When the kids leave it for good - they act healthier. NPR has had covered this.

Dylan's story was not followed up on because

a.) No proof

b.) Allen is known as a claustrophobic & not capable of climbing into a crawlspace.

Baldwin is right.

A parent who weaponizes her child to attack a cuckolded lover (who has rejected her) is surely as rotten as a person who uses their power to coerce another person for sex.

If you view Allen as a creep - that's your right. There's zero evidence Dylan's story is true. The villain is this tale is Mia.

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Posted in: Fans flock to Space World as amusement park reaches final frontier See in context

I had the most fun when they had the original Thunderbirds puppets on display there.

It would be awesome if Tsuburaya Productions would buy the park.

The roller coasters were pretty awesome plus the NASA stuff was educational in the best way.

I’ll miss this park.

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Posted in: Russia worried Japan becoming base for U.S. military build-up in Asia See in context

ToxicTrump’s temper tantrums explained - it was done for Russia…

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Posted in: Neil Young to release entire archive of recordings for free See in context

Neil is also famous for his commercial work. He’s pretty cool.

I’m a fan of his Hydrogen powered H2 Hummer.

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Posted in: Police arrest 9 over website with links to pirated comics See in context

Being an accomplice equals guilt. They’re helping steal IP getting money on the click-through or on ‘membership’ - and yes they’re the little fish. The big bad guys might never get arrested too.

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Posted in: 9 dismembered bodies found in Kanagawa apartment See in context

Obviously, this killer is mentally unwell. Article suggests he acted to assist suicides at first. I doubt he’ll ever leave prison, or an insane asylum.

What would be actually useful for society is to prevent others being this isolated from their community in such a manner they prey on other fringe members. I don’t know how to trigger empathy in others. I hope mental professionals can help marginalized people to avoid losing their humanity.

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Posted in: 7 injured after 85-year-old driver hits pedestrians in Tokyo See in context

Auto correct

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Posted in: 7 injured after 85-year-old driver hits pedestrians in Tokyo See in context

Auto control changed information to context

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Posted in: 7 injured after 85-year-old driver hits pedestrians in Tokyo See in context

Age affects everyone different - my 89 year old mom drives fine. My mother-in-law is ten years younger and her driving terrifies me.

This accident may have been the bus driver’s fault. The older driver’s experience could have been the reason there were no fatalities.

We lack full context of this event.

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Posted in: Trump says predecessors didn't honor fallen soldiers; response heated See in context

The Obamas honored General Kelly’s Family.

… General Kelly and his wife attended a Gold Star families breakfast at the White House in 2011 and sat at the First Lady’s table. …

Therefore — Trump has been caught lying again.

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