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Posted in: Accused groper hit, killed by train after jumping onto tracks See in context

"Clever way to eliminate a business rival" was what I first thought.

Death by train is harsh if this late soul was guilty, and I assume all are innocent until guilt is proven.

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Posted in: 90% of Japan's train operators will halt trains over N Korean missile alert See in context

Bertie? Hurting Japan is also an attack on the US.

Baby Kim can get a two-fer.

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Posted in: Japan planning for refugees in event of Korean crisis See in context


This is so depressing.

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Posted in: Humanoid robot Pepper is amusing, but is it practical? See in context

Kids tend to break Pepper's fingers out of excitement.

I've seen a high tech gift store uncrate one in Santa Monica ... I hope it survives.

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Posted in: 3 killed, 2 injured after car falls from multi-story parking facility See in context

Something is happening with new Toyotas and unintentional reverse at speed ... we had two similar incidents in my extended family with Lexus RX350s months apart in California.

That car's black box needs looking into.

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Posted in: Giant sinkhole appears in Hakata street See in context

It's really close to the Blossom hotel. Just wow. Very glad no one was hurt.

I'm sure it will get fixed quickly.

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Posted in: Mt Aso in southwestern Japan erupts See in context

At least the reactor work was halted.

Poor Kumamoto - it needs a break from bad news

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Posted in: Mazda employee found dead in company dormitory See in context


I hope the family gets some justice and peace from this horrible crime.

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Posted in: Japan, Israel upgrade relations as Arab oil influence wanes See in context

I think the results are good even though the reasoning is unsound.

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Posted in: Putin: Japan once passed up chance to take back two disputed isles See in context

It's never too late.

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Posted in: Honda looks to revamped Acura NSX to fire up brand See in context

It is too busy. And normal sized folks could never fit in it. To be specific, us folks who could afford to buy one, can not get in and be comfortable driving the car. BOTTOM LINE.

Acura needs to update the 1987 Legend Coupe along the lines of Toyota's GT86. Make it retro with a race focused interior that is able to accept modular upgrades. EG A racing gas tank with room for two spares in the trunk. EG Light weight carbon fiber targa roof. EG An easy in bolt in roll cage for safety. ETC.

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Posted in: Campaign, party officials insist Trump getting back on track See in context

Trump's appearance informs everyone he listens to no one but himself.

His daughter is beasties with Putin's girlfriend.

I can't name one group of Americans he hasn't insulted.

Flood victims are not impressed by Play-Doh™ as a rule.

The man is a failure many times over, and clearly learnt nothing from those experiences.

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Posted in: Biden's remark on Japan's constitution raises eyebrows See in context

To add - Joe is authentic. He doesn't scare the Japanese the way Trump does. Us Americans will enjoy him for years to come. I'm not worried about a political party that is losing its national presence daily. Donkeys are stubborn not stupid.

Japan doesn't care what the outgoing VP says.

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Posted in: Biden's remark on Japan's constitution raises eyebrows See in context

It's moot. Japan is peaceful. Abe isn't going to create a nuclear Military.

It will be a coalition of Asian nations that resolve Red China's escapades on Mischief Reef in the Spratleys. It's doubtful the owners of the oil leases there can be pressured into selling. Diplomacy trumps guns.

Biden takes the view that Japan is considered the United States' unsinkable aircraft carrier as do most of his generation. It isn't a POV that indicates disrespect but of interdependency.

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Posted in: Actress Reiko Takashima announces divorce from ex-actor Noboru Takachi, citing his 'betrayal' See in context

I hope both can find happiness.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman in her bathroom See in context

I'm happy this stalker was inept at this attempt. I'm curious as to how he'll be charged.

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Posted in: Father, two children drown while fishing in Miyagi See in context

Why are we assuming they weren't wearing vests? Panic and exhaustion also can kill.

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Posted in: Robbie plays thoroughly modern 'Jane' in new Tarzan film See in context

The movie is great fun

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Posted in: Japan is getting its first full-scale Legoland amusement park See in context

We go to Legoland here in California. Sadly, the kid is getting too old for the rides, but she likes Lego.

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Posted in: Do you have an emergency survival kit for use in the event of an earthquake or some other natural disaster? If so, what is in it? See in context

Mine is too basic as well, I will update and improve mine. I'll also set up one for my mother in law in Kumamoto. I hope she and her neighbors can stop sleeping in their cars soon.

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Posted in: Some sleep in cars after 2 nights of quakes kill 41 in Kyushu See in context

I hope tonight will be the last night my mother in law will be sleeping in her car.

There no practical way for my wife to get back home to help. It's very frustrating.

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Posted in: Quake breaches historic walls of 400-year-old Kumamoto Castle See in context

It can be rebuilt, it won't be the first time.

I worry about my in-laws more. I hope for a return to normalcy. I have a desire to read about happy rescues and cheerful reunions.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

My in-laws are there, and we in California are worried. I've heard but not verified Aso Bridge may be down.

Hope the area returns to normal and the death toll doesn't rise.

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Posted in: Republicans wavering on Trump with denial, grudging acceptance See in context

Trump's tweets and retweets are often vile racist hatespeech. Google for Bernie Sanders in an concentration death camp gas chamber that he retweeted. Salon did a history of it, as did Atlantic Monthly. It's unsettling. The upside is he has destroyed the national power of the GOP.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer See in context

He's a favorite actor. Wish him a complete recovery.

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Posted in: Japan Inc may win Sharp battle, but lose the LCD war See in context

I like my Sharp products - they're very good. I like the fourth gun. I'd rather see Sharp survive.

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Posted in: Has Obama really changed America? See in context

I think the Equality, Health Care Insurance, and smarter use of military force have changed the USA for the better. Standing with science re: Climate Change is a good thing. And the return to strong diplomacy is welcome.

America is a better place thanks to our President.

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Posted in: With luxury Acura makeover, Honda aims for brand survival, China revival See in context

I miss my Acura Legend Coupe - it was a sweet ride …

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

They've failed themselves. Maybe, they should apply for lonely men posts and do science or something positive? Join the Tuna Fleet?

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Posted in: Japanese manga artist Mizuki dies at 93 See in context

I remember meeting him - and amusing him by knowing about Kitaro. RIP.

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