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Posted in: Chinese cities test millions as virus cases surge See in context

Looks like they have a faulty vaccine over there too.

It gives me no pleasure to say its typical blinkered (intentional/or not) perspective/opinion.

Cases are also up in Western cities which vaccinated its people with Western developed vaccines.

But, some media/some people conveniently do not realised (intentional/or not) it. Like i said, Blinkered views.

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Posted in: Olympic-related COVID cases now 127 See in context

All athletes signed a pledge to abide/comply with the olympics codes, among which, is to wear their mask at all times. Those athletes, practically the whole team, at the opening ceremony, blatantly failed to comply with their pledge, beside endangering others, contravene the spirit of the Olympics, should be thrown out. IOC do the jobs, that you pledged.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of Microsoft hack, disruptive and destabilizing behavior See in context

Due to it politicising everything, for its own agendas, by the usual player, and based on historical precedents.

I take everything coming out from there, with a pinch of salt, perhaps, some politicians will be wise to do the same??

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Posted in: Chinese athletes complain about lax virus measures at Tokyo Olympics hotel See in context

Judging by some of the comments here, it's exactly the reason, why the world has so many problems, in so much difficulty today.

Everything is politicised.

Some people should stopped trying to be too smart, and, the World will be a better place.

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Posted in: U.S. hands Bagram Airfield to Afghans after nearly 20 years See in context

After 20 years. After so many deaths, so much pain, so much destruction, so many families destroyed, so many futures ruined, etc etc, mostly locals. They are leaving, arguably, leaving the place worst than when they first came.

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Posted in: Health experts warn of Olympic COVID-19 threat; prefer no spectators See in context

The thing with the olympics is, no matter how good their preparation is, how tight their security is, its impossible for them to prevent any infection due to the olympics, base on what happened in other countries, eg Australia, N Zealand, Taiwan etc etc. Even if they are very successful, resulted in just one case, if that case results in a death, that is someone's parents, son/daughter etc. For them its not a matter, they don't really care about people getting infected/dead, just as long as, the number do not become so high that it become a sandal.

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Posted in: Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students to dye their hair black, official promises See in context

My take. Most commentators here are missing the issue. What the regulators wanted is, school children not get distracted by things like dyeing their hair, etc, just concentrate in getting good result. So, if you have naturally red hair, leave it as it is, DO NOT DYE. Obviously, the implementation, and rule was written badly. Remember the part of the article? that states most Japanese have naturally black hair.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

Why don't Trump use his executive power to create an award, then he can nominate himself, and award it to himself. No need to fight with any body else.

What a joke, and a joke of a country, with such a leader?

with so much support in the country for him. Not just his base, but, well, half the government?

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