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Posted in: Okinawa marks 79th anniversary of end of WWII ground battle See in context

Just be smart, do not become a proxy/pawn. In todays World, no one wants war, even your neighbors,

Senkaku?? Its disputed, so, just negotiate with all disputed parties, in good faith. Taiwan?? its part of your neighbor's, just ask the UN, so, its not your business, don't get used, as proxy/pawn. Then , it will be okay.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree to work closely on China issues, for Taiwan peace See in context

USA and Japan are meeting. They are not talking about each other, or how to make life better for each other's people. They are talking about China and Taiwan. So, you can guess their agendas.

China and Taiwan are not going to war, fight each other for no reason, because they are essentially the same people. They have their own issues with each other, but, in todays world, they are not going to kill each other to resolve their issues.

There will not be war across the strait, if you stop trying to use Taiwan as pawn. China being too big/strong etc for you to use.

Stop being pretending/hypocrite etc.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan condemn N Korea's alleged supply of munitions to Russia See in context

The two Asian countries can put out the same statement on their own. It will sound the same/carry the same meaning. But, when you chose to do it with America, it implies/carries another massage.

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Posted in: Half of Japanese firms in China foresee drop in investment: survey See in context

Now you know where the bias lies. The headline could easily reads " Half of Japanese firms in China foresee increase in investment: survey" and its still accurate, its half, either way. What a joke. Businesses will go where the profits are, even, to a desert.

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Posted in: China urges 'high vigilance' over NATO expansion in Asia See in context

To some extend, everyone is free to do what it wants, every sovereign country/entity is free to do what it wants, as long as it does not infringe on some one else's right.

Very soon, far sooner than you may think, such moves, will be in the opposite direction. Just remember the previous paragraph.

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Posted in: World faces tension with China under Xi Jinping's third term See in context

The writer, and some people, are quiet presumptuous???

The world?? The world is not just the Anglo Saxon countries plus a FEW neighbors, which are strategic competitors. There are more than 150 countries, in the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 29 coronavirus cases See in context

Just for comparison. And question?? There are other countries with high vaccination rate, higher and done it quicker than in Japan, with mask wearing mandated, and 95% compliant, limits on socializing, outings, visits to FB outlets etc. Yet, the infections rate has gone up. Its also mandated, all front line employees, staffs etc, ie those who have a need to come into contact with the general public, eg FB outlet employee, people who work at the airport etc , etc, must be tested al least once a week if not daily, even if they do not have any symptom. Ie, lots of testing. So, how to draw conclusion??

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

A thought.

His appearance, pony tail, etc, implies, care free, Western influence?? At least.

She, likely very conservative, not so care free, if correct.

Last thought, comparability??

Not trying to stereotype.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

The merits of dropping the bombs, the justification, to end the war immediately, or, allow it to prolong, will be a debate with no clear answer today.

However, what is clear is, where it was drop? Then....??

Was it necessary to drop it in built up, high density, high population centres. If, the intention was to show the Japanese leadership the potency, destructive abilities of the weapon, the damage, the death, the suffering of people living in those areas, to forced them to surrender. This could have been achieved by dropping the bombs in rural areas? Less built up, less densely populated areas?? Less people will have to die, to suffer etc.

So, the agenda.....

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

The Chef de Mission, which means, he/she is the head of the delegation, ie. in charge/responsible etc etc for the delegate, Quote from him " There was a hole in the wall, but that's pretty easy to do." "I understand there's some big people and some very flimsy walls, temporary walls as well. I don't think you had to do much to put a hole in the wall." such flimsy/lame excuse, from a leader, what can you expect from the delegate which he led???

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Posted in: Chinese cities test millions as virus cases surge See in context

Looks like they have a faulty vaccine over there too.

It gives me no pleasure to say its typical blinkered (intentional/or not) perspective/opinion.

Cases are also up in Western cities which vaccinated its people with Western developed vaccines.

But, some media/some people conveniently do not realised (intentional/or not) it. Like i said, Blinkered views.

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Posted in: Olympic-related COVID cases now 127 See in context

All athletes signed a pledge to abide/comply with the olympics codes, among which, is to wear their mask at all times. Those athletes, practically the whole team, at the opening ceremony, blatantly failed to comply with their pledge, beside endangering others, contravene the spirit of the Olympics, should be thrown out. IOC do the jobs, that you pledged.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of Microsoft hack, disruptive and destabilizing behavior See in context

Due to it politicising everything, for its own agendas, by the usual player, and based on historical precedents.

I take everything coming out from there, with a pinch of salt, perhaps, some politicians will be wise to do the same??

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Posted in: Chinese athletes complain about lax virus measures at Tokyo Olympics hotel See in context

Judging by some of the comments here, it's exactly the reason, why the world has so many problems, in so much difficulty today.

Everything is politicised.

Some people should stopped trying to be too smart, and, the World will be a better place.

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Posted in: U.S. hands Bagram Airfield to Afghans after nearly 20 years See in context

After 20 years. After so many deaths, so much pain, so much destruction, so many families destroyed, so many futures ruined, etc etc, mostly locals. They are leaving, arguably, leaving the place worst than when they first came.

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Posted in: Health experts warn of Olympic COVID-19 threat; prefer no spectators See in context

The thing with the olympics is, no matter how good their preparation is, how tight their security is, its impossible for them to prevent any infection due to the olympics, base on what happened in other countries, eg Australia, N Zealand, Taiwan etc etc. Even if they are very successful, resulted in just one case, if that case results in a death, that is someone's parents, son/daughter etc. For them its not a matter, they don't really care about people getting infected/dead, just as long as, the number do not become so high that it become a sandal.

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Posted in: Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students to dye their hair black, official promises See in context

My take. Most commentators here are missing the issue. What the regulators wanted is, school children not get distracted by things like dyeing their hair, etc, just concentrate in getting good result. So, if you have naturally red hair, leave it as it is, DO NOT DYE. Obviously, the implementation, and rule was written badly. Remember the part of the article? that states most Japanese have naturally black hair.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

Why don't Trump use his executive power to create an award, then he can nominate himself, and award it to himself. No need to fight with any body else.

What a joke, and a joke of a country, with such a leader?

with so much support in the country for him. Not just his base, but, well, half the government?

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