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やっぱり やっぱり Costco since last year. Doing my best to avoid all Japanese food, because I knew this would happen. Japan has been caught relabeling before so no surprise here. What gets me is that so many of my Japanese friends, along with everyone else, are just sticking their head in the sand. I get so many comments like, ”だいじょぶ”、”しんぱいすぎ”、These are people with small children even two that are breast feeding. The attitudes are dumbfounding to me. Are these the same people who leave their kids in the car on a hot summer day??

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Posted in: 1 dead, 22 injured in chemical plant blasts in Yamaguchi See in context

Officials say that nothing has been released...??? Mitsui Chemical's complex in Yamaguchi According to the MEXT data from 2009, the complex has 3,379 containers of nuclear waste. Hopefully the containers have not been in danger of having their contents released into the environment.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 22 injured in chemical plant blasts in Yamaguchi See in context

There is some news that some sort of uranium is stored at or near that site of the explosion. Reported on the FUKUSHIMA DIARY site. The quote is below

About the factory explosion of Iwakuni, @hanayuu and other people are concerned about the possible depleted uranium, so I called the prefectural government to confirm. They said, depleted uranium is stocked in the site, but it's not affected by the accident.

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Lets hope and pray that we don't have to live through an event that tests its failure point.

It will not fall,” said Yoshihito Imamura, deputy manager of Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

Famous last words quoted from the past I believe are relevant. After all this guy may be repeating the past by uttering such a statement

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Left-RIght Up-Down Liberal-Conservative pro-life-pro choice you stink - I don't fill in here____ etc. You people never stop. Use whatever the heck you want yes iPhone has been good up to now, but its just a matter of time. Sooner or later we will hear similar story with iPhone. Try to be safe in what way you find that works for you. Personally used iPhone and android and the android crashed, froze and drove me crazy. First had a iPhone3Gs and worked great for 2 yrs. Then went to android and after 6 months with all the trouble broke my contract and went back to iPhone. But hey thats me and you are you. Use what you like and don't try to push your agenda on every one else.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower lights go off for Earth Hour but not Sky Tree See in context

Just heard from a friend who will be working there. They are sometimes turning on the lights for practice before the grand opening on May 22. Whether they did last night, I don't know

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower lights go off for Earth Hour but not Sky Tree See in context

Strange article. I haven't seen sky tree lately at night. Is it lit up yet or are they saying that just the blinking lights were on and that next year they will asked them to cut the display light....???

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You can deny having an account, yet some one in the company may know you have one. The company may do a search in your name and find you.(especially if you have an unusual name) Some ways to avoid this are; -delete your account -change the name of the account(then no one can find you, including friends??) -don't friend anyone (which deletes the purpose of having an account) -Say " what is Facebook?" " I have been living in Japan for 20 yrs." I will show you my MIXI if you show me yours.

Headed down the slippery slope and people just post everything and anything....???? Wake up people. It will come back to bite you in the a$$

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People not only travel on business.....When people travel to other places, they shop and contribute to the local economy. When my family travels abroad(usually economy but sometimes business) from Japan, we like to buy many things we can't get in Japan. Our suitcases always come back totally packed, right up to the current weight limits. Then you have gifts for friends and family, fragile items, food picked up in airport(inflight food is always questionable), etc. Always seem to have our hands full. Bigger is better as long as they are not going to use it as a way to nickel and dime us to death.

rmistric> "Flying is not like taking the bus or the train"

Flying now is just another mode of transportation that is more regulated with many flight attendants who think they should wield their power whenever a passenger upsets them. Yes there are good and bad, but there seems to be more of the bad ones these days. I have had some real #@%# attendants that should never be in a service industry job. Of course some really great ones too. Asian airlines are your best bet.

rmistric> "People who really shouldn't be flying".

There is a statement of someone I'd really like to get to know better. The people who generate these types of comments amaze me every time. Maybe it's Obama's fault? better yet Bush's fault.... Actually I'm questioning why I even took the time to type this out?????

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Any links to the original article?? Would like to read the Japanese version. Thanks in advance.

Moderator: The magazines do not post their stories online.

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

"Oh great and mighty wise one, you speak again. What great wisdom you share with us. How can we ever pay you back?" ISHIHARA: My dear followers, my word is sound and true follow me to the election booth and I will bestow my great knowledge upon you!!"".... .... This guy keeps getting elected. Many of my Japanese friends wonder why the Koreans and Chinese are always pissed off. 1+1= 2. And the hate continues. I wonder why??? A Korean friend had once told me, "I hate Japanese". I said, "why?" She said that her grandparents had constantly told her and her parents stories about all the atrocities that went on during the occupation. This was 20 yrs ago. As long as the clueless Oojichan's keep opening their mouths, this kind of hate will continue to be passed on.

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Posted in: 8 men arrested for smuggling gold from S Korea to Japan in rectums See in context

My sh** don't stink. It shines!!

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