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Posted in: Japan wary over Philippine leader's policy, manners in front of emperor See in context

Even Gandhi thought that chewing gum was a bad manner.

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing next spring See in context

Fashion is the worst industry of all. It has brain-washed women, created more trash to this earth, and killed animals to create fashions that last only three years. Wake up women! Be good and do good to this world. Don't care what others wear and don't care what you wear. Being true to yourself not to what you wear.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being left in car by father See in context

I hope he will go to a jail.

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Posted in: 'Vagina kayak' artist convicted in obscenity case See in context

This 44 years old artist's IQ is below 60. Exposing a private body part to others is a crime called Indecent exposure. If her case was not penalized, OK, every single male artist can create art works of his own penis in varioius shapes: one that is standing up, one that is sleeping and one that is a stage of being a half-awake. Then he can display all in an art show and ask her to join to the art show to celebrate a freedom of expression.

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

To me it is a good idea to teach anyone, not just tourists but also all other people, particularly to men, to refrain from public “belching or flatulence.” It is just gross!

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of killing 10 stray cats See in context

Cats are the cutest animals of all. They are innocent and playful. They each rats for you so that they keep your house more sanitary. The cats helped Japanese doctors when epidec black plague in Japan started killing people. The doctors decided to hire CATS and let them eat RATS that brought the infection around the house. They prevented the spread and they terminated entirely the epidec in Japan. Thanks to CATS. Put this man in to a jail for the rest of his life.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being confined in plastic storage case See in context

”he did not mean to kill Yukiya and that his actions were just part of parenting.” Yeah, right: parenting. Place the kids inside of a plastic case! Come on. He knew exactly what he was doing: making the kids suffer. Throw this father into a jail. It seems that every week Japanese parents kill "accidentally" their own kid. Are they paying any attention to what they are doing?

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Posted in: Kerry arrives in Japan for landmark Hiroshima visit See in context

Again, why not Obama is coming to Japan to apologize for the illegal dropping of the bombs. It has been long overdue. When does American president plan to apologize for their killing of Japanese non-combatants: women, babies, young school boys and girls, elderies, doctors and nurses. Killing non-combatants was (and is) a war criminal. International war law clearly states that then and now. America never admits the criminal acts AS USUAL. 60% of the Americans still feel they did a right thing: dropping two bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America planned to drop Kyoto or Tokyo originally. They wanted to kill more Japanese effectively so America decided to drop to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yes, killing the non-combatants innocents was (and still is) a right thing for them. American government continues to teach their children how bad Japanese military was then; and therefore, the suffering of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki's civilians was natural and proper. The way how most Americans think about the justification of dropping bombs to Japan really really makes me sick.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

I feel that if the father was backing very slowly, the death to this child would not have happened. There is always a blind spot when backing. With all the sad feelings, yet, he at least did not kill a child of the other parents.

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Posted in: Japan may change temple map icon to avoid Nazi swastika confusion See in context

As you see in these photoes, they are beautiful. Japan can formally announce to the world that Japan has been using the symbol for years and the symbol itself has nothing to do with Nazi. The symbol came from India originallly; and, it had nothing to do with Nazi. Nazi just used it for the Nazi's symbol. Let take it back to the real meaning. Japan should not eliminate them.

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Posted in: Abe oblivious to people's hardships, says tabloid See in context

I have a solution. Get rid of all the money that go to the American military bases, and provide that money to the poors in Japan. It is that simple.

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Posted in: Kimono with sneakers? Why not, says Osaka fashion retailer See in context

The lowest level of the Japanese culture, the lowest level of the Japanese mind, and the lowest level of the Japanese beauty. アメリカの影響がここまで来たかー! 情けない、落ちぶれた日本の文化と心! The lost mind of the inside and outside of the Japanese!

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Posted in: Japanese, British 'Death Railway' veterans meet in reconciliation See in context

Wonderful story! I wish the Korean-Japanese relationship also improves like this.

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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

Maybe I should have said 99.99% Japanese do not like the people with tatoos, to be more precise. Also, there must be a good reason for everything we do in our life. So, let me ask tatoos for what? I rather use the money (for creating tatoos) for the food for the homeless.

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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

Please think about the Japanese society where people consider others feeling first before themselves. 99% Japanese dislike and hate the tattos people. If 99% hotels, inns or public bathing places reject you because of your tattos, that is normal and they have the absolute right to reject you to not come in. It is about democracy. 99% don't like your tattos. It is not about freedom. You don't get your way of freedom when you disturb others in Japan.

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Posted in: Toyota's American PR chief arrested for suspected drug violation See in context

I am certain that she is lying. If she is going to be an executive in Japan, she should have and must have had a basic knowledge of the Japanese culture. If she did not, Toyota should not have selected her for the position.

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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context

I feel that it is so sad what has been happening in the world. Japanese should NOT hate Koreans. We are really the closest nations in terms of our cultural similarity. We have learned each other. Creating "ianfu" Korean women statues in the United States are wrong. I heard that the bad image of Japanese produced "ijime" to the Japanese children in American schools. Yes, it is IN THE UNITED STATES. I saw a Youtube by a Japanese man who explained the inferiority of Koreans comparing with Japanese. He pointed out the general features of a Korean woman such as small pointy eyes and angular chin. (If you find the youtube similar to what I describe here, please notify to YOUTUBE company as HATE crime.) I am Japanese, but these Korean feathers this man described on the youtube is what I have. Hate speech only create more hate and eventually the 3rd world war. And, we all die. Maybe that is what we need now, isn't it? But, in Salsa dance hall in the United States, we, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, all, continue to dance together.

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Posted in: U.S. orders more troops to Iraq, but no overhaul of strategy See in context

Then, again, America uses the Japanese taxpayers' money for this fight. Every Japanese should be aware of this. Think hard to stop providing your money to this war.

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Posted in: In Japan, women are usually kept in hospital for up to a week after giving birth, while in the West, if there are no complications, mothers usually go home the next day, or even less, as was the case See in context

In Japan, the insurance policy is not designed to focus on making money and the insurance covers longer period. The society as whole cares more about the patients. In America, the money making insurance companies don't want to pay (and don't pay) for the hospital, doctors, nurses, and all necessary medical equipment more than one day. Therefore, regardless of what the patient really needs, the insurance companies basically kick the patient out of the care facilities. In this way, the insurance company can save much money. (For this reason, DO NOT let any American insurance companies come to Japan.) Other reason (this is what I heard from a doctor) is that a hospital is, after all, a place where sick people gather. As you stay longer, the contamination from the sick people around your baby can be transferred to your new baby. In the case with the Duchess of Cambridge, they probably worry about terrorist's attack or any other crazy attack. It is better to move to their own house where provides more security as soon as they can.

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Posted in: Japanese firm sells human pillow cell phone holder See in context

A man with a dog is talking and talking to his cellphone and the dog just patiently waits and waits, and looks up as if the dog wonders when the phone conversation ends. A mother pushing a baby cart is holding a cell phone like her own baby and talking to the cellphone instead of talking to her baby. A couple (a man and a woman) each holding a cell phone while sitting together inside of a cafe are talking and talking to the cellphone instead of talking each other. A half of a family members having a dinner time together in a restaurant are viewing their cellphone. Now you got this cellphone doll and you are going to hug it, kiss it, and sleep with it. We, human, are more and more isolating themselves each other. So sad!

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Posted in: Judge lays down law in infidelity suit See in context

“A method of sales by which sexual relations are arranged between two people who met one another through business, and which proceeds on the basis of material gain.” It seems that this kind of relationship exists everywhere even within a legally married couple. Sexual relationship is nobody's business. If the wife could not get enough attention from her husband, that is really her own problem. Just because you married to someone, it does not mean that you got a license to be loved for life. You need to make a constant effort so that you are lovable. You need to be a person who is attractive physically and spiritually. Complaining her own problem to her husband, another woman and to the court? Ridiculous! These judges's salaries are paid by the people's tax. Why are you wasting your tax money and precious time for this kind of problem? I don't understand. Please use your money and time for something more important.

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Posted in: U.S. tells Okinawa governor new base 'fundamental' to security See in context

Oops! I want to make a correction on my previous statement. I meant to say, "when they (the American government) can NOT protect their own people's safe, they are careless about the Japanese people."

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Posted in: U.S. tells Okinawa governor new base 'fundamental' to security See in context

I want to tell you those who still believe in the American government: they lie. The U.S. government is NOT exercising democracy, freedom and human rights even to their own people. Their lawyers twist their own law and the court judges knowingly allow their lawyer to lie. The whole system has corrupted. For the defense for Japan? When they can protect their own people's safe, they are careless about the Japanese people. Just don't trust them. They are getting closer and closer to China. They can turn the gun point at the people in Janan. VERY SOON.

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest U.S. base relocation plan See in context

The real meaning of the U.S.-Japan alliance? None or very little. America does not understand a Japanese way. Japan doesn't know an American way. When both countries don't understand each other, the meaningful alliance does not exist. Probably the Americans who live in Japan know more about Japan and the Japanese than any of the U.S. policy makers. American politics reply on ONLY money. When the money from Japan ends, the U.S.-Japan relationship is over. Yes, that simple! The American government who cannot even treat the Japanese who live in the United States well will not care even a bit about the Japanese in Japan.

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

"Discriminatory" and "racist"? But, eating Sushi is a choice. It is not a civil right or human right. Sushi owner can say whatever he/she wants to say.

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

Washing your hands after you use toilet is a very basic sanitary code. Sharing a same toilet with other persons requires a rule for the persons to follow. It is not a matter of just his or her own hands being dirty. If the door handles become full of bacteria, then, the infectious disease can be spread into every part of the living space. Even Gandhi talked about the importance of a sanitary issue of toilet. He said that the job of the people who clean toilet is even more important than a lawyer's job. In the world where we don't know what next-- bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites--may take over our cities and towns, and we all know antibiotic medications are gradually becoming ineffective, we should be "overly careful" about the cleanness of our hands. In this incident, she was also worrying about her child's health, nit just herself.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

It has been very interesting to find out that you are still talking about Miss Universe Japan. I feel that the most important thing is that she WAS selected to represent Japan in the "Miss Universe" contest. Revealing to the world that Japan selected this lady who is 50% Japanese/50% African American is indeed an extraordinary and important fact. The world will see that Japan has less prejudice against Mix or Half (Hafu or whatever you call it) and Japanese has changed or is changing. (It is the time!!) I hope she will win in the contest and appeal her beauty (with a slightly darker skin) and intelligence (cross between Japan and America) to the entire world.

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Posted in: Japanese clothes but few Japanese models at Tokyo Fashion Week See in context

Shame on you, the Japanese fashion industry. This indicates that Japanese 1) still has not recovered from the defeat of the WW 2; and 2) still has a great inferior feeling about their looks and body although the rest of the world admires the beauty of the Asian face and dark hair. The Japanese are basically mentally weak and sick when it comes to the western beauty.

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Posted in: Meet and greet See in context

Lesson One: U.S. First lady should have never worn bright red flowery patterned clothes for the first visit to Japanese Emperor and Empress. This tells you how little Americans know about Japan, the Japanese custom and the Japanese culture. You don't decorate (admire) yourself; instead, you decorate (admire) others (in this case, the host and hostess). It is still a long way to go for Americans to understand Japanese although I am certain that there must have been serious advisers to provide Mrs. Obama with a common sense on how to greet with Japanese Emperor and Empress. They completely failed this one!

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Posted in: Michelle Obama, Akie Abe announce plans to support girls' education See in context

Collecting money-fundraising for girls education! This is a wonderful idea; but, I must mention to the naive Japanese that these money do not necessarily reach to the poor girls who need them. Instead, often the money is used for the orgnanization ad. and the people who work for them. In the end, a drop of the total amount goes to the girls who need. Americans are good at "appeal" to the world. Be smart, do not just trust superficial nice words! Instead, start peeling onion skins to discover what is really underneath! For this purpose, the Japanese government must have the ability to trace how the money will be or was used. Just do not give the money blindedly.

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