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First of all, Japan and American should define what education means to girls. If they have a fundamental difference in the thought of what best for their girls, there will be a discord between them from the start. And I already know that there is a huge difference between how Japan thinks and how America thinks about a woman's education. As far as there is a fundamental difference in their thought on girls education, it will be difficult to support each other. I do not think they know the huge difference culturally.

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harvey pekar MAR. 18, 2015 - 09:53PM JST "Honestly, is she really coming to Japan because of this education program? There are 257 countries in the world. Japan is ranked 5th in education. Why spend US taxpayer's money on coming here?"

Absolutely you are right. I agree. Lets girls learn WHAT, an American way? I don't feel that Mrs. Obama knows about Japan. The Japanese women excel in their way of living manner: their good posture, thin (not over weight) body, elegance and sensitivity (empathy) to others. These traits are very important as human health and human being. The American girls/women/mothers should have much to learn from the Japanese girls/women/mothers. Teaching to act like a business warrior who lost a human compassion-expressing an ugly aggression like a American man and woman is wrong to the Japanese society and the women.

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That is strange. It says that "Tracking ISIS" was originally shown on NHK on Feb 1. So, the Japanese public that could include any age groups had seen the documentary. Did the board of education reprimand NHK? If not, they cannot reprimand the teacher alone. Reprimanding the teacher alone is an unfair treatment. Besides, cutting a human head off is even in the Japanese own history.

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Posted in: How come Japan has never demanded an official apology from any U.S. government for the dropping of atomic bombs on two of its cities? In fact, why don't Japanese hate America for dropping the bombs? See in context

The Japanese usually do not know how to demand the rights. Sometimes they don't even know what their rights are. They tend to think that the problems are their own but not others and tend to blame themselves.

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Everyone, the bottom line of the difference is that: When I left a camera in a taxi in Japan, it came back to me. When I left a purse inside of a catholic church in Seattle, it did not come back to me.

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"I swear... ONLY IN JAPAN!!! Just one of the many reasons I love Japan, its people and its culture!" (By Knowbetter). Exactly! "Discipline, courtesy, honesty. It is a virtue of the Japanese." (By CrazyJoe) exactly! I am so proud of being Japanese.

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Everybody, let's stop buying her book. Let's stop buying any books of the publishing company which supports her. Let's ask all our Japanese reading friends to act on this.

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Sono Ayako who never lived outside of Japan should not provide any comment on international political issues. She is a very ignorant person.

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Posted in: Man's passport confiscated after he refuses to give up Syria travel plan See in context

The Japanese government provides an identification "PASSPORT" to a Japanese who travels to other countries. Passport proves that he/she is a Japanese citizen. Therefore, the Japanese government basically owns the passport and has the right to confiscate the passport from the person who wishes to use it against the government's wish. At the same time, Mr. Sugimoto has the right to express his opinion and the right to travel to the place he wants to go. In this case, he will have to travel without his passport. Some Mexicans do that (coming to the U.S.). If he wants (although I do not encourage him to do so), he can do the same-traveling without his passport. It is entirely up to him.

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Posted in: Abe condemns 'unforgivable' IS execution of Jordanian pilot See in context

"Japan must DECLARE war on this organization." (by JWithersFEB. 04, 2015 - 12:44PM JST) JWithers' conclusion is so shallow. This kind of statement makes me worry about the future of Japan. If so simple, the U.S. have done so long ago. Remember, comparing with the U.S. , Japan has no military force, no English skills, no computer skills, and no international, political comprehensive understanding. It is better to declare that Japan will stand as "neutral position" from now on, and stay away from the religious conflict. Japan has no Jews, no Christian, and no Muslim as its main ethnic group. If the Japanese government did not provide the money to the western nations, two Japanese journalists would be still here. Also remember that the money was the money of the Japanese tax-payers.

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Posted in: Japan steps up border control measures after IS threat See in context

"chilling threats to single out Japanese anywhere as targets." I have told you repeatedly: this (killing Japanese journalists) was just a beginning. Japanese have enjoyed a peaceful environment for years. It was like being in a Disneyland for those, like myself, to visit Japan occasionally. Those who never lived in another country do not understand what I mean: extraordinary peace that I feel when ordinary Japanese provide a sense of TRUST and RESPECT to others. The Japanese government should not have provided money to the western allies; and, by doing so, the Japanese government got involved with centuries-long religious wars. From now on, you will have an uncomfortable experience at all securities check points. Japanese traditional, cultural, unspoken and mutual feeling of "trust" and "safety" that exist among Japanese themselves and even with foreigners will be diminished dramatically. And, the fun party is over.

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As I said previously, this is just a beginning. IS stated, "because of yours (Abe's) reckless decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this man will not only slaughter Kenji, but will also carry on and cause carnage where your people are found. So let the nightmare for Japan begin." Read the words carefully. It said, "your people": that can be you, your friend, your brother or sister-anyone of you, Japanese. American newspapers never posted this Japanese problem (capturing and beheading of the Japanese journalists) on its front page. For America, Japan's and Japanese problems are not important although Japan has provided a huge amount of money to support America's politics. Now Japan is in a bottomless mud pit. America can be careless about the Japanese problem because, for them, there are many other important things to worry about. When Japan provides money to support America (or other European nations), it does not matter whether the money is for peach or for war. For IS group, it is money that is used against them.

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Why Japan (neutral Eastern nation) got even involved with this? I tell you why. Japan (Asian nation) has been supporting too much for America and European nations (Western nations). It is the best interest for Japan to keep strictly NEUTRAL. Japanese government don't understand this. I tell you this (killing one Japanese) is just a begging. Japan may not be able to retreat from this mess any more.

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Posted in: U.S. report fuels race furor over police killings See in context

According to this news information, Obama said, "It is incumbent upon all of us as Americans. . .that we recognize this is an American problem and not just a black problem or a brown problem." Barack Obama, America's first black president, has done very little, or nothing in fact, for the American Black community. I have expected a lot more from him when he became the president. The America's unique problem IS fundamentally about a black's problem! But, the black's problem was created by the whites who started the system of slavery. He knows that, he just doesn't want to say it! I hope that many Japanese who tend to think that America is the greatest county will look at the core problem of American society: violence and discrimination. Let's not bring them to Japan. Read http://www.mechamechaya.org/ (To know about America is to know about blacks).

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Well, I used to think like everyone else who wrote here good things about organ donation. I was ready to donate my own body. But, one day, I read about it, heard about it on a radio about how a love one's dead body has been used in the money making industries from the real person's story. I almost threw up. You should study more before you state your opinion if you want your mother to be all dispensed in that way or not.

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NOV. 25, 2014 - 07:17AM JST "it's a fine thing they did."

Really, do you really think so? I hope that her parents are aware of how the girl's body will be cut in slices. Once the body was donated to the Organ Transplant Network, her eyes, heart, heart valve, lung,liver, kidney, intestines, pancreas, skin (every party of skin), bones, and tendons: basically every part of her body will be removed. She will be sliced away like a fish on a cutting board. I hope people are aware of what they do. To me it is a very cruel process.

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I think that those who simply think a word "Baka!" is used to insult people is wrong. I said "Baka!" jokingly to my own dearest daughter. It is a kind of expression that people in Japan use often to those who they actually feel comfortable being around and feel the closest to their heart. If you don't understand that, you may be having an anti-Japanese feeling within you already. Don't take every word so seriously and wrongfully. After all, you came from a different background and culture. When you live in a new country, you want to step back a little bit and look at only the good parts of the culture and try to bring the positive asset to yourself.

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I agree with Cleo NOV. 07, 2014 - 03:52PM JST. "A human child that gets lost can tell people its name, maybe even its address, and thus find its way home; a pet can't. Collars and tags can come off, and in Japan if you don't find your lost pet within 7 days, it's likely to be 'disposed of'. If a microchip (inserted painlessly when the animal is anaesthetised for spay/neuter) can prevent that, it seems irresponsible not to make the most of the technology available." There is a pet organization: https://microchipregistry.foundanimals.org/ If your dog has miscrochip, you can register your pet. The people in the world can find your dog (and other pets) when you lost your pet. It is so much better than having your dog killed in a shelter.

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Posted in: 27 more dogs found dead in Tochigi See in context

Every one, read this site: http://www.vier-pfoten.org/en/campaigns/companion-animals/the-dog-mafia/

Selling dogs as "commodity" is OK in our Capitalism world. It encourages people to do anything for saving money, making money and producing more profit. Let's think this concept carefully how we treat animals and people (even among ourselves) to make money.

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Posted in: Recovering crown princess attends 1st imperial banquet in 11 years See in context

"unwanted marriage"?? (LBW2010OCT. 30, 2014 - 07:19AM JST) How do you know that? A brilliant, well-educated, well-traveled/internationalized woman with a degree of Harvard WOULD NOT HAVE chosen "unwanted marriage." She had chosen the marriage. Such opportunity that she has (being able to meet King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands) was given because of her position. It is still up to her how she utilizes her POWER of being Crown Princess. Indeed it is entirely up to her about her life. I really do not like to hear the criticism by anyone without real evidence.

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for killing mother, grandmother in Hokkaido See in context

When a child kills his/her parent or grandparent, or a parent or grandparent kills his/her, and this type of things happens often, that indicates the society as a whole has a problem. We, you and I, have created this society. It is clear that she was a mentally ill. She needed a help, but she did not know how to get the help.

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Posted in: Deer hunter shot and killed by fellow hunter See in context

Killing deer for fun?! Killing deer is a "Party"? Instead of killing deer, killed a man. Maybe there is a teaching in this accident. Maybe it is not an accident.

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To: B.B.Q.DemonJUL. 12, 2014 - 12:35PM JST: "Japan hasn't really helped out the USA so much."

Do you know America used Japan as the primary station during the Korean War? Do you know how many American military stations still exist in Japan? What I meant was that you cannot simply assume that today's friends are also tomorrow's friends. America, a short-sighted viewer, knows how to play a game to only benefit themselves. American politics is well-known for that. They do only the things that benefit for them. My view is that Japan has been greatly influenced by the American way of thinking: conquering the world by aggression and violence. That is terrifying.

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Chindo, who experienced World War II as a small child, told AFP: "I want to pass on the message 'never wage war' to the next generation." His statement is very important and true. The Japanese young people don't know much about World War II. The Japanese government has been much influenced by the aggression of the America government's foreign policy. Japan assumes that America is always on its side. Japan thinks if something happens, America always provides a military support for them. But, think hard. The world's power balance is changing. America is a practical thinker. America has no such sense, "Osewa-ni-nattakara..." Japan should think what if Japan has no support from America when the next war starts. Without America, Japan has no war power: no equipment, no super computer, and no effective language (English) skills. It is better that Japan stays as a pacifist nation and doesn't even think a little to participate in any war in the future. Don't forget that 200,000 ordinary Japanese, children, women and elders, were killed by one drop of the bombs.

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"a lawyer for the group said it will appeal the Osaka court's ruling to the Supreme Court, arguing that its members were expressing a political opinion." !!!??? "A POLITICAL OPINION" That is insane. The group can make a political statement against the politicians not against the children. They are so immature that their action makes me sick. People should love all the children in the world and in Japan no mater who they are and where they are from.

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Mataka said, "my Japanese husband said he felt sickened and ashamed that politicians of such a low calibre can hold office in Japan." I agree. Absolutely. WHO selected him? Those who selected him as their Japanese representative-politician should be particularly ashamed.

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Now you know America is an underdeveloped county in its true nature. The government tells you what you should or should not do in bed and what you should or should not eat for your proper diet. Americans still believe America is a FREE country.

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Posted in: Eggs pelted at Suzuki's office after he apologizes for sexist jeers See in context

Eggs are something you can eat. I don't like the idea of wasting eggs in order to make a political statement. Maybe many of you have forgotten that there are poor people in the world who can't have eggs. That was fun thing to do in America in the 70 and 80th in its highest economical power. Don't copy what Americans do. If making sexist jeers is not a gentleman's act, pelting eggs is also NOT a gentleman's act.

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The restoration of Japan is important. The Japanese culture was greatly influenced by American's aggressiveness, machiavelism (do anything-even an unethical way-to achieve a goal) and mammonism (worshiping money). Many Japanaese are not aware of this fact. How to restore Japan? That is a big question. I say the approach should come from each of us, Japanese, by going back to more spirituality rather than materialism; however, we also need a group of politicians who can focus on the restoration of good JAPAN by removing the bad part of American's influence.

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Posted in: Court rules against man who sued NHK for using too many loan words See in context

I want to support Mr. Takahashi totally. I live in America. When my sisters use the words such as "pasokon" and "pokeberu", I don't understand what they are talking about. If the Japanese use English words, they should use the words correctly, at least, by using "real" English words, otherwise, use the Japanese words. The Japanese are not improving their English skill AT ALL. They are just adding the new words that are MEANINGLESS to the English users in the world. Not only that, but also they are wasting their time to learn the new words that have no value and confuse their own people. I hope Mr. Takahashi would appeal. It is time for the Japanese to wake up and become aware that the usage of wrong English is a self-destruction of Japan.

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