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Posted in: South Korean MPs demand execution of North's Olympic delegate See in context

There will be a bloodbath if South Korea executes this high ranking North Korean diplomatic official. The South Koreans better stop complaining and accept his presence with a smile or there will be trouble and the South will be blamed for derailing the peace and unification process. The North has nukes anyway, the South cannot refuse his presence

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

I agree with the other anti-Japan supporters here, how dare Japan complain to the WTO about South Korea's unproven and false trading infringements. Japan should be expelled from the WTO for reporting on friendly South Korea who only wants to improve ties, and especially when the Koreas are making such progress on reunification.

The WTO should also be disbanded anyway for coming to such a foolish judgement

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

This is why North Korea needs nukes and reunification with South Korea. If Japan tried this under a united Korea with nukes, you can bet Japan won't be taking these false complaints to the WTO, and instead Korea could dictate the terms of the trade relationship.

The WTO has no authority anyway so South Korea should just ignore this and all other international rulings like they heroically did with the fake comfort women agreement.

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Posted in: Japan pro-whaling documentary wins award at London film festival See in context

Japan should stop whaling with immediate effect. Even though Norway and Iceland whale much more than Japan, they are fine to continue as they do it responsibly

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Posted in: Kono sees need for contact with N Korea See in context

And America

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Posted in: Kono sees need for contact with N Korea See in context

Good to hear that Japan is coming to its senses and accepting North Korean nuclear power. North Korea will never give up its nukes and they shouldn't have to, they have proven in the Olympics that they are a responsible world player and a moral authority on diplomacy. Unless Russia and China give up their nukes, there won't even be a discussion of North Korea giving up its nukes, which are only for self defense

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Posted in: IOC to facilitate N Korea's participation in 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

What a win for North Korea! They will definitely participate as North Korea will have its nuclear program ready by then and no one would refuse them!

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Posted in: If regarded purely as a defense strategy, the posture we take is a very tough one. We effectively have to tolerate a first attack and possibly see our land turn into a battlefield. See in context

Japan should never be allowed to develop their own nukes. Unlike Japan, North Korea would be a responsible nuclear power and would only use nukes if threatened, so it is fine for North Korea to have nukes

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Posted in: U.S. denies plan for 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea See in context

There won't be any strikes of any kind on North Korea any more. North Korea's admirable and epic diplomatic victory and cheerleading at the Olympics has made sure of that and has demonstrated that North Korea is the most peaceful nation in the region.

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Posted in: Japan reports suspected N Korea sanctions violation to U.N. Security Council See in context

The North is only doing this because there are sanctions in the first place so these moves are in self defense like other North Korea supporters here agree. If these silly sanctions were removed, the North could complete their nuclear defense program in peace and without alleged violations.

You can be sure that once the North has its defensive nuclear program completed, there won't be sanctions imposed on them ever again

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un lookalike provokes N Koreans See in context

Well done on the DPRK team for not overreacting.

@Toasted Heretic: Agreed. It would have been understandable if the North Koreans taught this fool a lesson on the spot, but instead they admirably kept their cool and only gave him a few kicks in the shins. South Korea will have to answer for this insult

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Posted in: Senior high schools to teach disputed islets as Japan's See in context

Agree with other posters here, Japan should not be allowed to decide its own view on history, only the victors get to write history

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Posted in: Japan reports suspected N Korea sanctions violation to U.N. Security Council See in context

Agree with other North Korea supporters here. Japan should just butt out of North Korea's affairs. It is entirely up to North Korea whether to skirt these illegal UN sanctions. The UN has no authority anyway so these sanctions are invalid

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un lookalike provokes N Koreans See in context

Supposing one of the cheerleaders had been attacked?

This is a sensitive event and the comedian could have jeopardised it with his idiocy.

@Toasted Heretic: 100% agree with you! Well done to the North Korean bodyguards for putting a stop to this illegal joke quickly during such a sensitive event. No protest against KJU should be legal during sensitive events like this in SK, and this Australian is lucky not to have been extradited to NK to face justice.

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Posted in: Seoul seeks communication, lower military tension ahead of possible N Korea summit See in context

This is the beginning of the end of the South Korea/America/Japan alliance. The tide is unstoppable and North Korea has shown that it has decisively won the political battle over Korea.

The ending of sanctions will be next which America will object to so South Korea will proceed with ending sanctions themselves, which will unravel the alliance. After that, North Korea will have the time and resources to build a massive thermo nuke arsenal that can eliminate all of America, and once that happens, Korean reunification will be immediate

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Posted in: N Korea using Olympics to drive wedge between U.S., Japan, S Korea See in context

Of course a wedge is being driven between South Korea and the warmongering America/Japan alliance. South Korea has long been scorned by these 2 and the North offers a chance of redeemed dignity. North Korea has proven this Olympics that it is a moral authority in the world, far more so than Trump's America, and reunification will now proceed and ties with the West cut off permanently.

With the North's military might and the South's technological know-how, they will be unstoppable and never again submissive to America. Life is definitely not even that bad in the North, it's all American and Japanese propaganda. Well done to Moon for seeing through this.

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Posted in: NBC boots analyst over Japan comment at Pyeongchang Games See in context

This is exactly why a unified Korea needs North Korea's nukes, so it can stand up to arrogant and condescending America and Japan on equal terms. Americans won't be laughing so hard once there are a few hundred nukes aimed at every major city in America

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Posted in: Mattis says N Korea can't drive wedge between South, U.S. See in context

North Korea is the only true ally of South Korea, so relations with Japan and America should be cut off regardless. Korea will be reunited and once that happens America will have to pay for dividing the nation for so many decades

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Posted in: The 2020 Olympic Games will be a festival for the whole country, and I will try to make it an opportunity for each person in Japan to connect with the world, and for the world to discover Japan. See in context

I doubt the Tokyo Olympics will come close to matching the current amazing South/North Korea Olympics. That historic march together was something else

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister warns against N Korea's 'smile diplomacy' See in context

I agree with the other North Korea supporters here, North Korea is well within its rights to develop nukes to threaten destruction in America and Japan. The goal is unification and if America gets in the way of that, then the North may nuke America

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Posted in: Cabinet support rate up to 50%; 53% back pressure on N Korea: poll See in context

Well it's good that the majority of South Koreans aren't fooled by the American and Japanese propaganda, and instead support North Korea's efforts to acquire nukes to defend themselves.

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Posted in: Amid Olympic thaw, Pence says allies united in isolating N Korea See in context

Pence is wrong, South Korea wants sanctions against the North ended. The North’s nuclear missiles are already made, there is no contesting that. Pence should keep quiet unless he wants a few nukes over Washington

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Posted in: Japanese gov't worried S Korea may rush into talks with N Korea See in context

North Korea has the capability to eliminate half of America at any time, deal with it. Any move by America to influence the North will result in the end of that warmongering nation.

This dialogue will result in the end of the silly sanctions put down by America and allow the North to rise again. As seen by the North’s cheerleaders, life is not remotely bad back in North Korea

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Posted in: N Korean leader invites S Korea's Moon to the North See in context

This is an epic diplomatic victory for North and South Korea! They have thoroughly put Japan and America in their place and made it all but certain that the North will get its thermo nukes and the capability to wipe out half of America and Japan. Well done to Moon as well for playing America like the warmongering fools they are!

The only option is to accept North Korea’s system of government and capability to eliminate any nation on Earth at any time. There is no chance America would start anything now

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Posted in: Abe takes up nuclear issue in chat with N Korean ceremonial leader See in context

Only when Japan addresses the issue of abducting thousands of foreign fathered kids - I support DPRK on this issue. NO TALK

Agreed! It was actually a really smart move by DPRK to have kidnapped these Japanese citizens to use as leverage against Japan so that they can change their policies.

There shouldn’t be talks either until Japan stops whaling and dolphin killing either, and also bans idols

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Posted in: With extraordinary political optics, Winter Olympics begin See in context

Well done to both North and South Korea for absolutely humiliating America in front of the world! What a massive win for them and thoroughly put the Americans in their place

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Posted in: S Korean dog meat restaurants refuse to stop serving for Olympics See in context

Completely barbaric, how could you possibly eat a dog?

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Posted in: Japan warns May on Brexit: 'We cannot continue in UK without profit' See in context

Brexit will be great, I doubt the economic effects will be in any way as large as the naysayers say

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Posted in: With military parade, Kim Jong Un thumbs nose at U.S. See in context

Well done to North Korea to show the world they aren't afraid of America!

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