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Posted in: Former TV announcer Mao Kobayashi dies of cancer at 34 See in context

I hate cancer.

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Posted in: U.S. asks China to do more to rein in North Korea See in context

This is probably the only thing I agree with the Donald with.

China banks Fatty Kim's regime. China also makes billions dealing and trading with the US.

Make a choice. Lose the US and its money or keep supporting fat boy.

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Posted in: Half of students find primary school English education less than useful: survey See in context

My kid has had English for a couple of years (textbook/classes @ elementary school) and has had ALT visits for six. The kid, who speaks English, has complained that it's the same old thing every time: numbers, animal/sports/things you like, birthday, greetings, and the alphabet.

They need to change English education from the top just like everything here in Japan.

Change the testing system from a focus on reading/writing to more speaking/listening. But everyone already knows this since this idea has been floated around for more than 4 decades.

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Posted in: 1st antiterror drill held at nuclear plant for drone attack See in context

When they held evacuation drill for the population of the area a few years ago it was a wash.

There was no way they could evacuate everyone quickly. Just too many people with few exits out of the area.

But they still restarted this plant anyway. I don't think the govt. has any choice but to hope there's no accident or attack.

It's really not safe for the people either way.

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Posted in: Man arrested for letting child steer car while driving See in context

Did the same growing up. As long as the chinpira dad has control of the car it's cool.

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Posted in: Trump announces he's being investigated See in context

Maybe be the dummy should lay off the Tweets.

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Posted in: Woman gets 13 years in prison for fatally abusing 3-year-old daughter See in context

I'm glad the usual 7 year sentence wasn't handed down this time.

Although 12.5/13 years isn't that long for what they did, it could've been shorter and much more maddening.

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Posted in: Two children from same kindergarten in Kawasaki die; officials suspect infectious disease See in context

Poor kids. Their families must be devastated. I couldn't bear it.

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Posted in: Calendar publishers want new era name by next January See in context

Why not start a new trend and get rid of the Imperial year system here for official documents and calendars and save millions a headache?

Maybe it'll also help the Japanese remember historical dates quicker since it takes them eons to do now.

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Posted in: Court denies request to halt restart of 2 reactors in Saga See in context

Whatever happened to the promise that they wouldn't restart any reactors unless it had the backing of the local residents?

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Posted in: Xi to meet FIFA boss as China harbors World Cup ambition See in context

Don't give these bums the WC. They've kept 0 promises upon receiving the 2008 Olympics and other world championship events.

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Posted in: Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings See in context

I kept buying the Japan Times until the price went up to almost 200 yen a few years ago. That was just a bit too high for my liking.

The quality of the paper has dipped a bit in the last decade in my opinion.

If an online paper had a subscription rate that's really cheap, I'd pay, but most subscriptions cost too much.

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Posted in: Body of high school boy found in sea off Miyagi See in context

Why exactly is this stretch of beach off limits?

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Posted in: Giant panda born in Tokyo zoo; survival uncertain See in context

Glad about the panda birth but that's a pretty scary looking pic.

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Posted in: Thai police rescue Japanese businessman who was held captive See in context

A lot of news recently of Japanese killing and torturing other Japanese in Southeast Asia.

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Posted in: Netflix may fix Japan movie-financing dilemma: director Kawase See in context

Would love to see a rebirth of great Japanese cinema. God, I hope this happens.

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Posted in: Yomiuri Giants extend team record for consecutive losses See in context

The Giants losing 13 straight has nothing to do with players heading to MLB.

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Posted in: The dementia time bomb: Aging Japan faces healthcare crisis See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is aiming to increase the number of nursing homes and raise care worker wages to tackle the problem.

I wish he would stop "aiming" and start doing something. Same for nursery schools.

He's been in office for five and half years for crying out loud. So far nothing.

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Posted in: Single mothers by choice fight stigma, seek to change perceptions See in context

My mom had and raised me alone in Japan during the 60s and 70s where the number of single mothers must've been lower than the current 2.3%.

Props to my mom, who I know, used to get lots of scrutiny, scorn and annoying questions by many here in Japan.

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Posted in: Why parents' tech obsession may mean kids misbehave See in context

Also "good parents" won't allow technology to interrupt their time and interactions with their children.

Make an effort to read/watch your smartphone later on unless it's an emergency. Otherwise, don't be rude. (This goes with other adults not only with your kids.)

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested for trying to steal police officer’s gun See in context

Why do some Japanese English news reports use the word "koban" and not station or plolice station?

Because a koban is so small that it doesn't fit the usual description of a police station. Often it's just a room with a table with one officer working it. But "police box" does fit the description though.

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Posted in: APA hotels won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics See in context

Well, it's his hotel.

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Posted in: Toxic substances detected in Tsukiji fish market soil samples See in context

I can't imagine any coastline around Tokyo Bay not having hell of a lot of toxins.

When I was a kid living in Tokyo in the early 70s the bay was filthy.

Every time we went to the shoreline there was always discoloration of the water, oil, foam, and garbage floating around and factories and plants everywhere.

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Posted in: LDP calls for free education among other areas of Constitution change See in context

I love the idea of free education but how does a cash strapped govt. pay for it? Increase in taxes is probably the only way I can think of and it would probably have to be pretty big.

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Posted in: Gov't considers splitting school holidays to ease travel congestion See in context

They need to stop considering it and just DO IT.

The government was considering spitting up GW holidays by regional blocks and pffft....off the radar.

It'll happen again with this idea, too. Consider, make a working committee, make it on the talk shows, then pffftt....gone.

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Posted in: Fitness club challenges food waste culture through donation drive See in context

Another thing I'd like to see are TV/movie/singing stars donate money they win on quiz shows to charity.

In the US they often declare their charity of choice that they want to donate to after winning.

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Posted in: Conspiracy bill rammed through lower house panel amid protests See in context

I saw this live on TV yesterday. While the speaker was reading the bill, the gallery was hooting and howling like crazy. Sounded like a zoo where everyone was in heat.

What gets me is that although Komeito is the LDP's sidekick which allows the LDP to get what they want through parliament, most of Komeito's own followers don't support this bill.

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Posted in: What is your biggest pet peeve about your workplace? See in context

The non-Japanese in my office are excluded from cleaning duties.  .....All tasks are divided among the Japanese staff only (who make up approx 80% of the office), while the others just sit there, feeling embarrassed.

Whether they know it or not this is discriminatory and demeaning.

Unnecessarily creating this artificial division of labor based soley on nationality just further reinforces and perpetuates their "us/them" mentality.

Helping to clean up the office has nothing to do with Japanese language skill or work ability.

What a way to make you guys feel excluded and different.

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Posted in: 3 found dead in suspected family suicide in western Japan See in context

I never understand why headlines are so vague about the location. Western Japan as opposed to just saying Osaka

I always think the same thing." If it isn't Saitama or Tokyo it's

"( ) Japan"

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