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Posted in: S Korea speedskater hospitalised for anxiety after Olympic bullying outcry See in context

As lame as it was for her to blame the third skater for their team-pursuit loss, the harsh vitriolic reaction against her by the public seems like a form of bullying itself. No need to keep antagonizing her and pushing for her to be permanently banned.

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Posted in: Harajuku style See in context

I don't like the black ones. The white ones look OK though.

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Posted in: Gov't considers abolishing political fairness clause in broadcasting law See in context

I like the impartiality of the media here relative to the easily identifiable biased ones in the States. I hope the govt. doesn't let Abe do this. BTW, I like NHK.

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Posted in: S Korean moguls skiers banned for life for sexual harassing, assaulting teammates in Japan See in context

Were these women sexually assaulted or just beat up?

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Posted in: Do Oscars and Grammys indicate awards shows losing appeal? See in context

With Hollywood spewing out more and more mind-numbing sequels, reboots, unoriginal and unimaginative movies, it's easy to see why people are getting turned off to these shows. I don't think many of the movies nominated these days move our souls and leave us in a world of wonder and amazement like the movies of the past did.

Also the increasing political, sarcastic and preachy tone of the awards ceremony is turning a lot of people off.

Although I can empathize with some of the MeToo agenda, I don't need it shoved down my throat at a ceremony designed to honor great movie making/acting.

We all knew beforehand what political viewpoints those who took the stage were going to force us to listen to and swallow. People can, and did, easily avoid it all with the click of the remote and they'll increasingly do so unless there's change.

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Posted in: Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning See in context

Russia is a plague. Constant meddling and assassinations within Russia and around the world. Any self respecting country should cut them out diplomatically and financially.

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Posted in: Dog dies in United Airlines overhead bin See in context

How did the dog die? The overhead compartments aren't air tight are they?

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Posted in: 7 years after tsunami, Japanese live uneasily with seawalls See in context

Here's a really good clip showing the feelings of the locals who have to look at and live with these things.


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Posted in: 7 years after tsunami, Japanese live uneasily with seawalls See in context

Japan's coastlines all over Japan have ugly concrete walls and tetrapods that not only destroy views but destroy the natural environment and deplete beaches.

These giant walls in the formerly tsunami hit areas look awful. You can't even see the sea which is one of the reasons I usually visit seaside villages. They're not worth it.

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Posted in: Samsung S9 has a great camera - just like other phones See in context

$720 for a handset with super neato functions like these is a big hasta la vista for me.

Even handsets that go up to $500 make me grimace.

There are a lot of lower end models that provide more than enough of what I use a smartphone for.

Rather buy a surfboard or take a nice trip somewhere with that kind of money.

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Posted in: 11 Asia-Pacific nations sign TPP trade deal without U.S. See in context

Wonder what (or if) food items are going to become cheaper. Are we going to have an increased variety of choices? When?

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for coercing 41-year-old man to jump off stairwell See in context

You'd have to have some pretty low self-esteem to jump just because a girlfriend 20 tells you to do so.

I once had a girlfriend with self-esteem issues and they're nothing but trouble.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel admits data fraud went on for nearly 5 decades; CEO to quit See in context

50 years?!!! They've been fraudulent for almost half the time this company has existed.

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Posted in: 11 TPP countries go it alone without U.S. See in context

Why did they re-brand it by adding "Comprehensive" and "Progressive" not just leave it at TPP?

Yeah, if Trump wants to keep shooting the US in the foot, then let him.

The TPP can and should strive to succeed w/o the US. Lead by example.

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Posted in: N Korea makes 'agreement' with S Korea after historic meeting See in context

Glad to see them talking. But....... Un has been eating everyone's share of food it seems. He's the only obese North Korean I've seen lately.

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Posted in: Founder of transformative Tower Records chain dies at 92 See in context

Spent a lot of my childhood flipping through records and posters at Tower. Thanks a lot for the great memories and music and RIP.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of acquaintance in Ehime Pref See in context

The suspect calling 119 for the victim that he stabbed and bashed in the head shows that he had some compassion for the dude, as weird as that sounds. Or maybe he did it to sow points for his own defense when he goes to trial.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy for N Korea to retire; South still has no U.S. ambassador See in context

Trump has yet to nominate an ambassador to South Korea, a post vacant for over a year.

Aside from Yun retiring, this bit information is much more shocking.

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Posted in: Jane Walker to replace Johnnie Walker on some scotch bottles See in context

Hope they make her hella sexy.

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Posted in: 'A Wrinkle in Time': a girls' movie all boys should see See in context

Guess I'll be taking a miss on this one. Don't want to watch another role-reversal film.

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Posted in: White House takes cautious approach on N Korea overture See in context

The North said nothing of denuclearization. Only talks which they will absolutely not give up their trump card. This is a ploy on NK's part to show the world that they "made an attempt" at bringing peace to the peninsula but I don't buy it at all. Moon is being used like a puppet. The North only plays hardball.

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Posted in: Japan confirms oil from wrecked tanker hitting its beaches See in context

Instead of Tokyo launching intensive studies, they should be launching money and resources to clean up this mess. It should be considered a national disaster. I hope to god this oil slick is taken care of before summer and doesn't come up the eastern seaboard. If not we're going to have a lot of sick surfers and swimmers out there.

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Posted in: South Korean MPs demand execution of North's Olympic delegate See in context

This is being done on purpose. Kim Jong Un is sending a despised military commander to the country that he attacked and killed. I knew he was going to sabotage these "good feeling games" but I just didn't know how. This really takes the cake

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Posted in: 5 differences between Japanese and Western diet approaches See in context

Volume. That is it.

Specifically to America, the amount of food they eat is enormous.

This is pounded into me each time I go back there from Japan.

If you take in that many calories, you get fat. Period.

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Posted in: NRA chief slams anti-gun 'elites' after Florida school massacre See in context

There are no "good guys" and "bad guys".

A "good guy" with a gun, which are easily obtained, may one day:

  • gets pissed at his wife for having an affair and shoots her or the lover out of rage

  • over-reacts to a guy yelling at him about something and gets pissed

  • has a heated argument at a bar and comes back and shoots the guy or bar up

  • over years develops a mental illness - becomes paranoid and shoots people or a group because he thinks he's "being attacked"

  • feel he was wronged by his boss, co-workers, teachers or school mates and goes back to "show them" they clowned the wrong guy

None of these people are "bad people". Situations happen, people lose their tempers, people get violent and if guns are within their grasp, they'll use one to back up whatever they feel is "right".

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Posted in: S Koreans call for skaters to be booted from games See in context

There definitely was no love lost between the first two skaters Kim and Park and the third girl Noh.

Whether the the first two girls should be expelled or not I'm not sure, but it's clear that they didn't have much sympathy for Noh during or after the race.

There's not much you can do during the race if one falls behind, except wait for the last girl and come in slow together or if you do finish fast without the 3rd skater, at least console her a bit afterward.

Does this really warrant a kicking out of the Olympics?

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Posted in: Japan highlights claim to islets disputed by S Korea See in context

Japan and South Korea should administer the islands as a peaceful joint venture to help bring the two countries closer together.

Regulate and split the amount of fish that can be fished from there equally between the two countries and also any other natural resources they may find there in the future.

There. I've solved the problem. (They really should hire me to be the chief negotiator on this issue.)

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Posted in: Samsung set to launch new flagship smartphones See in context

I have a Samsung Galaxy Neo, which I think is a 2015 or '16 model. It's not one of their top of the line models but it works really well.

The price of it was nothing like the 100,000 yen Apple is taking for the iPhone X and it does pretty much everything I need a smartphone to do.

If Samsung can keep their really good Galaxy models reasonable in price, they should be able to surpass the over-priced iPhones in the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Hanyu hints he may not defend world title See in context

Good on Hanyu if he decides to take a break. March 19 is less than a month away and having to skate on painkillers is indicative that his ankle hasn't completely healed.

He has a foreign coach and isn't being driven to "gaman" like he would be by the archaic Japanese "seishin chikara" type of training. It's one of the reasons so many Japanese athletes train overseas or with a foreign coach - physical training has advanced since the 1950s.

Athletes/bodies need rest periods and time to go lightly for a while to recover or else they risk a higher chance of re-injury which can sometimes be career-ending.

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Posted in: NRA chief slams anti-gun 'elites' after Florida school massacre See in context

 LaPierre said, It should not be easier to shoot up a school than a bank or a jewelry store, he added.

Banks and jewelry stores hold money and expensive commodities that's why they're heavily protected around the world. Schools is a gathering place for kids to get an education. In a sane society, there's really nothing in it for people to go to a school and start shooting.

La Pierre also said in that speech that "bad guys" with guns can only be stopped by "good guys" with guns. Has the American discourse about guns dropped so far that it sounds like a kindergarten or a lower grade elementary school argument? It's unbelievable to my ears to hear such an infantile comment coming from the NRA head.

The issue is complex and involves easy access to guns to anyone who suddenly "loses it", mentally disturbed individuals, or those who hold grudges. None of these people think of themselves as "bad" but - wronged.

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