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Posted in: China's government can't take a joke, so comedians living abroad censor themselves See in context

Glad I ain't from China.

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Posted in: Top gov't spokesman allegedly received ¥10 mil in kickbacks: source See in context

Anybody related to Abe in any way is corrupt. Look at how many times that guy's name pops up in the news even to this day. Never for anything positive.

I've always thought Matsuno was a weasly looking dude. Guess he actually is when it comes to our money.

10 million undeclared. That's a lot. I just wish I made that much a year.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' to get theatrical release in Japan, after all See in context

Good movies, whatever your political stance might be, should be shown.

God knows, there's a dearth of good movies being made in Hollywood as it is.

Glad this is finally getting a theatrical release. Don't need govt. quasi censorship.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $4.5 bil more in aid for Ukraine, including $1 bil in humanitarian funds See in context

The guy in the middle looks like Tony Soprano.

I wish they'd use more of this money here in Japan for us or lower my taxes and healthy insurance premiums.

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Posted in: Google launches Gemini, upping stakes in global AI race See in context

@ClippetyClop Could be the greatest movie ever made aside from LGBTQ Jaws.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for man over 2019 Kyoto Animation arson-murders See in context

I'm not a millionaire but I'm willing to bet a million dollars that he'll get the death penalty.

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Posted in: U.S. military grounds all V-22 Osprey aircraft after Japan crash See in context

The Marines should've grounded them right away esp. when the host country asked them to. It would've created a more cooperative display between Japan and the US military, but alas a week later, the US grounds them anyway but with a black eye in P.R. for them.

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Posted in: Yankees get Soto from Padres; Ohtani and Yamamoto still up for grabs as winter meetings end See in context

Good move by the Pads to get those pitchers by letting Soto and Grisham go. They NEED pitching bad esp after losing Snell.

By the way, is Boras really that big and tall or is he standing on someone's shoulders?

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Posted in: Fundraising scandal in Japan's ruling party turns up heat on embattled PM Kishida See in context

I've been here since the 70s (60s actually but too young to remember politics) and there has ALWAYS been financial scandals with every LDP administration. When are they going to massively punish this behavior and end the stealing?

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Posted in: Google launches Gemini, upping stakes in global AI race See in context

I just saw this on the Japanese news and it kept pronouncing Gemini as 'jeh mi nee'. Is this another one of the mispronounced words that Japan often creates or is this how Google is pronouncing it in the US? I've always said this words as 'jeh mi nai'.

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Posted in: Tokyo makes high school free for all families, even the rich ones See in context

9.1 million yen a year is pretty hefty. I don't think they really need to have their kids' high school education funded by tax payers. Mid to low income - yes.

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Posted in: Up to 600 N Korean defectors deported by China have vanished, says rights group See in context

China might as well have executed these defectors themselves by sending them back to NK. For many it carries the death penalty.

The further the distances themselves from China the better.

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Posted in: Politicians' inflated overseas study claims rampant, even among LDP bigwigs See in context

Abe was a criminal in every way. He lied about his studies all the way through his criminal activities and cover-ups during his prime ministerhood.

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Posted in: Waiting for Shohei: MLB free-agent market slow as Ohtani mulls big money See in context

The money these guys are pulling in is mind-boggling.

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Posted in: What’s the best way to eat Japanese cream stew and rice, together or separate? See in context

Another option is to eat cream stew with hot and buttery garlic bread instead of rice. Mmmmm.

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Posted in: Small tsunami recorded in areas along Japan's Pacific coast after M7.7 quake hits off Philippines See in context

I wish they had at least two levels of warning sirens here.

For ones predicted to be under 50 cm should have sirens that go off with shorter bursts and for longer pauses in between. Have them stop while the warning is being announced so we can actually hear it.

For ones predicted to be bigger and more dangerous, have them like last night with long continuous sirens and whirring which scare the hell out of you for a long time. Sounds exactly like the North Korean ballistic missile alerts - no difference. Scary as hell.

Midnight had my whole area blaring with sirens for a good ten to fifteen minutes. The warnings were totally inaudible.

They announcments were echoing off of each other since they were being announced at once from all the speakers and the dogs were howling like mad.

This was the same problem we had before the 3/11 tsunami - desensitization to the numerous alerts and sirens going off even for tiny 5cm tsunami possibilities.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl riding bike seriously injured after being hit by car; driver arrested See in context

7:55 is already fully dark these days and with no crosswalk or signal make for a dangerous recipe.

I'm not saying it was the girl's fault but under these same conditions on my bike, I take extra precaution and assume that no car is able to see me and ride likewise.

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Posted in: Will an earlier Oscars broadcast attract more viewers? ABC plans to try the 7 p.m. slot in 2024 See in context

Better movies, less wokeness and better selection of nominees will bring back watchers. You can thank me later.

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Posted in: Rangers, Mets, Red Sox turn focus away from Ohtani: report See in context

I'm predicting a huge salary for a short contract. His elbow injury has done a lot of damage for his prospects, pun intended.

For the poster above saying go back to Japan to show their fans his magic, he played here for Nippon Ham for about five years. What planet are you from?

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Posted in: One dead, two injured after man attacks tourists near Paris' Eiffel Tower See in context

The suspect had shouted out "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) and told police

Should of made this the first line of the article or the title since I was once again searching to see if it was another Muslim extremist. And yeah, again it was.

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Posted in: Visa study: 97% of Asia Pacific travelers opt to go cashless when traveling See in context

Aside from more or less people using cash or not, this read like a major plug for Visa.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko turns 22, balancing studies with official duties See in context

She's looking more and more like her mother every time I see her.

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Posted in: Dozens of U.S. adolescents dying from drug overdoses every month See in context

Fentanyl is gnarly. I have three friends who know people who have OD on that junk. I'm glad it wasn't around when I was a teen. So easy to OD on and difficult to detect if something is laced with it.

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Posted in: The redelivery rate for home deliveries is rising as the number of parcels increases due to online shopping. This is placing a growing burden on the logistics industry, which is suffering from a labor shortage. What can be done to alleviate the problem? See in context

If the driver tries to deliver a package but no one is home, then they put it back in the truck and finish off the rest of their route.

At around two or three or whatever, they drop off all their undelivered packages at the shipping center.

Then a second and later shift driver (1pm-9pm) takes those deliveries. They may already have the requested drop off time period made by the customers online or by phone by then or not.

The second driver will be the reliever for all the undelivered packages for three or four different drivers.

The first driver (9am-5pm) can finish their shift on time and not be driving around for 12 hours like they often have to.

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Posted in: 2025 Expo ticket sales begin with 500 days to go amid cost concerns See in context

Japan should incorporate the word "boondoggle" into their national anthem.

Blowing millions on an event the people were and are lukewarm about.

Of course going over budget and sticking the people with the bill for an uninspiring event to feed the ego of a city already in debt and economically depressed.

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

The US could easily temporarily stop these flights as per request of the host country and ally but they don't so it continues to contaminate relations and the people's perception of American arrogance. It makes Japan look impotent.

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Posted in: Russia withdraws from 2025 World Expo in Japan See in context

I thought that was Sakamoto Ryuichi in the picture standing second from the right.

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Posted in: Shop employee fights off three robbers with polearm in Tokyo's Ueno district See in context

It's always good to have a polearm with you.

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Posted in: Aichi police accused of denying sick man treatment, leading to his death See in context

Putting him in restraints for five days without giving him his necessary medicine for diabetes is basically murder.

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Posted in: Imanaga becomes free agent Tuesday See in context

Under the MLB-NPB agreement, the posting fee will be 20% of the first $25 million of a major league contract, including earned bonuses and options. The percentage drops to 17.5% of the next $25 million and 15% of any amount over $50 million. There would be a supplemental fee of 15% of any earned bonuses, salary escalators and exercised options.

Doesn't sound much like "free agency" to me. This posting system is a scam and money grab for NPB which basically threatens the player to go this route or else they won't be allowed back into NPB after their MLB career ends. This is why I admired Nomo so much since he gave NPB the finger before this crooked system was even introduced. In fact, it was created due to him upon fear of losing more top NPB players w/o compensation.

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