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Posted in: As Disney swallows Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood See in context

I guess it's a Small World after all. I don't like Disney.

I'd like to see a Hollywood with many diverse movie making companies.

I don't think Santa's listening to me though.

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Posted in: Shrine murder suspect sent 2,800 letters disparaging victim See in context

Not very heavenly behavior. This will not be viewed favorably by the gods.

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Posted in: Window falls from U.S. Marine Corps helicopter onto school grounds in Okinawa See in context

Shame on the Japanese national govt. for not providing another location to replace Futenma on Kyushu, Honshu, or Shikoku. This is on the J govts shoulders in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Maglev train bidding obstruction probe spreads to Shimizu, Taisei See in context

There've been bid rigging scandals constantly from the 70s (earlier than that in fact) on almost all the major projects in this country.

When are they take these companies down a few notches and teach them a lesson?? With real painful penalties.

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Posted in: Search resumes for missing 3-year-old boy in Fukui See in context

I keep reading here on JT about how people in Japan leave their kids unattended in cars but I used to see this in the States, too. It's not an only in Japan phenomena.

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Posted in: 70% of our guests are foreigners. Word is spreading on the internet and other media that they can communicate with Japanese guests or enjoy Japanese culture at our hotel. See in context

The capsule hotel I stay at has huge baths, plenty of bath supplies, lounges, massage, and a big eating lounge. The capsule is the only small place but it's comfortable and easy to fall asleep in while watching TV. Just over 3,000 yen and well worth it.

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Posted in: 'Twilight Zone' series gets third reboot by top U.S. comedian See in context

The original series was the best. Originals always tend to be.

Hope they make really good ones this time around.

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Posted in: N Korean boats off Japan spark spy scare, but some say they are just luckless fishermen See in context

 ...raising fears about infiltration by spies as tension with North Korea surges.

They're starving, fishing, and unfortunately dying. (Also, desperately stealing any scrap of metal they can get their hands on.)

If NK really want to increase spying, they have thousands of pro-Pyongyang individuals already in this country they can recruit.

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Posted in: Japan considers 10 consecutive days off around crown prince's succession See in context

They should definitely make May 1 a holiday every year thus making this a 10 day holiday (or slightly shorter) permanently.

I'm also for keeping Akihito's Bday on Dec 23 a holiday. They should make Xmas a holiday, too, forcing the Japanese govt. by law, to make the 24th a holiday, too.

It's important to celebrate more.

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Posted in: Messaging app Line experiments with service to help pregnant women find seats on trains See in context

What a sad state of affairs. A woman having to use a computer device to find a seat when common decency by others should do the trick.

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Posted in: Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators See in context

Nonsense. I like being able to walk or stand on the escalator depending on my mood or circumstances. Most people prefer it this way anyway.

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Posted in: IMF blog urges Japan to make more use of women workers See in context

I've been recommending this for the past three decades but they haven't listened to me. I hope the IMF blog gets better results.

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Posted in: Japan's longest growth run in 16 years may not guarantee future prosperity See in context

The Izanagi Boom was felt by everyone. The feeling of optimism was everywhere and the level of material wealth increased exponentially between the mid 60s and 70s.

There is none of that feeling nor is hardly anyone benefiting from this very different "economic boom".

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Posted in: Japan sends home 3 N Koreans rescued from capsized boat See in context

The men expressed their wish to return home while interviewed on a Japanese coast guard boat 

They blew their one big chance of getting out of the "hell hole state".

They probably have family and friends in NK so it's understandable but it's something I'm sure they'll be thinking about for the rest of their lives.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member shoots pet dog, then himself in Kitakyushu apartment See in context

Shouldn't of hurt the dog.

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Posted in: S Korea invites former 'comfort woman' to state banquet with Trump See in context

Cheap political maneuver. SK is being so lame with this issue.

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Posted in: The Japanese government is on the path of opposing a ban on nuclear weapons and destroying Article 9 of the constitution. The right path to take is to campaign to protect and use Article 9 and eliminate nuclear weapons globally. See in context

As much as I agree with Mr. Kawasaki, the people of this country keep voting in this right wing nationalist prime minister so unfortunately they are eventually going to get what they deserve - destroying Article 9 and going down the pro-nuclear arms path.

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Posted in: Lost Australian diver swam miles to shore stalked by shark See in context

It's a good thing he had a spear gun. It might've been the only thing that would've saved him had the shark attacked.

With full diving gear on and a weapon, I'd make an attempt to swim back to shore.

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Posted in: Every party has to have, to be credible, a candidate for prime minister and she would have been it but then she walked away and it is a ship that suddenly has no captain. See in context

She's also shown herself to be an LDP clone aside from being against the sales tax increase.

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Posted in: Gov't to recommend more flexible 'Premium Friday' after poor results See in context

Most people can't leave early no matter what Friday it falls on. That's the problem.

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Posted in: 3 million Americans carry a handgun daily: study See in context

All it takes is for one of these gunners to lose their temper and "boom". I don't like this at all.

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Posted in: Gov't arranging emperor's meeting with Trump See in context

I don't think the Emperor should lower himself to meet with such a mediocre president.

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Posted in: Police to conduct survey on how teenagers coerced into sending nude selfies See in context


Teenage hormones, the feeling of excitement, sexual awakening, the wanting to attract and please.

Next question, please.

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Posted in: Dentsu fined Y500,000 for making employees do too much overtime See in context

500,000 yen is one month's salary for a middle manager. That's it.

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Posted in: New cars increasingly crammed with distracting technology See in context

I agree that they are dangerously distracting. I rented a car once with lots of these features and I found myself constantly looking away from the road.

They should make a lot of these functions programmable only when a car is stopped.

A radio/tuner can be programmed almost without looking and can often be done by just touch. Many of these new features cannot.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers find high bacteria levels at open-water swim venue See in context

Of course. Every time I've been there it 's always looked pretty nasty. But how can it be otherwise?

That whole part of Tokyo Bay was a filthy waste dump up until the 90s when they converted and expanded this island into a tourist spot.

Most of the bay is not fit for swimming.

They decided to have these events here a few years ago. Why weren't these tests done earlier?

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Posted in: Japan accepts 3 refugees in first half of 2017, despite record number of applications See in context

I understand the cautiousness of the government but only three out of over 8,561 is pretty prohibitive. There has to more of them that are truly in need of protection. I can't believe that 99.97% of these are false applications.

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Posted in: IS claims fatal stabbings of 2 women at French train station See in context

Akbar might be great but these random cowardly murders aren't.

Another black eye for for true muslims.

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